Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I'm at a point with my 'Bird In Tree' project where I have to make up my mind... stop now or make it bigger?

ABOVE:  So?  What do you think?

If I keep it this size, it will be small enough to go on our un-extended dining table, or even the BBQ Table outside, when we are using it.
If I make it bigger, it could easily be a small quilt for the top of a bed.

And if I make it bigger, I'm not too sure how?  Just more borders ... or something else?  Ideas appreciated.

This morning I am going down to Manukau to pick up me 'Treasure' that I put aside yesterday.
Then I'm going over to Lacy's to visit them.

And that is all for now...


This morning I went over to Botany and had a nice morning with Lacy and Keera.  We both bought new shoes.  

 ABOVE: mine are servicable summer ones, her's are cool.  Sadly, her feet are a size smaller than mine, so I can't even nick her's.  She got the heels from the Hospice Shop.  Not bad.

 ABOVE:  talking of Hospice Shop, this is Bernie, she works at the same Hospice Shop as me.  We often get silly dress up wigs in the shop.  She was showcasing this one.  LOL.

 ABOVE: saw this little fence at Botany Town Centre... isn't it a nifty idea doing that with the blocks!  I wouln't mine a block wall like that.

ABOVE:  PAISLEY !  She was 'picking' daisies!   Awww isn't she just adorable?  

So... we are all sitting watching TV in the lounge, and for the 2nd time we all spell something burning.  A really STRONG smell of burning.
We all jump up and start running around like chooks, looking for what is causing the smell.  It is VERY strong in the lounge.

We can find NOTHING burning, either inside or outside.
So, we have come to the conclusion it's an insect burning inside the lamp right between me and Stew.  It has to be!
There is nothing else we can think of.

A bit disconcerting though, as we are not 100% sure.  

End of Day:  well... a nice day.  Going to be soon, hope we don't burn down over night!
*insert weak laugh here*.
nite nite


  1. No no don't make it bigger then you would lose the bird to the borders and not see the beauty of it..... Ohhhhhhh treasure.

  2. No I dnt think it should go any bigger you'll loose the pattern of bird but that just my ten cents worth. Have a great day. Hope your thumb isbt to sore today

  3. It looks like a cute wall hanging the way it is.

  4. omg LOOOOVING the heels. That block wall is groovy too. Second day back at work and it hasn't been all bad... I even did some sewing last night! Go me!!


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