Friday, February 14, 2014


Stew and I don't really 'do' days like today.  
As far as I'm concerned Valentines Day is purely a commercialised 'day' for retailers to rake in the money.

I don't need a special day once a year to let Stew know I love him!  He knows I do by the simple fact that I sleep with him!
Come on!  I'm only gunna sleep with a bloke I love eh?  lol

But, we are going out tonight.  Courtesy of Steve and Bex.  They kinda said we should go out... take a night for just the two of us.
So we are going to the movies.  

We shall be watching 'Saving Mr Banks', cos it's got Tom Hanks in it.  I loves Tom Hanks.  Stew would be in trouble if Tom turned up on my doorstep!  *smiles*

As for TODAY?  Housework, sewing, all the usual stuff I get up to.
Nothing riveting.  

 ABOVE:  Miss Muppet... she is such a darling wee girl.  Full of life.  She's got some of her Granddad's dinner on her face.  lol

ABOVE:  Keera in my Dad's armchair.  It was over at Lacy's for a while, but I brought it back.   It's a very comfortable chair.

Right, gunna go do some stuff....


4th day totally 'on track' and I can already feel my mood lifting.  Now I just have to hold onto my resolve and NOT cave at the movies.


So far today I've done some housework, sorted out a few more clothes to take to Hospice, and stood on the scales 52,000 times.
*sigh*   No really, I've only stood on them about 4 times.  NAKED.

I'm obsessed with those numbers coming down, when in fact it shouldn't be about a NUMBER.
I know this.  And I need to get back to ONCE A MONTH weigh ins.  Edited:  I'm going to weigh every Saturday, but only record on my sidebar monthly.  I think I want more frequent weigh ins this time around.  Maybe doing that will help me haul in any slip ups quicker?

Today, standing on the scales that much was an aberration for me.  

Feeling really positive that in the next 6-8 months I will fit the jeans in my bottom drawer (size 14).  And my top half (the problem half) will be at least a 16.

It's been a nice afternoon.  I've watched some telly, prepared a HUGE beef stew for the family, which should be enough for two dinners for all of us.

I've also got a folder and graph set up to record my weight losses, and also a lined refill to jot down feelings, motivations, successes etc.  

Now... I better get tidy for going out with me hubby.  Can't wait to watch the movie... 

So.   I'm ready to go out. Dressed in blue tights and a black T-shirt.  Bex said NO WAY was I going out on a 'Date Night' dressed like that, so the bitch dragged me down to my wardrobe and made me change!  Like... wtf?  Talk about being bossed around in me own house!   Pfffft.  Now I'm dressed appropriately it would appear.

Black tights, pretty blue/white tunic and a black cotton top.  READY NOW.

ABOVE:  yes, I was hot.  Holding Mr Crabby Pants.  It's nearly his bedtime and our Dante gets crabby when he's tired. 

End of Day:  run down on the movie tomorrow.  It's freakin' late as and I'm off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Sorry, Hon, Tom is MINE! lol. Wayne and I have our 'hall pass' people and Tom is mine :-) This movie is on my list but there just never seems to be enough hours in a week. Wayne and I have a voucher but I can't get him motivated enough to make the effort sometimes. Oh well. Hope you enjoy the flick and have a lovely evening just the two of you! xx

  2. Enjoy the movie - we all know you love your Stew :) I too find the ice creams at movies to be hard to resist!

  3. Enjoy the movies me it is the lollies and popcorn, that buttery smell!! Lovely photos of Keera, she is growing so fast how is the mark on her chest/tummy? TGIF is all I can say

  4. Whoops, sorry TRACY, I hit reject instead of publish with your comment!
    So... here it is via me:

    Tracy has left a new comment on your post "VALENTINES DAY...":

    I don't have any problem not eating at the movies, by the time I pay for the ticket I am not in the mood to pay the extortionate rates they charge for junk food. At the very best I will take a can of diet coke from home in. It is only a couple of hours. It just goes to show how much of a habit it is eating at the movies, we are almost conditioned to it and these days, many of the theatres you buy the tickets at the food counter so you are there in the line with it all staring you in the face.

  5. Have a great night out guys.

  6. I hope you guy's enjoyed the movie!!!.... luckily I'm not tempted by all the over-priced movie theatre junk food either. I don't like to be distracted while I'm chowing down my treats!!! xxxxx

  7. WHOOPS... I did it again! I'm still working out how to publish comments from my phone! Sorry DEE.

    Dee has left a new comment on your post "VALENTINES DAY...":

    Go Bex, Chris looks good. A T-shirt for a date night, no way.

  8. Happy Valentines Day to you!

    Dante's probably crying in the last picture because of your death grip on his crotch. You're squeezin' the family jewels!

  9. Hope you had fun at the movies. Happy Valentine's day.


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