Thursday, February 27, 2014


I started writing a post last night, then thought better of it.  Went to hit DELETE, but hit PUBLISH instead.

WHOOPS.  If you read it before I deleted it ... please ignore ... or at least don't comment on it's content.  Thanks.  If you do comment on it, I cannot publish it. 

I'm not going to have a huge witch hunt on my blog today.


Now... change of scene from the above:

Talking of Teddy... his sore patches were 100% totally healed.  So two days ago I took off his cone.
And he attacked himself again.

Gutted.  He just won't stop eating himself.  He licks and licks and nibbles and nibbles, and scratches and scratches and DRIVES ME MENTAL!

The cone is back on.  We have tried steroids before.  Maybe he needs to go on them again.  Steroids come with their own nasty set of side effects, but it could be the long term solution.

By the way, Coco is in a cone right now too.  I do believe they both must have been bitten by fleas... even though we use flea treatments on them.  It is the only answer to WHERE they are itchy right now.  Well, that's what I think?

I dunno.   Too tired to think properly.  Not sleeping well again.
Hot flushes have ramped up... ahhh, thanks to stress I'm sure. 

I wonder what me blood pressure is like?  lol

Right, I'm going for now.  It's a new day.  The sun might even shine so I can lie outside and work on me tan.  


Bex and I went out to the supermarket... we had run out of laundry powder and dog food.

While out, we popped into the Hospice Shop and I found a couple of things:

 ABOVE:  our stove top has a thingee to balance a big pot on (top right)... only it wobbles, so I found 3 metal cake stands?  and BOOM!  NO more wobbles!  The tiny ironing board will come in handy for pressing little things. And the Tupperware?  
Well... you can never have too much Tupperware!

ABOVE:  Bex got this hanging basket type thing to put a lot of Dante's soft toys in.  $1.  Cool eh?

ABOVE:  Keera is visiting while Lacy goes to her course.  

Stew just got home, it's takeaway night.  I've got sausages sizzling, all we need now is a few chips I think.  Nice and easy tonight.

Phew!  Stew has taken Lacy and Keera home, Brylee & Griffin are with him.
Steve and Bex have gone to the mall.  
Dante is asleep.

The house is SILENT!!!   OMG it is mind boggling how quiet it is.

Whoops, spoke too soon, Stew and the kids are back.  That didn't last long.

I'm busy ... doing stuff ... more on that tomorrow.

End of Day:  well it's been 'one of those days' today.  Some good, some not so good.  At least things have settled down now!
nite nite


  1. Probably good for you to write the post even though you deleted it. Sometimes it just helps to write it all down.
    I love seeing Steve and Dante playing together....they have so much fun.

  2. Dante you can see is so much like his Dad and will inherit his fun and laughter!! I loved the new hairdo and such a difference from the old hairdressers eh really nice. I am helping with Ironman held at Taupo ( the finish line even) so will be in lock down for next 3 days so exciting First official frost this morning crisp cold and fresh eeekkkkkkk.....

  3. Sometimes, as a parent, you just need to let things go (yes I did read the rant). You can't live their life for them and I do think you take far too much of their lives on yourself. Let go. They are grown up and responsible for themselves now. Let them make their own mistakes - I sure as hell have had to do the same (not easy I know). You need to bloody well stop thinking about all of them and for once look at you. You are on more medications than anyone should be on and the way you are going you simply won't be around to worry about the kids. I am absolutely serious about this. This is not a dress rehearsal and you only get one chance.

    I know you disagree with my way of eating and that is fine but we both started out a few years ago at a pretty equal stage. I had most of the symptoms/issues you had. I now have normal blood sugars, normal blood pressure and am off reflux medication and am a normal weight. I am not gloating or blowing my own trumpet... far from it. I just want you to take your health seriously because you have beautiful grandchildren, kids and a husband who needs you.

    So stop stressing over the kids. Let go. The best one thing you can do is look after YOU. I don't read your blog to see you fail Chris, I read your blog in the hope that you will make changes and get healthy. Losing weight is not the only indicator of health. I know you want this for yourself so don't blame me for reminding you.

  4. Chris, the burner on your stove which you thought was for large pots but they wobble around when using it is a wok burner, The wok has a different shape to a frypan or saucepan. I need those stands you got for my convection microwave, I will have to look in my local op shop.

  5. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Hi Chris! You don't need to publish this but I want you to read it AND maybe even copy and paste it and send it to Laci in an email.

    Laci - If you were my child I would shut you out of my life for good. NO ONE - not even a child - has the right to abuse and manipulate to get what they want. Chris might not have control over your life but she sure as hell has control over HER OWN life and to be healthy she needs to drop you like a hot potato. You are acting like a spoiled 13 year old girl who expects life to hand her things without working for them. Disgusting.

    Pick yourself up. Change your attitude. Appreciate the hand that LITERALLY feeds you or one day you'll look around and no one will have a hand out to you. I can't believe it hasn't happened already but then again your mom is letting her heart and not her mind dictate the relationship with you and she is suffering.

    You can read this or not - you can argue and cry these words away because life is "unfair" and you didn't get a fair shake and how the hell do I know your life blah blah blah. Everyone has a bag of crap dealt to them along the way. It's called LIFE. Nobody gets a free and easy ride.

    I DO know that you're an ADULT and a MOM and your older two kids are so lucky to have Chris and Stew but Keera is at risk. Without Keera you have nothing. That baby girl deserves better than this.

    Grow. The. (look away Chris) FUCK. UP!

    --------- end of rant ----------

    Chris - I was thinking about your comment the other day on how much you love buoys. I like to think it's because a buoys job is to keep things afloat and that is exactly what you're trying to do with your family. If you've ever seen a string of them you'll see there's always more than one because the load is usually pretty heavy. Lighten your load and cut some buoys free.

    "When we choose to end a relationship with someone toxic and we are clear that forgiving them is tantamount to further abuse then what we have to do is move on and take care of our boundaries...It is 100% necessary to set standards in our lives and the people we allow in it. We cannot be healthy if we are not taking care of our own lives." -

    Please, please put yourself first. You need to be healthy and happy and PRESENT for the family that loves and appreciates you.

    You did it right with Steve - what a fantastic guy and Bex seems to be coming around as well. And Dante ... one day I'll have a grandson as adorable as that little guy. My favorite posts are what he discovers on a daily basis - you are so lucky in that regard. Loads of other things to be happy and proud of in your life. Don't even get me started on Stew - don't tease a girl by posting pics of him without his shirt off anymore please ;)

    Even with the Lacy and Amanda's crap (and it is UTTER crap) you have so many other blessings. Focus on those for awhile and instead of weighing yourself, weigh your happiness level and you'll see the weight will follow.

    HUGE GIANT hug to you and remember - YOU COME FIRST!


    (gah - didn't realize this was so long!)


  6. Your clever captions are almost as good as the photos themselves!


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