Monday, February 03, 2014


I got some lovely photos of our kids yesterday, on our way home from Hamilton.
We stopped at Huntly for a break, and I took this lot:

ABOVE:  this means "I'm looking at you" apparently.
He does it so well.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: such a photogenic girl.  It's hard to get a dud photo of her.

ABOVE:  It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a decent photo of the two of them.  They play up the little shits.

 ABOVE:  both gorgeous kids.

Today:  well it's Griffin's 1st day back at school, and the start of an almost full week of school for both of them.

Thursday is Waitangi Day (New Zealand Day), so it's a holiday for everyone.
Stew is taking Friday off, so he will be having a 4 day weekend.  

Today is also my first day back at the Hospice Shop.  Monday mornings will be my new shift.
Bex and Dante are going to Playcentre, and Lacy and Keera are going to their local playgroup as well.  

So we are all out and about!

Well, what else?  Bugger all !   So I shall go and do what is necessary before heading out the door.
A bit excited to be getting back to the shop, and the school routine again.


Just home from my shift at the shop.  I didn't get any 'treasure' today, but there is some for next week!  *smiles*

DEE:  yes you are quite right, Griffin does look a bit like me.  Such a BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS BOY.   ha ha ha!

Right, lunch, feet up for half an hour, then more sewing.

So... it's been a quiet afternoon/evening.
I got some more sewing done.  Bex cooked dinner, yaaa for that.
It's been a darn hot, humid day today, but tonight's been worse!
My mood is terrible thanks to the heat and pins.  OMGosh I hate pins sticking me!   I rammed one in me thumb so hard it took some swearing to yank it out again!  Grrrr.

End of Day:  can't wait to lie down with a fan on me full blast!
nite nite


  1. leanne7:54 AM

    Lovely photos Chris :)

  2. Great pictures of Brylee and Griffin. They are both looking very grown up....they have really grown up since I first "met" them 5 years ago.

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Brylee looks so much like Lacy. Awesome photos.

  4. Play group rule's man Keera loved it, and all the kids and parents were just awesome, can't wait to go again.
    Was epical to see Keera have so much fun lol

  5. Great photos of the older kiddlies and I agree Brylee is looking more like Lacey every time we c her. Griffin is growing into a hansome young man imp all over him his uncle Steve is going to appear tame compared to griffin me is thinking. And glad miss Keira enjoyed play group Lacey.

  6. Wow... They have grown so much since I last saw them. Looking really great :)

  7. Stunning photos of Griffin and Brylee Griffin is growing up into a fine young man.... Glad your weekend went well.....

  8. Brylee and Griffin are gorgeous young adults now! Us Palmy girls miss you too Chris!

  9. Not only are they cute kidlets, they are polite, friendly and a credit to you guys. Always ready to make conversation. Most kids just grunt at you but these two are lovely.

  10. WOW are they both about grown. I love these pics. :)

  11. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Great pic's of Brylee & Griffin!!!!! Gorgeous!!


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