Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well... here is more photos from yesterday's visit with Khady:

 ABOVE:  Great Aunt Khady and Dante.
ABOVE:  Checking out the water feature.

ABOVE: having fun ...

ABOVE:  Well... Dante was.  BEX... not so much!

ABOVE:  Babies and water eh?  They just can't get enough of it.  
It was a stinking hot day, so perfectly fine to be getting wet.

Now... Today?

Stew is going to pick up me lemon  ...I mean my Sewing Machine for me.   I do hope it behaves itself for longer this time back.

I groomed around Teddy's face last night, and tried to clip off the big scabby bits on his rump as they are healed but just held there by his hair.
He snapped at me!  First time he's ever done that.  I wasn't impressed.  
Now I have to tidy up Coco too.  She gets heaps of knots on her ears and muzzle.  So, fingers crossed she's not in a bad mood like Teddy was.

After that, I'm going to stop in at the Hospice Shop and drop off 3 bags of clothes, and pick up a bit of 'Treasure' I have on hold out the back.  Just a few bits 'n' bobs.

Then HOME, to work on me suntan before summer is over.

Fingers crossed for a quiet, drama free day.


BRYLEE:  is doing just fine.  As she's a 'Drama Queen', this sort of happening is right up her alley!
She wanted to leave for school early today, I'm sure it was so she could yak about 'it' more to her friends!  *smiles*
She was not scared of going back in the least.  So that's great.

Got caught in me dressing gown, start naked under it... by a knock at the door.
Our neighbours arrived home from China a couple of days ago, and she came over to invite Bex and I out to lunch on Friday.
How nice is that?

Right, now that I'm clean and presentable again, I'm putting on me face and going out.

I decided a while ago that I needed to find a new hair salon.
So today I did the rounds down at Manukau Mall.
Highest quote to colour/tone/trim my hair?

$249.50!  AND that was with 'half price' off the 'trim',as I was a first time customer, so I would ONLY be paying $49.50 for the trim.

Lowest quote... $175.00
I am going with the lowest one!

I am utterly gobsmacked at the prices they charge nowdays! 

OK, I was only paying around $125 at the salon I usually go to... but you get what you pay for eh?

I was really, really unhappy with my last trim and colour... so I'm only too happy to pay a bit more for a job I am happy with.   
Fingers crossed I am happy with it!  I get my hair done next Wednesday.  Can't wait!

 ABOVE: Hospice Treasure.   I just love that dress... it clings a bit so I will put it aside until I've lost a bit more weight.  The giraffe t-shirt, well I'm sure Bex can do something with it.  She loves giraffes.
Little blue glass candle holder... so cute.
The little cane thingee will hang on my cane room divider with appointments in it I think.

ABOVE:  this dress looks like NOTHING in the photo, but let me tell you... it's made with the softest pure merino wool and is going to keep me nice and warm in winter.  Again, it's a bit small right now... but I WILL fit it in a few months!

End of Day:  didn't get up to much after lunch.  Bit of TV, bit of sewing/tidying up etc.
Off to bed shortly, so...
nite nite


  1. Looks Like Dante was having a good ole' time in the water. It's nice to see leaves and flowers for a change!! Today here it is a shocking 60F !!!!! wow! Glad Brylee had no trouble going back to school. kids are tough!! Chevy tore the stuffing out of one of his toys's all over the place! no no Chevy!!!...Debbie

  2. Kids will be kids won't they! I'd take your hot temperatures over my freezing ones. The average temp for us over our winter has been around -35C.I can't believe you have to pay those types of prices to get your hair done. Hope your doing well.

  3. I has a quote for 280$ for colour and cut of my hair before Xmas so I tell u I was over the moon to find somewhere else to do it for 99 and I lived it. Gee u have probably 10 times as much hair as me

  4. Yip water and kids no surprises there, lovely photos. Glad Brylee is doing ok yes you're quite right the "drama" of it she will thrive. Hope that sewing machine behaves!!!!!

  5. love the photos of dante and bex

  6. lol they always do love to splash in the water! So did you get the lemon fabric to make a cover for your "lemon" machine?

  7. Photo is amazing and little on is so cute :)


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