Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Went to bed last night with some concern after we all smelt burning in the lounge.  I thought it might be an insect getting cremated in our lamp, but on reflection the smell was more powerful than a mere insect would generate.

I think if it ever happens again we should ring the fire department.  Who knows what it could be if it's not an insect?

It was such a STRONG smell, I wish I knew what caused it.  Very worrisome.

WE all agree it originates from the fireplace end of our lounge though.  But it isn't the fireplace.

ABOVE:  I was watching Dante taking an empty coke bottle over to the window last night, and I had to smile.  We teach them young how to do jobs around here!  He's only been walking for a month, and his 'job' is already firmly established!  He's so cute.

First thing, like quite early, I am going to pick up Lacy and Keera.  Lacy has a Dr's appointment at 9 am.  While she's there I shall entertain Keera.  Maybe pop into the Manurewa Hospice Shop?  Also, while down in Manurewa I shall buy the final piece of Brylee's new uniform.  The sports shirt.  

After that, I'm not sure what I shall be doing. 

Maybe blogging today?   I know I want to!


Just in, some gorgeous photos of Miss Polly, the Mad Dog:

ABOVE:  She looks like a little imp!  

Well... it's been a hot as hell day.  Totally overcast, so all the heat is staying down low.
What else?   Lacy had her Dr's appointment,  and that went well.
Then we came home and I sorted out all our old kids toys and took Lacy and Keera home with a huge basket full.  
Now Keera has heaps to keep her amused.

Once I got home it was 2pm, so I kinda had a nana nap!
Just too hot.

I have finally got Teddy out of the cone.  Fingers crossed he doesn't gnaw himself again.  It's been a right pain with him not being able to get outside because his cone doesn't fit through the door door.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight.  Sausages, salad and potato wedges.  I was doing it, but kinda took up her offer to do it ... very fast!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Bex gave Dante a couple of soft toys he's not played with much ... and he utterly loves them.   They are both soft, cuddly dogs.  The large one I got from the Hospice Shop quite some time ago for 50 cents.   It was almost brand new too! (I did wash it though).

End of Day:  very uneventful day.  Public holiday tomorrow, so a sleep in is on the cards.
nite nite


  1. Maria8:21 AM

    do you have recessed downlights? If so check them out they can cause fires as they get very hot and burn the surrounding ceiling etc, make sure they have no insulation on top of them.

    Another thing to check out, was the smell coming from where the spa pool electrics are?

  2. Hope things went well this morning Chris. Xxx

  3. Overloaded plugs? hot laptop on carpet ? Hope you didn't find any more treasure today?!!!! Samuel home from camp today yay

  4. Omg!! Dante is so cute!! Great photos

  5. Hope you find out where that smell is coming from. That baby is adorable.

  6. Just been doing a catch up looking through your blogs , Brylee and Griffin look stunning .
    Dante is enchanting , bless him


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