Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday I showed you the Elmo soft toy Bex made, which promptly got claimed by Dante... and I said I would show you what Dante did with Elmo....

ABOVE:  well... there ya go!  Elmo got put in the big pot outside!  And over the steps barrier.  There's A LOT inside that big pot...  several plastic boats from the paddle pool, and now Elmo too.   
(We took Elmo out of course).  

I can remember Miss Sienna putting all sorts of things in that exact same pot, when she was visiting from Australia too.

 ABOVE:  Dante listening to music with Griffin.
Very cute.

ABOVE: Granddad had just weeded the vege pots.  Dante decided to give it a go too.

ABOVE:  Sharing the fun with Daddy.

Granddad was mowing the lawns, so Daddy and Dante had a go at hand clipping the lawn...

ABOVE:   it was lots of fun!

ABOVE:  after all that hard work, Dante and his Daddy fell asleep.


ABOVE:  I'm not sure if I've already squealed about this?  If not: It has only taken 35 years !!! But my school age kids are now making their own lunches.  I am thrilled to bits.

Today?  Bex and Dante are off to Playcenter this morning, and I am off to the Hospice Shop after lunch.  My shift has changed to accommodate another lady who needed to switch her afternoon to a morning.  

So this morning is all MINE!  I am going to do a bit of sewing, then maybe lie in the sun for a little while before leaving.


FELICITY:  10 years!  I will be on the freakin' Old Age Pension by then.  Bloody hell.

Well... I've gotten a bit of sewing done... and now I need to put me face on (takes all of 8 minutes), then head off to the Hospice Shop.

While I was sewing this morning, I heard Teddy scratching around and shuffling behind my table...

ABOVE:  it would appear lying in a plastic box is better than on the couch with Coco?

 ABOVE:  He only just fits.  Weird dog.  And still miserable.  I'm waiting another couple of days before taking off the cone.  His itchy spot is all healed.  Yes Anon, the Paw Paw cream has helped him I think.  Though he hated me putting it on.

Right... gotta go.  Catch ya later... 

LATER... and it was incredibly quiet at the shop this afternoon.  I got a nappy disposal thingee for Lacy.  That's about all.
Clearly it's VERY QUIET in blogland ... so I'll bugger off and investigate dinner.
Bex is preparing Beef Spare ribs/wedges and salad.  
I'm starving!  Can't wait for dinner.

End of Day:  early, but I'm feeling really hot and crabby.  I think everyone is actually.  Steve just got home (8pm) so he hasn't even seen his baby boy today, unless he saw him at 6am?  Of course, Dante is now in bed.  Sound asleep for the night. 
I'm going to do bugger all this evening, I just finished a project for a Birthday next month.  And it's too hot to start anything else right now.
nite nite


  1. Wow awesome effort kids doing your own lunches well done guys. Chris think another 10 years and they be making all there own choices in life and your mornings afternoons and nights will be your own lol

  2. Can't believe how big the kids are since I've been gone! wow!!

  3. Gorgeous photos of Dante, just gorgeous. Lunch and kids bliss then you know most food wont be wasted as they chose it! Enjoying hot fine days BUT the mornings they are cooling down that's for sure!!

  4. Beautiful photos Chris. It's hot and muggy in Christchurch tonight too ... I think we'll be using our fan tonight.

  5. My kids have been doing their own now too, it's nice!


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