Sunday, February 09, 2014


We have Miss Muppet visiting with us this weekend, and following on from Dante making a right mess with yogurt, we have Miss Muppet with cream:

ABOVE: We had scones with jam and cream for DINNER last night!  It was lovely.  Anyway, Steve decided to give Keera a dollop of cream, and she loved it.  He even showed her how to lick the plate... tut tut.

ABOVE:   Clean up time!

 ABOVE: Our gorgeous wee girl.  

 ABOVE:  such a busy wee thing... yakking on her phone, walking and talking... so cute.  (it's an old, dead phone)

 ABOVE:  Cutest wee cousins ever.

ABOVE:  Having loves with Aunty Bex.

 ABOVE:  Both of them are right little ratbags!  Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths... yeah right.

ABOVE: Keera had just finished her bottle before bed, and she shared it with Dante... but only the dregs.

Well... that's a lovely start to the day... a day we shall do bugger all no doubt!  Looking after the kids is high on the agenda, and maybe some sewing.  
Knowing my luck... I won't get much done at all.


We had scones for dinner last night eh?  
I suffered all night long with Acid Reflux... I could not lie down or acid kept creeping up my throat and making me gag.
OMG it was the worst night ever.

I am NEVER eating scones in the evening again.  It's not worth the pain.

In fact, I'm STILL suffering.  I feel ill.

I have been sewing today!  I got one mug rug done, and am doing another one tonight, once Keera has gone home.
It's another stinking hot day, everyone is feeling it.

It is now 5.15 pm and my tummy has FINALLY settled down.  I can't believe how long the reflux lasted!  Scones are simply NOT good for me anymore.

That is so sad, as I love scones.  For 20 years I could not make decent scones, and now?   I make AMAZING scones, and I can't eat them.  That just sucks. 

Steve made a really lovely dinner tonight.  We had steak (Med/Rare), seared onions, hassleback potatoes and various veges, with a rich gravy.  No# 2 son can cook so well!

After dinner I was craving something sweet, so had a few dates, instead of a scone with jam and cream.   Good choice me thinks.

End of Day:  a lovely day in all.  A bit to hot and humid, but HEY!  It's summer.
nite nite


  1. Gorgeous photos of the kids Chris! Very cute:-)

  2. Morning Keera & DCR xoxo

  3. Those two babies are adorable!! Dante is looking so grown up already and I love the "talking on the phone"... Cole does that, obviously copying their Mums!! Very cute :)

  4. Do you have some antacids to take?

    Looks like Dante is as big as Keera now!

  5. Keera is such a sweetie, Dante and Keera so adorable, I can see Griffin in Keera if the makes sense, sorry you had a rotten night.....

  6. Can totally relate to bedtime reflux - culprit with me is tomatoes. I find a couple of those soft chewy square Quickeze work a treat so keep some in my bedside drawer.

  7. But... scones have to be GOOD for you. They sound so yummy!! I would prop myself upright and take a TUMS. :)

  8. Honey what did you have on the scones ? I find my reflux plays up with certain foods, just wondering :) and SOO pleased it has stopped.

  9. Hi Chris. I have finally caught up with reading your Blog.

    I thought you might like to browse through Carrie Brown's recipes and maybe give these scones a try.

    I sometimes feel like something baked and her recipes are safe for me.



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