Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Well... first thing this morning Steve is off to the Doctor again.  Hopefully they can give him some answers to his current state of health, which is crap (excuse the pun).

I also am visiting the Doctor today.

For a followup to see if my blood pressure has come down with the new medicated 'patch' I'm wearing.
Fingers crossed it has worked.

Come to think of it... my hot flushes have eased a bit too.  Maybe the new meds have helped after all?

Luckily, that is all on my agenda today.  Apart from taking care of Keera.

Hopefully Lacy catches a bus today.  

I want to catch some sunshine today too.  First time in years I want to get a bit of a sun tan.

ABOVE:  A little video of Steve and Keera.

Well... that's all I have for today.  Lets see what eventuates from the Dr's visit and if Lacy does catch a bus today!


Nothing nasty showed up with Steve's 'sample', so it's a matter of riding it out by the look of it.

All OK there then.

Lacy:  has booked another bus ticket, let's all keep out fingers crossed the bus turns up today.  I have my doubts, seeing as it didn't turn up on Sunday or Monday.

I'm off to the Dr's shortly, so might just get me face on.

It's a very overcast day... so I don't see me getting a lie in the sun somehow.  Drat.

BUGGER.  My blood pressure is still too high. So, I have to double the blood pressure medication and go back in a week.

Stress elevates blood pressure right?

Just got a call from Debs ... she needs me to cover someone else today... so I'm working at the Hospice Shop this afternoon.

Bex is looking after Keera for me again. 

OMGosh it was SO BUSY at the shop when I got there, and for about 2 hours... just customer after customer.

Then finally it quietened down enough to sit still for a little while.

I totally appreciate why Debs needed help today.

She could NOT have managed the shop on her own and got any of the 'back room' work done.

Lacy arrived home at last.  Good to hand over responsibility of Keera to her Mother again.  Now tomorrow I can relax, lie in the sun, read a magazine, sew, catch up on Home And Away and so on!  lol

Or not.  I just remembered I have a hair appointment tomorrow.  Must check what time, cos right now I can't remember.

Dinner tonight is thanks to Bex.  She's cooking lamb casserole, and rice and veges.  I'm starving, so the smell is doing me head in.

So I've just had a bit of cheese to tide me over.

And Stew is bringing home some dessert ... cos I NEED something sweet today.  I can't stop thinking of chocolate!

Well... Miss Keera is being VERY GRIZZLY since her Mum arrived.  How typical.  She didn't cry even ONCE for the last 5 days, and now she won't stop.  Far out.

End of Day:  looking forward to a nice day tomorrow.  Getting one's hair done is always lovely.  
nite nite


  1. I hope Steve gets some answers from the doctor and that Lacy finally connects with a bus.

  2. Another bus booked and payed for.... I will be seing you today Auckland, no if's or but's about it

  3. Yep stress does elevate blood pressure. I have been to the Dr and had my bp medication doubled then as it was still high I was given that doubled tablet combined with a fluid tablet which seems too be doing the job.

  4. Your health is being affected by too much stress.

  5. That bus Company are very devious aren't they, fancy mucking people around like that and not taking responsibility.

  6. OH I WONDER why your blood pressure is so high. Let's hope Lacy makes it back to collect Keera soon, shall we?

  7. Oh well No doubt Lacy will need another break by this weekend cause it will all be too hard no doubt her daughter missed her she hadn't seen her for 5 days.....

  8. Just a thought ... My blood pressure often elevates around medical professionals. I think they call it white coat syndrome or something. What my doc recommended was a but a small blood pressure testing machine from the chemist (lucky my health fund covered it). When I tested at home once or twice a day around the same time, I recorded for 2 weeks and my blood pressure was fine. Every now and then I take my bp for a couple a weeks before a routine check just to show her the stats. Food for thought.

    Enjoy your time at the hairdresser tomorrow, fingers crossed they do a great job and you love it. Take care.

  9. What a fantastic picture of you and Stew! Your smile looks nice!

    Children always have a hard time adjusting to when their parents are gone and then return. Very hard on them.


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