Saturday, February 15, 2014


If ya like movies with NO guns/warfare/futuristic/violent/smutty content... and you are over 40, you will LOVE 'Saving Mr Banks'!

I loved it, and Stew did too.  Which surprised me as it really was an almost 'chick flick'.

I'm not surprised though, I have yet to see a movie with Tom Hanks that is a flop!  And his leading lady in this movie, Emma Thompson, was awesome too.  
So.... it gets a 10/10 from me.

I am going to buy the DVD just as soon as it comes out ... for sure.
It will get added to my 'Tom Hanks' movie collection.  *smiles*

Now... as for today?  Weigh in!  Yep, that's me ... all roly poly me!  I look just fine from the neck up eh?   Oh and me toes are skinny!  Wanna see?  Nah, didn't think so.

So, this is the first weigh in, this year, that 'counts'.  My new starting weight for THIS YEAR will be written down and worked on.
No numbers.  Just a starting point... and from then on every Saturday I will report the -/+, though I am hoping there will be mostly -'s.

Quite excited really.  It was around this time last year I embarked on my ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN, and I've learnt a lot.  I can't binge.  I can't pretend the scales are invisible.  I can't 'do' sweets.  (f*#k they make me feel ill!).

But I can follow a sensible diet with a few treats included, and lose weight.

So.  That's what I am doing again.

Grocery shopping sometime today.  Washing.  General housework.  All the usual shit.

Oh yaaa.


I stood on the scales, and if they are to be believed, I lost 6.1 kilos since last Saturday.  I'm not even going to record that cos I know a lot of it will have been fluid.
Today's weight has been recorded... and now I get back into it.  Feeling good!

ABOVE:  I have decided to start on Rena's Birthday present.  Her birthday is 22nd March, so plenty of time.  I'm going to use that adorable picture above in some way.  

Well... grocery shopping has been deferred till tomorrow.  Nice.
I'm sewing and Stew is about to do some lawn mowing...well, after he's watched one of the Rugby 9 games that is.
Kids are happily entertained and Bex is crocheting.  We are all happy.  
Just like the Waltons?  Maybe!   lol 

I lay in the sun late this afternoon, AND  had a soak in the spa, which was pure bliss.  It's at 30 degrees C... so cool but not freezing.  So really nice.

Now?  Gunna do a bit more sewing... then have dinner.  Stew's cooking tonight.  Cottage Pie using the meat stew from last night.  Should be yum.

Dinner WAS lovely, but 2 hours later and I've got dreadful heartburn. NOT acid reflux YET.  Fingers crossed it doesn't develop into that.  I cannot think why I have heartburn?  Beef/mince stew with potato on top for dinner?  And a handful of crackers/cheese and tomato relish for lunch.  That is all I've had.  *grrrrr*

End of Day:  well a really hot and humid day today, so glad we can use the spa to cool down.  I got a bit accomplished on the little Ballerina tonight.  Will show ya tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I wanted to see that but I think it's done here already. Did you ever see the movie with him stuck in the airport? That one was kind of odd.

    Love your plan, go you!

  2. Awesome loss Chris I too am re-committing to myself because at the end of the day it's our bodies we feel uncomfortable in ..... Go us we can do this :)

  3. Sadly the Walton's won't be halo family's this weekend father Walton passed away yesterday think it was. Go u

  4. My comment didn't show I can't remember what I typed nice colour top and hope you enjoyed the shopping which has now morphed into sewing!!!! lol

  5. Those pics on the last post were Miss Muppett?? HOOOOOOLY! What did I do? The last I remember she was a wee babe in arms. Did I just sleep the last 12 months away?? Glad you enjoyed the movie. And I hope this year brings all the success you hope for and you make friends with those scales. :)

  6. Hi. Mince meat does not always agree with me. I think it has something to do with added preservative which I understand is always added. I don't have any problem with meat patties but o when it's in a stew or tomato sauce.

    Glad you had a night out.


  7. hey, you mentioned the Waltons was an amazing coincidence given that the dad from the show passed away today! Glad you enjoyed the movie, I'd definitely buy the movie myself!

  8. I hope you remember me!! I love your blog and now just started a new one so I will be following you once again!! yay!!
    My old Blog was "Happy Days". My new one is "Life & times of Me". Hope you'll stop by. I just started today.

  9. I will watch that movie on your recommendation!


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