Monday, February 24, 2014


Bex is taking Dante and Keera to Playcenter this morning.
I will be staying home so I can wash the floors while no one is home.
Then there will be a few more odd jobs around the house to do before I am ready to head off to the Hospice Shop for my afternoon shift.

 ABOVE:  Stew had an audience while he was cleaning the house.  It was so cute.

ABOVE:  Watching planes was EXHAUSTING work for a little man.  He fell asleep while having his dinner.  Awwwww.

Right, that's all for now... I'll come back later.

ONWARD...Lacy is stranded in Tauranga. .. the bus did not turn up AGAIN! THE POLICE are involved now ... the bus company are refusing to get her on another bus until tomorrow!...oh and blogging on ya phone is a bloody nightmare!

Home, it was a bit busier in the shop this afternoon... I've got sore feet!

MARIA:  Naked Bus company is the one that has dicked Lacy around.

ABOVE:  today's treasure.  Clothes for Keera, a little bag for Keera, which she clearly loves!
A cute seahorse shaped wooden and ceramic board, and some little baby blankets for the next Granddaughter.  
Someone needs to get moving on making that baby girl!  lol

Right, I have to go get dinner sorted... well it's already sorted.  I got everything ready before going to the shop.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  the police are involved because Lacy wants to PROVE she was at the bus stop BEFORE it was even time to catch the bus, and she needed to get a copy of CCTV footage taken from the mall that overlooks the bus stop, for both Sunday and today.  The only way she could do that was via the Police. The police were happy to help I think.

Dinner over, babes to bed... only Dante is up again.  He got his second wind and doesn't want to go to bed now.  Typical.

End of Day: another long, hot day.
Steve's car broke down AGAIN.
And he's still not to the Dr again first thing tomorrow morning.
nite nite

Chill out Lacy.  Nothing can be gained from getting all bent outta shape.
If they can view the CCTV footage and prove you were there early/on time, then we can move on and get the Naked Bus company to reimburse you/us costs incurred.


  1. Ha oh boy now you will have to clean inside of windows!!!! how adorable they could have helped Grandad I'm sure......

  2. O. M. G. Holy moly.

  3. Maria5:14 PM

    which bus company is this? I have had no problem with Naked Bus but have not similar problems with Inter City

  4. How can the police be involved because the bus didn't turn up?? I wonder what happened??

  5. And still I cant see how this happens my cellph number was required when booking mums bus trips from I did all this vis Taupo and online and phone and she was coming via Sydney. bus iteniary as follows and she does this trip everytime she comes to NZ AKLD Airport to city then AKLD City to Rotorua then after a few days stop over from Rotorua to Taupo not only did I get alerts my mum got alerts via cellph and they were current alerts saying were bus was and updated via texts 45 mins 30 mins 20 mins Naked Bus is a good service and we have had no complaints I guess it depends on how long you choose to wait I suppose.....

  6. i do give my cell number and email address every time book a trip but that dosnt mean they always let you no they are running late or what have you, and i wanted to get the police involved so that i could obtain the CCTV footage to prove that Cole and myself where there on time even tho the bloody thing was running late, but had apparently picked up to other passengers, but in the whole hour Cole and i waited there was NO BUS AND NO OTHER PEOPLE so where there to other people were picked up from i idea. So am getting the footage to dam well prove the bloody bus Did Not Come and we.were there for a dam hour waiting

  7. I do give my cell number and email add every time I book with them but that doesn't mean they are going to let you no of a delay or want ever, and I got the police involved because I wanted to obtain the CCTV footage to prove that I was there on time even tho the bus was running 10 minutes late but it apparently picked up to passengers, from where I have no idea but once the footage is viewed and confirms the bus did not bloody come at all and cole and myself where there for a dam hour waiting I am going to be reimbursed, as the bus company are not willing to put me on a bus for free or are not willing to accept the bloody thing did Not turn up at all.

  8. Interesting. Here if something like that happened it would just be your tough crap. I hope you're able to get a little something for your extra trouble as well, Chris. :)


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