Friday, February 07, 2014


I finished the Bird In Tree project last night.

This project started life (in my head),  as a MUG RUG.  

But it got a bit bigger in reality, so I decided it could be a good sized placemat.

Then it got bigger again.

So now it's a quilted table cloth:

ABOVE:  I love it.  It's colourful and cheerful.

Now onto the next project!  Getting back to my Dresden Plate Quilt in two more days... I've just got a little unexpected project to make first.

Can't say what it is as it's to be a surprise present.

Next.  I've had it suggested to me that every time I buy something at the Hospice Shop, I gift something back.

What a novel idea!   I am really loving cane baskets right now, and I saw one the other day at the shop and almost bought it.
But I didn't as I'd kinda said I wouldn't buy any more baskets.  But now...  I can, 'cos I will take something to give back, so I can get the basket!

Bex said it was 'Out with the old, in with the new'.  Clever thinking.

Now, here's a curly 'something' for you:

Stew is home today, everyone else is at work/school/playcentre.

So, Stew and I are going to do something we have never done before.  It involves bubbles.
Can anyone guess what we are doing?

Hee hee.... have fun guessing!

I will leave you here, and let ya know what 'it' is later on...


Back again... been busy doing that 'something'...

'It' wasn't romantic.  We cleaned the carpets.  It took us hours.  But, it's a good job done for the next year or so.

The heavy traffic areas in the lounge and hallway didn't clean up as much as I had hoped.  You can still clearly see them. 

But... at least I know the carpet is free of puppy piddle!  *smiles*

I bought a small mat for under my computer area at the Warehouse.  Will show ya once the lounge floor is dry and everything is back in place.

ABOVE:  what do you think?  I put the big couch in a different position, so now the lounge seems more cosy.
And see the new rug under my computer chair?  It should stop wear and tear on the carpet in that area.  

I like that green chair there too, I can sit and read, or watch the kids in the spa from there easily, in comfort.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  Stew did as much, if not more than me.  It was a joint effort.

I just burnt me finger picking up the trivet thingee off the stove after cooking sweet 'n' sour sauce.   It friggin hurts.  Time to get out the sausage meat roll I think...

End of Day:  very happy with all we got done today.  We have been long overdue for a carpet clean.
nite nite


  1. Glad you are having some quality time together, whatever it is you are doing ;) To answer your question my photo, I am the on in the purple and black striped t-shirt.

  2. haha naked spa drinking champagne oh god not champagne rompy in the spa oh dear lord lol love the quilt love it HAVE A GARAGE sale and recoup some money from money you have spent!!!

  3. Yep, I'm with the naked spa idea... go for it!!

  4. Have a bubble spa ???

  5. How are things going! You had me wondering when I got to bubbles!!! The bird tree quilt is amazing. I've been out of the loop a bit on your blog because so much has been going on with me. We just returned from Hawaii where we had an amazing holiday. Must feel good to have carpets free of dog piddle!

  6. That carpet cleaning is a HUGE job. Is everything done now? Do you get to rest finally? Seems you are always switching bedrooms, repairing gaping holes in the backyard, dealing with garage doors and warped flooring... I'm tired only thinking upon how much you do, coordinating all that. Hope everyone appreciates you today. :)

  7. Haha I knew what you were doing lol hehe

  8. Really! House to yourselves and THAT is what you got up to!?!?!

  9. Probably too late now, but next time you have a minor burn, put straight lavender oil on it. Takes the sting out and stops it from blistering etc. Really works! x

  10. Probably too late now, but next time you get a minor burn or scald, apply neat lavender oil.... takes the sting out and stops it blistering etc... really works! x

  11. I am super jealous! I need to shampoo my rugs too. It seems like so much work though. Love the Bird in Tree! You are mad talented:)

  12. Hope you find some time to relax on the long weekend. Take care.

  13. Clean carpets are always nice! Hope your finger is ok!


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