Wednesday, September 11, 2013


First up, a couple of new photos of our grandchildren in Australia:

 ABOVE:  Young Bodhi, he is now almost 14 months old.  I don't know if he's walking yet or not.  He's a rather cute wee man.

ABOVE:  Sienna, who is now 2.4 yrs old.  She still has cheeky imp written all over her face.

I have no idea when or if we will see them again.  Sadly.

Now.  KAREN in Wellington (she worked with Stew when we were in Palmerston North) ... text'd me yesterday to let me know she was very unhappy!

The company she works for (same as Stew) has blocked her from reading my blog at work!
She was really miffed about that!

So in the afternoon she snuck outside and stood on the pavement to read me blog on her phone!
Poor girl... it would have been FREEZING standing on the street!

Some companies are just so cruel !

Today?  I'm taking Bex and Dante to the local Plunket Clinic, Dante is due for his 9 month old checkup.  We can't wait to see what he weighs... cos he's a little lump to hold.  As in, rather heavy.

Lacy is due over our way too, she has a Dr's appointment in the morning.  Hopefully she will stop in here on her way home.

Right, that's all for now...


ABOVE:  I can't seem to go a day without taking more photos of our Dante!  I took these last night... 83 photos in fact!  But my present camera is really SHIT at night photography, that's why I have to take so many.  I probably got about 10 that were any good!

So far today has gone to plan.  I took the kids to school as it was raining.  The majority of New Zealand is stormy right now.  Down in the South Island it's been really bad, lots of storm damage.
Hopefully it doesn't get to bad up here, though I do rather like storms.  But not the damage they cause of course.

Off to Plunket shortly, then home to wait for Lacy and Keera to visit.

Dante now weighs 11.34 kg.  And he's tall for his age.
I could have told them that.
Did a quick grocery shop for lunches, then home.
Lacy and Keera arrived for a two hour visit and have now left to catch the bus home.

Our weather has turned stormy... we're having really strong wind gusts, it's making the house windows rattle!

I've literally done nothing this afternoon except watch mindless TV!  Just blobbed out.
Now... Bex is cooking dinner, so I'm going down to me sewing room to tackle something.  Not sure what.  Probably a few Christmas gifts.

End of Day:  I spent the evening quilting the placemats I've made for my Mum.  And I got one totally finished.

ABOVE:  one finished Placemat.  I made little labels too, will show ya tomorrow sometime.
nite nite


  1. I'm so glad the grandkids' parents are letting you at least be part of their lives/have contact and send pictures. It is a shame they are so far away, I know it breaks your heart that you can't hold these little guys.

  2. I was thinking about the Aussie grandkids the other day, at least you can get pics and email? Taupo cold and rain all around us, I was sick yesterday succumbed to pills and slept for 7 hours still not flash today health or weather.

  3. Ohh those Aussie grandees are so cute...hope you do get to see them again.
    Pic of my camera up on my blog.

  4. Those kids really are cute. I'm sad for you that you don't know when you'll see them again but at least you get pictures. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Sounds like a nice day. The Aussie grandkids are growing so fast.

  6. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Beatiful pics of your Aussie Grandbabies. Dante is such a happy boy, just love those cheeks and gorgeous eyes.

  7. Yesterday I saw a baby that was 6 months old. So cute!

    5 eednals


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