Thursday, September 19, 2013


I'm gunna be out most of the day.

I've got Hospice duty from 9 - 1 pm, then I zip back home, get Coco and go out again.

She is due at the groomer's by 2 pm.

I hope she is fine while she's there, being pregnant and all.
I'm pretty sure Rhonda (my favourite groomer) will take good care of her.  Coco's not 'showing' yet, but her nipples sure are!  And she's having sporadic vomiting too.  Poor girl.

I got an email yesterday from Peppa's parents... she is coming to visit her birth home/mother on Monday.  How exciting!
Peppa was the spunky little live wire from our 2nd litter.  Here's a couple of photos to remind us how she looked just before she left  home:

 ABOVE:  Miss Peppa.  She had spunk ... lots of spunk ... You can just see it in her face!

 ABOVE:  Peppa and her Mum Jenna.  Oh I can't wait to see her again!  I wonder if she will remember us or Coco at all?
And I wonder how she will look now?  

Our 2nd Litter of puppies will be 1 year old on Sunday!  

Looking at the photos of our earlier puppies has made me really excited in anticipation of our next litter.  Each puppy has it's own little personality and it's such fun to see that coming out in them.
Can't. Wait.
Bet Coco can though!  *smiles*

Once I get home again, I suppose I'll grab a late lunch, then read a few more blogs.  I certainly didn't get many read yesterday.


"AWWWW BEC" : RE PEPSI.  Send me your email address to and I will add you.

So, this morning started off slow in the shop, but picked up by mid-morning.  It was COLD AS BUGGERY in the shop too... so I couldn't wait to get out of there and into my nice warm car.
TREASURE:  a couple of tops and two more paintings:

ABOVE: Two darling little watercolours by the same artist... a lady in Canada.
I have NOWHERE to hang them... but gimme time.  I'll find a place for them!

It's almost time to take Coco to the groomers.... back later.

It's later.  I fell asleep in my chair after my late lunch, Bex woke me in time to go and pick up Coco!
Coco is exhausted.  And has a very short coat, which is great heading into summer... and having puppies.

Bex has done our dinner: Corned Beef and veges with cheese sauce.  Yummy.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely.  Evening has been busy on the computer ... sorting out a few Facebook issues (copyright).  Grrrr... I loathe Facebook sometimes.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Thanks Chris - email sent. Enjoy your day, Bec

  2. I hope Coco is ok? You do have a busy day ahead hope the customers play nice today. Peppa was so cute I bet Coco goes nutso and licks and sniffs her.

  3. How cool that you're getting to see the mumma of your second litter baby ... I'm just about to hand over the babies of my first litter (chinchillas) and while I'm happy they've gone to a good home, am still nervous as any mumma would be

  4. Congrats to Coco! And to you!! :)

  5. You are really busy. Hope all is well for Coco.


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