Wednesday, September 25, 2013



It's midweek and the weather is the pits, so I doubt I will be going out today.

I've got plenty to do here to keep myself busy.

First up, I'm going to mask up that wall in the spare bedroom, in readiness for the next coat.
Then I shall pour over all the colour charts I got yesterday, and make up me mind what colour to go with.

ABOVE:  as you can see, I've not narrowed the choice down yet... blue/green or mauve???

Once I've done the masking out, and IF I've decided on the colour, I might venture out to get the paint.
Then paint the wall.

Here's another darling wee video of Dante crawling yesterday morning.  His 2nd day as a 'crawler'  :

He is getting faster by the day!  Before we know it he'll be all over the house and we will have to go looking for him!

Right, that's me for now... I really don't have much to yabber on about today at all.

ANON:  Dante is 9 months old.  Steve and Bex just loved the name, they trolled through names on the internet and just settled on Dante.
It is pronounced DON-TEY.  When he's older I think he will be called Don.

Unlike earlier 'day' plans... it changed.  Decided to go and visit Lacy instead.

 We even managed to dodge a shower and go look at the shops... where we did a little shopping.
I found a lovely blue glass bowl and a necklace...  and Lacy had a little gift for me!  I  don't know why...

ABOVE:  a really lovely necklace, and a funky scarf too.  Both lovely.  Thanks S.H.

I have had me 'eye' on a glass bowl and matching vase in a certain Antique shop for a few weeks now... and today I caved in and put the bowl on Lay By.  It will be mine in a couple of weeks.

ABOVE:  the bowl and vase.  

So... the weather is still right shitty...  another stay inside afternoon.  Hopefully this typical Spring weather will fizzle out soon. 

TERESA in Canada: you have gone Private!!!???  Add me please!

I just did something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I set aside 2 hours today to read blogs.  And I plan on keeping it up.
I have been THE WORST blogger this year... not giving my blog friends enough time.  NO MORE.
When I can, I will devote 1-2 hours EVERY DAY to keeping up to date.  I love reading what everyone is up to!

End of Day:  well a normal sort of evening.  Dinner... beef stew.  Watched some telly.  Thought about masking out that wall in the spare bedroom.  It remained just a thought.  There is always tomorrow.
Time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    How old is dante now? I have never heard that name before this did they choose it? What does it mean?

    1. Dante's Inferno the book is how I know the name.

  2. oooh exciting!!! I love painting rooms (well not so much the action but the results) ... it can make such a difference to a room ... looking forward to seeing the before and after (and love the colour charts you have narrowed down to)

  3. Dante is getting there you may need a bigger mat or grippy pants cause he might get stuck in the one spot on the slippery surface!!! How is Keeras walking going? Another slow start to the morning this blardy racing is doing me head in with Americas Cup it is soooooo tense!!!

  4. :( I can't download the video clips of master Dante crawling so must find time tomorrow to go to the library to check out your blog. Stupid Internet here is driving me nuts.
    Could very wrk soon be asked " why did u move felicity I thought u lived it there" and the reply will be " cause I can't gett flippen Internet and watch video clips on Chris' blog"

  5. I'm sure I left a comment this morning oh well nice blue bowl and love the necklace and scarf BUT me favourite is the bowl and vase!! hope u don't get too much spam.

  6. Your glass buying addiction might mean you need to add an extra room to the house!! I do love glass bowls though :)

    Good luck with picking the colour for the wall - will there be a matching curtain on the narrow window in that room? I know from the photos of Lacy's place there there were two curtains in that fabric.

    Don't you love it when the babies crawl.. and walk? My weeman is coming out with so many new words at the moment and while he's extra cute, he's a real monkey and gets into everything!

  7. thanks for popping by my blog. I'm excited to see the colour your choose for your wall!!! xxx

  8. Oh your so good. I very rearly comment on blogs now.. just find I don't have enough time at the end of the day to craft and comment.... even crafting has gone a bit astray at the moment, not doing as much as I used too.

  9. Dante is doing really well, bless him

  10. Sorry about that having a bit of technically difficult here. Will contact you in a few days once things settle down. Have a lovely day. Teresa

  11. Just noticed no verification , Yoo , Hoo .

  12. Not sure if you got my first post. But having some technical difficulties. Will get back to you in a few days about the blog.

  13. Don't worry I didn't clean my fridge to well. LOL Just threw out the old food.


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