Thursday, September 05, 2013


Last night Stew and I went to the movies. 
We saw 'Now You See Me':

My review: Stew and I loved the movie, it was interesting from start to finish.  A very complex plot at the end of the day, with a really good 'twist' at the end.  Lots of action for the men who like car chases and the like!  I don't usually like 'action' movies that much, but this one was good.  

HOYTS in Sylvia Park... ya friggin seats are utterly SUCKFUL.  So uncomfortable.  It might just be a cold day in hell before we go there again!  Hell, the seats at Event in Manukau are way, way more comfortable, and that's saying something!  

Now... Because I got back most of the curtains from Lacy's previous house... I decided to use a set in our spare bedroom:

ABOVE:  doesn't the room look lovely and 'spring' themed?  I had the yellow linen and throw already, so they 'go' with the curtains really nicely.
That red wall has got to go though!  I can see it in a lovely blue... or green... or lilac... sheesh the decisions I have to make.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  see the washing?  I suppose I better do that sometime today.  It's CLEAN btw!

I've got another photo for you guys too (photo off me computer screen, so a bit crappy).  I got it off 'STUFF', which is a news site on the 'net. There is just SOMETHING about these Moray Eels that tickled me fancy:

When I look at them I just want to laugh, and there is nothing wrong with that!
They have serious attitude by the look of it.  I've caught Moray Eels many times while fishing with my Dad... but they never looked quite so 'funny' as these two.

OK.. enough for now... I've got to get the lunches made before I go to the Hospice Shop for my shift.  I will be there until 1 pm.  And I ain't taking me wallet ...  OK I kinda lie.  I am.

I found a neat hobby desk on Tuesday, text'd a photo to Bex to see if she wanted it and she did.  So I'm paying for it and bringing it home today for them, with THEIR MONEY.

So that doesn't COUNT as me 'shopping'.  K?


Home... starving... but have to confess first.
I have a disease.  It's called 'Shopaholic's Disease'.  I don't know when I caught it, but could someone gimme a pill to cure it?

I swear to God I did not intend to buy A THING.  But I did.

ABOVE: two cushions for Lacy, she LOVES purple.  A little organiser box thingee and a darling ship's wheel thermometer.  
I didn't spend much... like $10 all up.  So... not bad, bad!  Maybe I will 'budget' and allow myself $10 a week for Treasure Hunting?

Sound like an idea someone suggested a few days ago.

While I was out, Bex baked a loaf of bread... Chocolate and Nuts.   It overflowed, but still tastes awesome.  

ABOVE:  not the prettiest of loaves!  Poor Bex had to spend ages cleaning the breadmaker once she got that loaf out!

Right... off to get some lunch.  

Hell'S BELL'S!   I thought I had updated since lunchtime!
Apparantly not.
Well I bathed the dogs.  And helped Bex cook dinner... Roast Beef and veges.
Then I watched some TV, took lots of photos for tomorrow's post... then... said

End of Day:  a lovely day.  Lots going on.  Very happy with my lot.

Didn't weigh in today.  Did it yesterday.  Let's just say it is AMAZING how my body can gain weight when I'm off track. 

I am on the right track though... cos I know how to turn it around... and it's all in me mind.
I am an emotional eater, full stop, end of story.
And now that I have turned my mind-set around AGAIN... I am sure I can lose the few kilos I just gained, and more by my next weigh in on October 5th.  I'm feeling VERY POSITIVE.
nite nite


  1. When you say "spare room" what you mean is "Marks room" right?

    vrilycl 100

  2. I think a blue wall, in the yellow blue room. I love the colours of those moray eels stunning. I forgot to say I won't put photos up of the cards and things on my FB I so want to as the people receiving them will see them!

  3. What a great way to go shopping, spending other peoples money.

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Moray eels are creepy!!! Scare the crap out of me when I've seen them scuba diving LOL!!!!

    spare room looks great, but you're right, the red wall doesn't really match.

    Mmmmmmm fruit loaf..........want some.............

  5. Lorraine H4:10 PM

    Good on Bex for trying with the breadmaker.(she made the effort).
    Just a thought Chris re your "shopaholic"thrift shop spending for each amount you spend in the shop you put away the equal in a jar at home maybe a little incentive towards the Camera that you really,really want.

    Southgirl x

  6. I have to agree with you in regards to the red wall it does need to change! It's been a while since I last stopped by your site sorry about that. Hope your doing well. The loaf stiff looks delicious even though it wouldn't score high points for looks!!

  7. Chris, no comments from the carb police about your bread making. Lol.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What the hell did Bex do to get a loaf to mutate like that?!?!

  10. Anonymous9:35 PM

    It took alot off skill the poor loaf now I'll never hear the end of it lol bexs :D

  11. everyone keep saying good stuff about that movie... i really want to see it.


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