Thursday, February 20, 2014


Seriously!  I do...

Steve isn't well... a very upset tummy... and all that goes with it.  Apparently there is a nasty tummy bug doing the rounds.  

He also has IBS, I do too.  (google it)

So, he had to provide a 'sample'.  Therefore... his 'sample' is sitting in my MY FRIDGE until Bex can take it down to the MedLab this morning.


While I was looking for a picture of shit in me fridge (thank me for NOT ACTUALLY showing you my fridge's contents!)...  I saw this picture:

What a bloody good idea!  Seriously, how many of you get really crabby trying to reach or even FIND something in the back of the fridge?  I know I do.
AND I've got a wooden lazy susan somewhere around here.... if I can find it!


Sewing.  Housework.  Maybe a trip to Spotlight and David's Emporium with Bex.  I don't necessarily need or want anything from either store, but I do like to get out and about when I can.

It's great that Bex has her own car to use again.  Steve got a little run around car to get him to and from work, freeing up her car.

So now we go out together in her car sometimes too.

Last night Dante was playing with some pegs.  I clipped some on his hair... which spurred Steve into doing this:

It hurt apparently.  Funny that.  Griffin decided to pull one off for him... Apparently THAT hurt even more!  What. A. Dick.

ABOVE:  Dante and Griffin.  They have a lovely relationship.  Very cute.

Right, I'm off to do shit  ... stuff! 


WELL.... I went out with Bex and Dante.  We went to Spotlight, and I had NO INTENTION of buying a thing, until I got there.
And... *sigh*... I got some fabric.  
On our way home we stopped in at our little local Hospice Shop... 

 ABOVE:  Bex got a few more toys for Dante, including this cute wooden car.  They will sand the ink off.  It's so cute!

 ABOVE:  And I got the cutest little fish dish and a BRAND NEW shirt for Stew.  Fingers crossed it fits him.

 ABOVE:  The fabric I got, all on sale for $6 a meter, except the pink one.

ABOVE:  And.... I got this gorgeous LEMON fabric too.  

Guess what I'm going to make with it???


  1. Ewwww, poop in the fridge!

  2. Oh god that is the funniest SHIT I have read in awhile!!!! Griffin and Dante do look so cutsie together..... Brilliant day here BUT now fog is coming ?!

  3. I too had IBS for years and years. Wheat is apparently the main cause and I've not had IBS now for nearly three years. It is one of the first things to go when you eliminate wheat. Then reflux - I am completely drug free now and don't get reflux at all. Massive difference in my life... massive!! Not everyone can do it though but I suppose it comes down to how bad your symptoms are and how badly you want to feel well :)

  4. Love the $6 a metre fabric.

    Lemon Fabric ? Mug rugs or a table cloth ?

  5. well, you're probably NOT going to make lemonade.. lol. whatever it is I'm sure it'll be lovely x

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Mary H

  7. Mug rugs? Curtains?
    I have no idea, I just love looking at pretty fabric, can't sew worth a damn.

  8. lol he's so funny! Must be great to have someone with such a fun personality around.

  9. Night DCR xo :)

  10. Are you going to make an apron or table mats?

  11. Ugh! Shit in the fridge? I had to keep pee in mine one time:( Beautiful fabric and even more beautiful baby. My he is getting big:)

  12. Hope all is well with your son. Enjoy those warm temps.


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