Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Hey girls, I'm looking for a magazine... I can't get it anywhere here.
So... can one of ya find me this mag:

If anyone can find it, let me know and I'll happily pay your costs.  
And just to make sure I don't end up with 2 or more of them... let me know via comment first before ya go and get it... OK?  Thanks.
It's Volume 14 No 5.

FUNNY:  Stew cut some of my bread last night to make his lunch for today, so did Steve.  Only Steve got more than he bargained for...

WHOOPS!  I forgot to take the kneading blade out from the bottom of the loaf.  Oh well... I'll remember next time.

So today is our usual day to go out and about in the morning then off to Hospice shop for me in the afternoon.

I quite like Tuesdays.  Though... I am going to seriously rein in my spending habits ... I want my new camera as soon as I can save up the money.  So ... no more spending willy nilly... I am only going to buy stuff that WE NEED. 

I can do it ... I know I can.  

That means I will become a true 'window shopper'.  No one is allowed to laugh or scoff... cos I will hear you!

I'm pretty sharp like that.  I know some of you are going to say 'YEAH RIGHT'.  Let's see eh?

It will be a challenge, but I'm up for it.

***The magazine request is an exception to me spending.  It's got a gorgeous stitchery pattern I want... for making Christmas presents.

ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN... has NOT been going well at all this month.  I do believe I am in for another gain.  Lots of emotional eating lately.  I wish like hell I could reign it in... but my DRAMA QUEEN antics do spill over into what I shove in me mouth.


MARYH:  nope Chick... I ain't putting anything on hold either!  I promise.

Went to the local mall... had a look around... meet up with Lacy and Keera... then came home again.  It took a bit longer than 'normal' to get home due to a 3 vehicle crash up by our off ramp.  But nevermind... home now.

I've got a beef stew cooking in the crock pot, and a Garlic and Herb Loaf cooking in the breadmaker... so dinner is sorted.

I've got just enough time to grab some lunch before going back to Manukau for my shift at the Hospice Shop.

WELL... I am proud to say I did not spend a single cent at the Hospice shop today!   I did NOT come home empty handed though... Deb the manager GAVE ME this:

 I laughed me head off !  Deb knows me so well!

Oh and I brought home a bunch of magazines to read and copy patterns from.
I see no one has found the magazine I really want, that's OK.  I'm sure I will track one down eventually.

Gotta go now, I've just dished up dinner... and I'm starving.

End of Day: some days are so up and down... today was no exception.  The up... talking to our son Mike down in Palmerston North tonight... we all miss him so bloody much.  Fingers crossed they can come up over summer again.
The down.  Well I'm already over that.  Life's too short.


  1. Have a good day today Chris. Can't help you on the mag sorry, never heard of it. I do a lot of my craft shopping online... I put everything I want into the checkout trolley and just before I hit buy on the screen I X out of it!!!!! Hahaha... tricks the mind.. sad I know... but it work for me!

  2. I look forward to your posts, because it means my day is almost over. Soon Monday will be over.

    That magazine is not on my subscription list. Sorry.

    Good thing nobody ate that hook you left in the bread.

    9 sicipro

  3. bread looks yummo chris bugga about the blade lol. Sorry my laugh was sooooo loud :)
    Have a good day and get rid of those damn knives in ya back ....

  4. As I say just don't take yr whole wallet with you just your drivers licence, or limit your buying to $10? hard I know when you have so many people on yr shopping list man, children, grandchildren family hmmmmm could you set up a JAR at home when you go to eat put a dollar in it. Then spend in Hospice.

  5. I suggested that Blondie She just puts it on hold.I like looking at things but really have deep pockets sometimes. Work hard for my money so don't part with it easily. Always look at things and think oh I'd love that might even go back 2 or 3 times (never with my credit card on me) but walk away and think how much more I would like a new car, which I have just brought Yeah

  6. My not make the most of your shopping habits and sell some of your finds on trade me, you are bound to make some money. Especially on the clothes.

  7. Good girl I am interested in seeing more about this camera as looking at buying one. Any info will be handy

  8. Good luck not buying anything. How about everytime you DON'T buy something you put the money you would have spent aside towards your new camera. Watching it increase will be exciting.

  9. Anonymous10:42 PM

    If you find the mag on eBay let me know and I will buy it for you.
    Have I told you to try getting the camera off US eBay? YOu will save a BOMB


  10. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Chris, is it a recent magazine? I had a look in the newsagency today but couldn't see it. The person that
    worked there didn't know what I was talking about. I'll keep looking.

  11. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Just worked out it's the current magazine. I'll search a few more newsagencies tomorrow and let you know.

  12. Is the magazine a current issue? If so, I will check out this very well stocked newsagency where I collect the work mail tomorrow.

  13. I'll keep my eyes open for the magazine Chris, hopefully someone here can help you out :)


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