Monday, September 02, 2013


I'm not happy today.  I'm just so crabby you have no idea!

I made a mistake yesterday.  And as a consequence I got screamed at.

I was made to feel like I'd committed a massive sin.  
I was made to feel like shit.

And I was reminded that some of my kids seem to think it's perfectly OK to scream at their mother and show her NO RESPECT whatsoever. 
That hurts.  I just don't get it.  And I never will.

I often wonder what the hell I've done wrong in raising my kids... when did I say "Yep, treat me like shit, it's OK"?

So, there ya go.  I'm not in a good mood, so stay away from me.  And don't text me either, I ain't gunna tell you anything else.

TODAY:  I'm going to continue making placemats for my Mother's Christmas Present.

ABOVE:  That's the pattern and the fabrics I'm using today.

Apart from some sewing, the only other thing I want to do today is post a little parcel to Miss Rena.  I might do that once the kids have left for school.


 I forgot.... the 2nd loaf I cooked last night, and sat and waited 5 hours to be cooked:

UNMITIGATED DISASTER.  I didn't even bother to take it out of the pan last night, I took one look and said 'FUCK IT' and went to bed.

I'm going to buy more NEW yeast today and see if that makes it work.
If not, I will be taking the bloody breadmaker BACK.

I have been to the mall, posted a parcel and bought new, different yeast.  I think that was my problem... I will show you later what I mean.  AND I am going to put on a new loaf right now.  Same recipe as last night.  Let's see if the new yeast makes a difference?

If I've copied the link right, the above is rather funny, you will have to type it in your search bar though.

ABOVE:  New yeast on Left, Old Yeast on Right.  There is quite a difference.  Hopefully the new yeast is going to work.  The OLD Yeast was bought just last week so isn't actually OLD, just the wrong sort I think.

Well... I can smell that bread baking!  I hope so much that it comes out right.  

I got the Spinner Block finished:

ABOVE:  now I have 6 Placemat Blocks ready to quilt and bind.  Yaaaa... that's the easy part.

SUCCESS!  At last.  On the left is the disaster from last night, on the Right... still piping hot and smelling divine...  XLarge Rosemary and Thyme Herb Loaf.

I might add the disaster from last night is like a block of CONCRETE! I'm sure I could hammer a nail in using it.

LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.  They also sink family ties and friendships.  Just Sayin'.

Grocery shopping... needed to be done.  So Stew and I went out after dinner and did it.  
It's so much less of a shit job when you do it at night.  

End of Day:  finished better than it started.  Time to chill out and do nothing for a while I do believe.
nite nite


  1. Bugger about the bread. If the yeast is past the best before date it will make a difference.

    Sorry to hear you had a run in with one of the kids. It is not acceptable for them to be rude to you or anyone else for that matter.

    Enjoy your sewing today.

  2. I am a crappy baker so I give you credit for even baking bread. I am really sorry for the shit you are going through with the kids.

  3. Leanne12:22 PM

    The yeast on the left looks alot better lol and also be very accurate with your water and butter as well as if you are abit out it can make a difference. I have found a high grade flour works better, happy bread making, we have the same machine and it works brilliantly :)

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Good way to Check if the yeast is Active is to put a Teaspoon of sugar in with the Warm water. If it Bubbles and Doubles in size its fine to use. Also with the Water is it Warm ( Body Temp) as if its too hot it will kill the yeast rising agent and if its too cold it will not react. You probably know this anyway!
    Happy Baking xxx

  5. sorry to hear things are crappy right now... Keep on baking and sewing! xxx

  6. And for once it wasnt anything to do with me.

  7. I don't know why, either. BUT hell girl you keep baking bread and sewing blocks, the proper loaf looks divine thanks goodness it worked. I am so excited I think my parcel has arrived ( my mail) goes to my aunties house as we have 12 letterboxes in a complex and someone goes through our mail so mine goes elsewhere!!! Picking it up tomorrow yay...

  8. That 2nd loaf of bread looks beautiful. I'm glad your day ended better than it started.
    I love Lacy's comment above. :)

  9. Here is my Breadmaker story. It was Valentines Day - so I thought I would add red food coloring to the white bread. To make PINK bread. So I did. But I forgot to add the yeast at all. It came out flat and pink and dence and looked the artificial sandwich meat. It was hilarious! Now I make the dough in the bread machine and form "free-form" round loaves on a cookie sheet. It's not much more work and "looks" homemade. But if I want something easy and quick and we aren't having company - i just cook it in the machine.


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