Friday, September 06, 2013


Yesterday I decided to groom Coco a bit, her ears were all knotted... thanks to her brother Teddy chewing on them all the time!
Then I bathed them both.
Photo opportunity or what? ...

 ABOVE:  It is very hard getting two dogs to 'pose' for the camera I tell ya.

ABOVE:  Teddy giving Coco the 'eye'!

ABOVE: as I said, really hard to get them both to look decent for a photo.
I love how ugly Teddy can look when he's wet... ugly, but adorable at the same time.  

Except when it came to him coming to the bathroom with me for his bath!

He hid in the laundry cupboard, right at the back, and when I reached in to grab him he went as stiff as a board and I had to drag him out like he was a bloody block of concrete... the little shit.

Now, how about our bloody cute resident baby?
He is getting so big, before we know it he will be crawling around everywhere and the dogs won't be safe from his clutches...

 ABOVE:  a lovely collage of Dante... he really is a little darling.

ABOVE:  Even with a face like that!
Too cute or what!

Now for something different, what do ya think is going on here?...

That's Steve behind the couch, and Bex hiding behind the curtain.  Weird people eh?

Well... Steve's looking for a crochet hook that fell down the seat of the couch...

And BEX.   Well....

Do you remember the loaf of bread she baked yesterday?  You know... THIS ONE:

Well.... Steve figured out what happened to that loaf of bread, and Bex went into hiding to stop me taking her photo!  Cos ya know... I wanted to take a photo of the BEST BREADMAKER EVER!

 ABOVE:  the poor thing ... she just wouldn't come out!

You see.... she read the recipe and followed it PERFECTLY EH?  Only, she got ONE little, itty, bitty bit wrong:

Instead of putting 4 teaspoons of yeast in the pan, she put in 4 TABLESPOONS.  So ... that explains why it tried to burst outta the breadmaker all on it's own!
It also explains why that loaf tasted a 'bit' yeasty!

Oh well... she's learnt that lesson now.  I'm sure it will never happen again... eh Bex?  *smiles*

Today we are going to visit Lacy and Keera.  I have those cute purple cushions to give her, and we are taking the cupboard Bex and Steve bought yesterday from the Hospice Shop over to store in Lacy's spare bedroom too. I will take a photo of it once it's outta me car.

Not sure how long we will be out today, I think it will depend on the weather.  If it's a lovely day we might even go for a walk over Lacy's way.


So... we have had a really lovely visit with Lacy and Keera.  
We wandered around the shops, had lunch, and then came home.
I then lay down and had a nap!
Here's a few photos of our morning:

ABOVE:  Miss Keera was very happy to spend the morning with us.  So was Lacy.

ABOVE:  I think this is the closest beach to Lacy.  We drove down there... but the tide was out so it didn't look so cute.

ABOVE:  there is a lovely old graveyard in the heart of one of the shopping centres in Lacy's area.  I love looking around old graveyards.
I love that Lacy lives really close to Botany Town Centre too.. we like that mall.

Steve gets home reasonably early on a Friday.  He was just now in the kitchen and ummm... had a little mishap.  There was some water on the floor (not much)... but enough for him to slip.  Which he did.  He kinda did the 'splits'.  

ABOVE:  it was Brylee's fault, she had just emptied the dishwasher and got water on the floor.  Steve is walking a little 'funny' now.

End of Day: Happy to say Steve's 'nether regions' seem to be back to normal.  lol
A nice evening here... everyone doing their own thing.  Steve and our son Mike down in Palmerston North are playing some game on X Box together... it's cool how they can still play together yet be hundreds of kms apart!   I like that, it's cool. 
nite nite

If you can read tomorrow's post already, call it a blogger glitch!
Wasn't supposed to appear till tomorrow morning.
WHY does that happen to me?
I don't always forward post, cos I often get it wrong!


  1. You're lucky the breadmaker didn't blow the house up!
    Cute dog and baby pics!

  2. Bex, don't feel bad. It's an easy mistake to make. I'm just glad everyone is ok and so is the breadmaker. Hugs! :)

  3. Baking mishaps yeah any wrong quantities can be a disaster! Lovely photos of Dante and Keera is she walking yet? The dogs looked funny as really and like wet drowned rats.... Have a nice weekend.

  4. Penny7:03 PM

    Tall Bex she could have done more damage. I once made curried sausages for my father and he told me to put in "three times as much curry powder as your mother tells you" and when I asked Mum, she had already tripled what she would normally say. One teaspoon became three tablespoons - Dad ate it but sweated his way through it, and rung my sister who was in a student flat (in Dunedin) at the time and said to her "Are you cold? I'll breathe down the phone to warm you up!"

    Hope Steve makes a speedy recovery and the damage isn't lasting ;-)

    Have a great weekend all of you. Penny xo

  5. Dante & Keera just so cute!

  6. ouch poor Steve haha

    That's the easiest way to learn between tsp and tbsp! Makes it much easier to rememmber. I always say the tbsp is bigger like a table and that B in there helps me to remember ;)

  7. Is it my imagination or are Dante's eyes getting even MORE blue! Wow. Handsome little guy.


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