Tuesday, February 18, 2014


That is all.  Unless I can find something worth yakking about.
I am starting to feel like I am blogging about nothing.
What are YOU doing?


I'm here!   

Bex and I drove over to my Sister-in-Laws for lunch.  It was really lovely to spend a couple of hours with her in her gorgeous back yard.

Dante LOVED her water feature.
I have squillions of photos of that.  But I will hold off showing you right now... cos I've got news!!!

The Good:  My sewing machine has been repaired and is ready to be picked up.

When I dropped it off the repairman said he would not be able to even look at it for 2 weeks or so.  
And of course, it was going to cost AT LEAST $120.

Upshot?  Repaired in less than a week.  AND NO COST.

I am so happy about that.

The NOT So Good:  While driving home from West Auckland, my phone rings.  Bex takes the call... and then holds the phone up to my ear to talk to ...  Brylee's 'Home' Class Teacher.

He informs that there has been an incident in Brylee's Maths class today that he needed to talk to me about.
SADLY, I immediately think "Oh hell, what has she done?".


A boy in her maths class had 'presented a knife in class', and while no one came to any physical harm...  Brylee was very upset and was spending the rest of the day with the school Counsellors.   

I was a bit like "OH HELL, what have we done sending our kid to a school like that?"  But the teacher said it was the first time (ever),  he had this sort of situation happen.  

So, I offered to come and get Brylee, but he said she was fine and would come home as per usual.  I was OK with that.

We had a chat about how Brylee is a 'Drama Queen', we both laughed and agreed she was no doubt going to blow it out of all proportion for a while!

Still... I am sure it was very scary for her.  I'm going to let her let off steam when she gets home and we shall just deal with it.

I do wonder if she might be a bit scared to go back ?  Time will tell.

So, would ya look at that?  I found something to yabber on about.... eventually!

Don't ya just envy my life?  Really?  NOT.

I don't go LOOKING for drama, I really don't!

So.  Brylee gets home and fills in the blanks.
The boy was fighting with a girl in the class.  Then he pulled a knife on her.  The kids in the class all scatter, but Brylee was scared shitless and got tangled up with her school bag.  

Then Brylee gets up from her chair and in her haste to get out of the room, tripped and fell over!  She has a graze on her elbow and a sore cheek, but otherwise OK physically.

The maths teacher got cut on his arm disarming the boy apparently.

So just a bit more 'scary' hearing the full story.

A few photos from today:

Nice eh?

End of Day: well!  It started out with me being in a right shitty... and ended quite well!  It was an eventful day after all.
Hope you liked todays photos, cos I've got more to share tomorrow... AND TREASURE to be gotten.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I'm eating brekkie before going to find something to wear to work that isn't too hot...then going to work for yet another HUGE day and then "Meet the Teacher" tonight. Big day but feeling pretty happy so far! Hope you have a good day mate. :)


  2. Pfft, you are never boring. My day is shower, get kids out of house to school, sit in traffic to get to work, work all day, sit in more traffic to get to meeting, get home (more traffic), take son to rehearsal in the traffic, come home in traffic, prepare & cook dinner, clean up, pick son up from rehearsal - no traffic but probably some random roadworks meaning I have to use a differnt route, home, bed, get up tomorrow rinse & repeat. Now THAT is boring :-)

  3. Get back in here tart and tell us your day. Hell girl if u stop blogging I won't have a life at all or anything to look forward too. You have been a part of my day for years xxx

  4. Looking to see what you are blogging about today lol

  5. Anonymous8:25 AM

    We have got a lovely day planned weremgoing to stews sisters for lunch and a good chin wag then home for the kids then chris can do sum sewing. Wat she loves doing :) love me bex xxoo

  6. I'm sitting here waiting to read what my "pretend" family is up to. What is "boring" to you is to me enjoying your family and all you folks are up to.

  7. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I had my oldest daughter and two granddaughters over for the day. We played Skip Bo, Pick up Sticks and Greed. Then we fixed lunch and the girls went outside and played in the snow and collected ice cycles incased around the plants~ Get some rest, and we'll see you again tomorrow hopefully! hugs~

  8. Come back Chris! I'm sure you can find some lovely photos to share with us. I would never call you dull or boring - I think my life is - all I seem to do lately is work, sleep and eat (and I'm good at the eating bit!!). I'm at work (yet again!) ... toying up whether I will get a lunch break today or not (more likely not). Have a good day :)

  9. You boring never….now me…I'm off to work, thats boring !!!

  10. working. how bloody boring is that?? that's what I'm doing... pffft.

  11. Wow. You really aren't blogging today. Okay then. Here is what we are up to. We have the new puppy, Ollie. Who we are potty training in the coldest winter in a generation. And today we acquired my moms dog Bear for a three week visit. He played a bit of fetch in the deep snow. So playing fetch, training puppy, making worry stones, watching the Olympics.


  12. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Awww, glad you are back. Like popping in to catch up, am hoping this comment will post as I haven't been able to even see them until now. Ditto to the above comment..I get up have breakfast, feed and harrass the cats, go to work, spend money at lunchtime (hubby in your neck of the woods for a couple of weeks so its "the cat lady" and "spendthrift" for a while lol) work some more, go home, harrass the cats, harrass the kids - mine, Garys daughter and granddaughters and thats the night over, in between watering the gardens, pots and lawns, then its bed and it all starts again. So be glad you have something to blog about, mine would be JUST SO BORING. Now, a bit of info, I hope to catch up with you in early April as hopefully will get as far as Auckland, if not later in the year - mid June ish. Fingers crossed. Keep your chin up, butt out and middle finger extended :-) Michele, Palmy xxx

  13. WFT hope that boy get bloody expelled !!!!!!!!

  14. Shoot, poor Brylee. I suspect her distress was a lot to do with the fact she tripped trying to escape & was terrified he might come after her. What a horrible thing to have happen.

  15. Wow, what a scary experience for Brylee!! I hope she is OK.... PS: lovely pix of Dante and PPS: Bex is looking really well.... happy.

  16. Leanne9:22 PM

    Very scary for Brylee, hope she's okay :)

  17. I do so love the pics of Dante he is getting his own lil character...goin on. Brylee is lucky and I do hope the boy is dealt with accordingly scary stuff alright. Great news the sewing machine is fixed now the Dresden might be finished whoop whoop.....

  18. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Is Bex pregnant again? Bet Dante can't wait for a little bro ir sis.
    Lynda Parker, Boise, ID

  19. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Haha no im not pregnant lol im sure ull b all told if i was :) haha bex

  20. OMG, poor Brylee. I hope she is not afraid to go back to school.
    Glad to hear your sewing machine is fixed.

  21. I have to say that poor Brylee had an absolute right to be upset for the day! Seeing her friend being threatened with a knife and her teacher being cut> It's no wonder she stayed in the counselors office the rest of the day. Who would want to go back in that scary room. I thought the water feature looked like a sea shell....Debbie

  22. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Wow...that was scary at school! What is wrong with these kids that keep turning to violence??? I hope Brylee goes back to school okay!

    Glad you are feeling much better! God's blessings on you! hugs~

  23. !!! How is Brylee doing though?? I'd be so shaken.

  24. Wow the teacher left out quite a bit there.


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