Monday, September 16, 2013


A few photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: Lacy PHOTO-BOMBING Kelly's photo.  Very funny.  Had lots of fun yesterday. 

ABOVE: Miss Muppet loves her Uncle Steve.  Notice Steve, Bex and Dante all wearing orange?  It's called 'Family Unity' apparently. *smiles*

ABOVE:  Griffin doing his homework.  He got a fair bit of 'help' from me obviously.  He had to do a biography of a New Zealand Artist.  So we chose Rei Hamon, as we have two of his limited edition Lithographs in our home.
I lost the instructions on what he was supposed to add... so hopefully it's done right.

Who else just LOVES doing homework at age 54?  Not me.

TODAY?  bloody housework.  It's always a mission for me to get the house all ship-shape again after a weekend full of family activities.

Once that's squared away, I am going to continue sewing Christmas Presents.
I'm now getting 'requests' from various family members on what they would like.

All I can say to that is ... wait and see.  I've got A LARGE FAMILY!  And there is only one of ME.
I did something this weekend that I've wanted to do for quite some time.
I talked to a family member about their weight.  
ABOVE: no ... that does not indicate a PEPSI update.  It's supposed to depict two people having a conversation.  I'm the 'Fairy Mother'... lol.

Now my 'Onward For Life Plan' is going to kick in for that person too.  We both have a goal ... 10 kilos OR MORE by Christmas.

I am going to 'bug the shit' out of that person daily, to make sure we both stay on track.

I know I shall get there, and so will that family member... neither of us want to cough up $100 for not reaching the goal!  


The day has started really well.  Bex and I went for a walk, which encompassed the killer hill.  Bex was not that keen on doing that particular hill... left it up to me.  So we did it.  Our walk took 45 minutes, which is 5 minutes faster than the last time we did it.
Quite pleased about that.

Now it's on to the housework...

ABOVE:  Proof  I did indeed go walkies ... I go beetroot red when I walk and get all hot.
Not my best look I must say.  *smiles*

Man have I done a bit today!  Very proud of my efforts, even if NO ONE notices.  Which I'm sure will happen.  Vacuming/washing floors/laundry done/dinner organised/bread on/ and all the rest of it... just my lot.
Sometimes I do feel like just the maid in a Hotel... with no pay.

I have FINALLY done everything I needed to do, and got my 'morning' shower at 3 pm.  Oh well... there was no point doing it sooner... I was all hot and bothered till now.

MAIL!  I got a little parcel in the post just now... and I opened it and just smiled and smiled.  

As my camera battery is DEAD right now... I'll have to show you all what came in the post tomorrow.

End of Day:  totally ran out of mojo tonight.  Probably overdid the housework... well I'm gunna blame the housework!
Our usual nice, quiet evening here.  I might even head off to bed a bit early seeing as I'm knackered.
nite nite


  1. Check out my blog today Chris. I've put up two photos of button trees

  2. It worked now. Just takes awhile for the word verification to come up lol

  3. You look great! Even red faced :)

  4. Awesome effort on the walk hmm yes your face is a tad red lol
    Glad you had a productive day

  5. Lacy is so impish all smiling like that, Orange used to be my favourite colour when I was younger and had dark dark hair (almost black), sadly now I would look like a pumpkin now if I wore orange!! homework bain of every families existence.

  6. You are a machine! A big walk & all that housework.


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