Sunday, February 23, 2014


There's two things I love above many things.

1.  My Grandkids
2. Water (pool, lake, sea, stream)

So, how can I not resist posting more photos of grandkids in water!...

ABOVE:  Getting ready to have fun...

ABOVE:  Yeah!  This is so much fun...

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet NEVER tires of this game!

Just before these photos were taken, Keera had experienced her first ever bee sting.  She was quite upset and very grizzly, poor babe.
So I thought putting in the pool would help with the sting, and distract her from how much it was hurting.

It worked.  I'm clever thinking of that eh?  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Thank you Uncle Steve for staying in the pool a bit longer, so I could have a swim.

BTW... we did get Griffin new school shoes yesterday.  New Balance black sneaker type things.  Size 11 and a half!  That is bigger than Stew's feet (he's an 11)... freakin' hell!

Seeing as Griffin's only 12, one wonders just how big his feet are going to be!
Steve (son) has size 14's.

I hope these shoes last longer than 3 months.  They were not cheap.  *sigh*
We have gone down the 'get cheap ones', and lived to regret it.  Cheap ones fall apart in just a few weeks with how Griffin takes care of them.

Today?  Waterblasting the house and concrete if the weather is good.
Then the summer jobs will be done.


ABOVE:  a rather nice photo of Mr Serious. 

Having an excellent morning.  I cracked the whip and got the kids doing some jobs around the house.  Griffin acted like I had sent him to Siberia.  Honestly, that boy can pout like a girl.

Stew is waterblasing.  Yaaaa.  
Steve is looking a bit better today, not so white or sickly looking.  Whatever is bothering his tummy must have been a MEGA BUG.  So glad none of us have caught it.

I have been mucking around in the garage, re-arranging a few things.   Miss Keera has been keeping me company, in the play pen. I like play pens!

Lacy.  Missed the bus again.  She was at the bus stop early, but it had gone without her.  ????  Oh well, we have Keera for another day and night.  

Steve, Bex and Dante have gone out for lunch.  I hope they have a nice time.

Steve and Bex took Dante out to look at planes landing at the observation points, out by the airport.  He was transfixed, agog and just loved the experience.
I think he will be going there again for sure.

Next time I hope to go too, with me camera of course.

Stew worked for about 7 hours waterblasting the entire house and concrete areas!  What a job... but I have to say, house looks wonderful clean again.
It's amazing how dirty your house can get over winter.  Particularly on the south side, where the sun doesn't get to over winter.

Dinner is cooking... Chicken Rice Risotto.  It smells divine.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely.  Spent a while sorting out ringtones for me smart as phone.
It's smarter than me!  Like having a mini computer at your fingertips.  I'm loving it.
nite nite


  1. Looks like everyone is having a grand time in the water. Poor Keera - yes, it's a good thing you thought to put her in the water, I'm sure it helped a great deal - Bless her heart!! Boy, those feet, he might be growing up to be one tall dude!! lol.....debbie

  2. Sounds like Griffin is going to have basketballer height if he catches up to his feet.

    Love the pool pics.

  3. Look at those eyes he gonna melt lots more hearts with those xx

  4. Was that the new Tui billboard re the bus?

  5. Good thinking Grandma re the pool, loads of fun had there then. Shame Lacy missed it oh well. I got Smiths Sports shoes ( school range) they lasted Samuel 2 years but he is wasn't size 11 1/2 at 12!!! lol Waterblasting is certainly a time consuming job and it is easy to see where you have missed too!!!

  6. Correction I didn't miss the dam thing, was there on time even earlier as people are asked to...the bloody thing never turned up, have been on the phone to then and emailed them with my complaint, and am bloody hoping they will put me in a bloody bus tomorrow or I am going to bloody hitch!!!!!!

  7. My mum and I use Intercity and Naked bus all the time and you are asked to register your cellph number so they can update regularly if buses running late when she was due to arrive in AKLD via Sydney they text me to say bus was going to be 45 mins late I was then able to relay that when she landed when she got to AKLD city from Airport connecting city bus was 30 mins late they had informed her via text perhaps you could look into that option for next time......

  8. I have been away for a winter break with my D,I, L
    Checked your blog
    Children lovely as ever
    Crochet toy , fantastic
    Your new fabric looks great


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