Sunday, February 16, 2014


Stew and I are off to do the grocery shopping first thing this morning, then we can relax for the rest of the day ... knowing it's done.

Steve is off to work AGAIN today, he's worked 7 days in a row now.  I think he's taking a day off during the coming week to compensate.

Bex is hoping Steve will be home by early afternoon, as she wants them to take Dante out to watch planes coming in at the Airport.  Right now Dante is fascinated with planes.

We get heaps flying near us.  We are just 'off' the direct flight path of all planes coming into Auckland, and get to see some awesome big planes.

There is a 'viewing' car park about half a kilometer (0.8 miles) from the landing strip, and you can park there and see the planes REALLY CLOSE UP.  Dante is going to love it... or hate it!  It can be quite loud.  But exciting too.

Now... here is what I got done last night:

 ABOVE:  a good start on this little project for Rena's birthday.
I've got heaps of stitching to do now.  Then build it up a bit... border and so on.

ABOVE:  The face of MISERY.  He is so, so unhappy.  His sore patch is healing and getting itchy.  Ted goes berserk every now and then trying to gnaw himself.  Or he runs up and down the house, throwing himself on the floor and rolling around trying to rub the itchy place.  

Poor bugger.

He likes to lie under Stew's lounge chair, which makes Stew mad because when he wants to get out of his chair he has to wait for Ted to move, and Ted doesn't WANT to move sometimes.
He's been 'squashed' a few times.  WHOOPS!

So, that's me for now... I will pop back later ...


LYNDA: thanks for that tip.  I will look at it to, because I love to see the planes coming in too.

LYNDA:  we think that site is AMAZING!  Thanks so much.  We will try not to get addicted.   I'm going to download the App on me phone... then I can point my phone at a plane and it's details will come up!  So cool.

Antihistamines.  Yes he has them.  Don't help.  Steroids help, but I try to only use them when he's really bad.  They are not that good for a little dog, as they can damage kidneys etc.

Yaaa.  Groceries bought and put away.  Time for a bite to eat, then lie in the sun.   Gorgeous, gorgeous day out there!

 ABOVE:  Bex just made an ELMO.  

ABOVE:  Dante saw it and screamed and cried until he could have it.  I will show you WHAT he did with it.... tomorrow.

I have just enjoyed an hour in the sun and in the cool spa pool.  I feel WONDERFUL!  I need to do more 'outside' time I think.  I really loved it.

End of Day:  well apart from the grocery shopping, today has been lovely.
Now... off to do a wee bit more sewing, then bed.
nite nite


  1. Tell Bex or Steve to go to - you can also download an app for it. It shows all the flights coming in or out of the airport in real time so that when watching for planes you know exactly what plane is arriving and where it is. We use it all the time, even at home when one flies overhead. We too are now on the flightpath and have many low flying planes overhead (not so much fun in the middle of the night!).

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Poor Teddy! Have you tried bathing him in an oatmeal bath. It sounds strange but does work. Or better yet to use an Oatmeal Shampoo. Prescription shampoos seem to not work.
    Marianne in Florida

  3. Lovely start to ballerina very pretty a little girl is going to love that!!! Maybe some earmuffs for Dante I used to have earmuffs for Samuel when going to speedway fireworks etc..

  4. Could Teddy have an antihistamine? Surely that will help with his misery - or some kind of drug. I know you love him but that's no life for him being so sad.

    Enjoy flightradar24 - I love it and constantly look to see what is flying overhead... it's a little bit addictive though.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Does the paw paw ointment help his healing patch?

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    WOW BEX! That is AMAZING... fancy teaching yourself off the internet and coming up with something that cool! Well done.


  7. Wow - you are so clever making the Ballerina. And Bex is so clever too. Would love to crochet.


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