Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have a doctor's appointment sometime today... I can't remember when, so will give them a call at 9 am to find out.
It's just my 3 monthly check up.  Probably be over in 5 minutes flat.

After that Bex and I are going to David's Emporium... I think she wants more wool and bits 'n' bobs for her crocheting.  She's going great guns on it.

Luckily I have no desire to pick up a crochet hook!
I am really enjoying my sewing.  

BLONDIE:  my Dresden Plate Quilt is on hold for  a couple of days longer as I have an unexpected project to whip up and get off before a friend's birthday.

THEN I shall get right back into it.  I have no plans to put it aside again.  It is TOP OF MY TO DO LIST.
And I can't wait to see it on my bed.  *squeals*  It is going to look lovely.

Ummm... the only other thing I want to do while out is pick up a Sports top for Brylee.  I finally know her 'House' colour:  PURPLE

DIET:  DISMAL.  I think since Christmas I've put on about 5 kilos!  What the hell am I thinking?
Chocolate.  It's evil.  And I can't seem to get enough.  I put it down to mood.  And, when I see a gain on the scales, I get grumpy and think.. 'So what, who really cares?'.

Well, I do care.  But my resolve fluctuates.  Every night I go to bed with all the motivation in the world to do better the next day.  Next day... one slip and I am all "Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound".  
And the heat, hot flushes and mid afternoon sugar lows send me off the wagon BIG TIME.

Low blood sugars send me into a really bad state:  Shaking, sweating, feeling like I'm going to throw up, faint... the list goes on.  So, I grab something high in carbs or sugar and about half an hour later I'm feeling good again!

But really, I need to work out how to keep my blood sugar levels up/level,  without having to eat crap.

Planning.  I think I need to sit down and work out exactly what I am going to consume each day, have it in the fridge/pantry and STICK TO IT.  Count points/calories maybe?

And... get more exercise!  While I love my sewing, it's not doing a bloody thing for my level of fitness.  I need to dedicate at least an hour a day to fitness.  An hour is surely doable!

Right, now that I've made you read all that, I better go and do something... hang some washing I think.


Well...... doctor visit went OK-ish.  My blood pressure is way too high, my blood sugar levels are way too high, and I have pure chocolate running through my veins.
They have changed the blood pressure medication to a patch I have to wear constantly.  On me shoulder.  Here's hoping I don't get a reaction to it.  

I've got to go back if I feel dizzy (it can happen apparently), and in two weeks I must get me blood pressure checked again.

While out I also got Brylee's Sports Shirt... size small ... which is going to SWAMP her cos it's so big!  Nice colour though:

ABOVE:  See?  I will take a photo of it ON Brylee once she's home.  I am guessing she will look ridiculous! 

Bex and I are now waiting for Dante to wake up so we can go down to David's Emporium, and the supermarket.
I'm going to get some rice crackers for myself, and have them instead of bread.  I have been having too much bread lately too.
And spaghetti.   WAY too much spaghetti!  I love spaghetti as much as I love chocolate.

But, while I was sitting at the Doctors I kept thinking... all my health issues (well, most of them) are totally down to weight, and stupid food choices.

And ya know what?  I CAN do something about that.  It is totally in my hands, and I am going to stop self-sabotaging and get on with turning it around again.  We all know I can do it.  I just have to prove it. 

We went shopping. 

ABOVE:  Coupled with what we already had, I'm pretty sure I have enough crackers for now!

ABOVE:  This is as close to chocolate as I'm going to get from now on.  I shall use this cute little melamine tray for my crackers.

Bex and I just had lunch, late again.  I had a small assortment of crackers, some sliced ham and cheese (very little cheese) and Tomato Relish.  And I feel just fine.  

I can't wait until that 'good' feeling comes back.
You know, the one where you actually feel you LIKE yourself again.

And I want my bra to stop trying to cut me in half!

 ABOVE:   I 'doctored' a box for Dante to play with... he didn't like it on his head, but he did like putting his most favourite soft toy in it.  He is really loving his dog right now.

ABOVE:  yeah thanks for that Bex!  I love you too.  Sneaky girl, taking a most unflattering photo of me!  AND she put it on her Facebook too.  

I will get her back ...eventually.  *smiles*


FUCK FUKKITY FUCK!!!  My goddam bloody sewing machine has broken down again.  OMG I want to smash it with a sledge hammer.
One minute it's sewing perfectly, then it decides to sew backwards, or in the same place... and no matter what I do, it won't sew properly.
So, I'm using my 'spare' little Brother machine now.

Taking the bloody mega expensive, piss poor excuse of a sewing machine BACK to the repair shop tomorrow.  

I am so angry right now I could scream ...

End of Day: I'm still seething with anger over my sewing machine.  My LEMON.  
Dinner tonight was lamb chop casserole and veges.  It was very nice.
nite nite


  1. You don't need to keep your blood sugars up - you need to keep them even. Do you use a blood meter? I try to keep my blood sugar as level as possible by never spiking it in the first place. I'm sure you know all of this :)

  2. Hi. back in harness again :) About that chocolate ... I know it might taste a little bitter but why not wean yourself off by going for darker types. I'm now enjoying an occasional piece or two of Green and Black 85% dark chocolate with no cravings for more. But I didn't start there. I think I began with Whitakers Dark Ghana.John has all those evil little bars in his stash and I never look at them with desire. For someone who could eat 500 gm of roses for breakfast that's a good switch. :)

    If you want to avoid those BS swings try snacking on protein such as HB egg, slice of cold roast or cheese. A long time ago when WW was the main weight loss place for everyone, I heard a good tip for women. In the mid to late afternoon we need a boost. Eat a snack including protein or a few nuts .... include Brazils and almonds if you like nuts. I sometimes have a stick of celery filled with either a flavour-some cream cheese or crunchy peanut butter. Slices of cucumber carry peanut butter well too. Works for me and you are welcome to give it a try.


  3. Chris, eating 3 meals a day will help a lot. You don't eat until lunchtime, try and eat breakfast and a healthy afternoon snack.

  4. What they all said but up your protein creamed rice small tins, cook chicken up couple of nights in a row for on the run protein pre boil eggs, tins tuna salmon sardines? YOU DO know all this I know you do. 6 meals small meals a day, water ( you know that too).... Brylee shirt run it up the sides make it smaller?.... nice colour though.

  5. I like the multi grain corn thins I Often have them just for a cruchy fix u go girl u will get your mojo back I know u will
    Chocolate is evil

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    What blondie & margieann say!!!!!! you need to eat small amounts frequently to keep on an even keel. Protein!!!!!!

  7. Oohhhhhh I feel your pain on the diet. It is just. so. hard. sometimes and other days you're ready to kick the world's butt! I'm right there with you!

  8. Cool that you back and focused with the diet! I hear ya I know how bloody hard it is.
    Try switching to good old veges for a snack and lunches.
    To have a play on fat secret and compare the crackers to bread, a lot of them are just as bad.

  9. You know what you have to do, and you can do it.

    I can't believe you are still having trouble with that machine. Take Stew with you when you take it back & demand a replacement. Quote the Consumer Guarantees Act at them & threaten to go to the Disputes Tribunal and/or Fair Go.

  10. I would die if my machine didn't work.
    Try schoc chocolate, the best ever. You only need a little each day.

  11. It's a tough road losing weight. Best of luck, you can do it. Sorry to hear about the sewing machine is acting up yet again! Take care.

  12. Lots of small meals. Less crackers more cheese actually will be better! Try to stay away from things that are processed and you'll be better off (as I'm sucking on a lolly haha, so need to get all the junk out of my house!)


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