Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As promised, below is a picture of my Treasure from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  the gorgeous tablecloth reminded me of a fern frond unfurling... and I went outside to see if any of our ferns had a frond 'unfurling'.... there wasn't one by the front door.... 

 ABOVE:  but there was one in the garden!  I love seeing them unfolding... this one was part way through unfurling... it looked rather funky if ya ask me.
In New Zealand we call the pattern made by a coiled fern frond a 'KORU'... and much New Zealand art/jewellery/clothing/tattoos etc has Koru depicted.

ABOVE:  some ways we 'use' the Koru design.   Heck, we even have it on our National Airline planes!

Today I had thought of visiting Lacy and Keera... but right now I'm not sure I feel like it.
I just want to stay home.  Now days I seem to be out of the house 5 days out of 7.  I don't get much time to even sew!  
Today I really want to catch up on some blog reading... and just chill out.

So, I shall probably let Lacy know we won't be over today afterall.  I hope she's not too upset with me.


Since I wrote the above... I've come down with a nasty headache... and I just bloody choked on a Panadol... massive ikkkk.  It got stuck, I have real trouble swallowing pills.
Later on today I might go to the chemist and find some panadol in capsule form, they go down better.

For now... I might just head back to bed for a while...

Looking forward to a quiet day today ...

Wow have I been busy this morning!  So many 'invites' sent out!  Cryptic, and shall remain so.

I have done NOTHING all morning but sit at my computer, tending to a few 'jobs'. 
Now it's lunchtime and I haven't even hung out the washing!
Off to do that right now... then lunch, then blog reading for a couple of hours.

Oh just remembered... I have a big pot of steak/mince and vege stew on for the dogs.  So I have done SOMETHING this morning after all!

THIRTY DAYS worth of dog food!  And no added onions this time. DOG FARTS are diabolical when ya add ONIONS to their food!

ANON (Surrey): it would appear to be working!  No massive itching to be seen.  We are heading into summer, and that is when most of Teddy's allergies kick in badly, so fingers crossed he stays itch free!  

DEBBIE:  I put in a huge pot : 1 kg of ground beef (we call it mince), 1 kg of steak (chopped up), and a shit load of vegetables!  Cover with water and slowly simmer for a few hours, thicken with cornflour in necessary (or plain flour for your dog) then freeze in small daily lots.

HELLS BELLS MEL:  (I rhymed... hee hee!)  Onions are poisonous to dogs???  OMGosh I didn't know that.  So glad I only gave them one lot with onions in then.

OK... the rest of the day has been a blur of computer stuff, I didn't get many blogs read today at all.  Just feilding emails most of the day after opening PEPSI up to a few more friends.

End of Day:  I had a nice day... made Dante cry twice!  And Bex made him cry once.  He is starting to learn what he can and cannot touch... the hard way.
He is a right little softie... we only have to raise our voice and say 'NO' and he crumples.  Poor bubba.
nite nite

SARSHA:  Sorry, but unless I have known you for a few years, there is no way you or any other stranger will get an invite to PEPSI.  I have NO IDEA who you are, I've NEVER had a comment from you before.


  1. you I have trouble swallowing tablets. I use panadol dissolving ones these days. Much easier to take and the taste in water isn't too bad lol. There are some small capsules too which are easier :)
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. I too love fern fronds and eating them pickled they are sweet perfumy and kind of an acquired taste! I didn't go out today I am been off colour again too bit headachy and we had a FROST! but the day an absolute stunner.

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Hey Chris,

    Wow that's a lot of dog food! Just wondering how making your own dog food is going? Has it improved things?


  4. How that is alot of food!! Can you give me your recipe? My maltese is allergic to wheat and corn and we buy all grain free, corn free dog food, but would love to give them some homemade food also some. You amaze me Chris, with what all you get done in a day!!

  5. You are such a good doggy Mummy:-)

  6. Hey Chris - your dogs must think they are in heaven getting that for their meals. Did you know that onions are poisonous to dogs??? If they eat onions they can develop hemolytic anemia, a condition where their red blood cells die and If the anemia goes untreated they can die. We went to puppy school and they gave us a nutrition lesson - avocado skins and chocolate were also on the Do not give list.

    Love the fronds - truely beautiful!

  7. Hi,
    May I ask how you get an invite to Pepsi?

  8. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Awww what about me I have been hanging around for years and I would love to read Pepsi - Bec

    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Me too...I do have you on fb though:-)


  9. Oh yeah, no fart producerrs for dogs...

  10. Anonymous3:50 AM

    I've heard when you make dog food for dog's upset stomaches to use ground beef and rice with some water or gravy. I've never thought of just making their food in general. My dog loves people food, and she is getting old/13 maybe I should be making her food. Good idea.

    Aw...Dante is learning! ♥♥♥

  11. I am so glad you posted the dog food recipe. I am going to try it. My Lab Buddy just had a near death experience on a drug called Rimadyl - and I am still having a hard time getting him to eat anything.


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