Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Today marks the start of a newer, better me.

I'm taking back emotional control of my life.

I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy this life, and those in it who love me and want the best for me... and my family.  

To you who consider yourself my family:   I love you, no matter what.  

To all my friends:  exactly the same .... you are all special to me.  Thank you to all who have supported me over the years.

I've fallen into bad old habits, eating my emotions and letting others actions and my reactions dictate my mood.  No more.

This may seem like it's coming out of 'left field'... but let me assure you, for me it's not.  

I was almost 100% sure that today would be my LAST POST here on Diet Coke Rocks.  But after talking it over with my family... I am here to stay.

AND I'm now coming out stronger...  and happier.

I shall turn the other cheek and enjoy my life.


TODAY?  Well... keeping in mind my desire to save every cent I can to go towards my new camera... I'm NOT going shopping!
I know, I know... it's criminal.

Instead... maybe Bex and I shall take Master Dante for a walk?  Not sure what the weather is supposed to be doing today... I will have to wait till after the kids are off to school to determine that.

If walking outdoors is not an option I plan on doing a workout.  Yep... I will!

Right, there ya go... my day has started on a positive note... which is a good thing.


ABOVE:  Miss Rena got a parcel from Grandma this morning... I'm told she was very happy with her new wooly jumper and trousers.

Someone asked me a while ago how I put my blog address on my photos?

I edit using PICASA, and I type my blog address on every photo myself. 

I could use the 'watermark' feature, but it doesn't give you the option to use colour, change the font and size, and position it where ever I want.

If I've not answered a question you have asked me... sorry!  I read all my comments then promptly forget the questions!  I've got a brain like a sieve somedays.

ABOVE:  Spring is here!  Bex, Dante and I DID go for a walk... with a ruddy big hill thrown in for the 'torture' factor... it felt great to get home knowing I'd done a good thing for the day.

I love walking around our neighbourhood.  

I'm off now to have a long soak in the bath and relax before doing some housework or sewing... 

There is NOTHING like a long hot soak in the bath!  I loved it.  Maybe not what I did next though.  

I decided to scrub the floor of the bathroom and clean the bath as well... got all hot and bothered doing that, so ended up having a shower half an hour after me bath.

At least I'd not got dressed... I cleaned in the nuddy!  Bet that mental image gives ya the shits!   ♪la ♪la ♪la...♪♪♪..............

As predicted, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, it's blowing and raining now, and much colder.  So glad we got the walk in this morning.

Thanks to everyone for looking for the magazine!   I've just been given a link to where I might be able to get it... off to check it out now.

AMY-JO:  Thank you so much for that link.

EVERYONE... I've just ordered that magazine from the UK.  Yaaaa.... !
Thanks to EVERYONE who tried to find it for me... muchloves from me.

This afternoon... I'm going to fold the washing that I've been 'hiding' in the spare bedroom... and bake bread for tomorrow's lunches, then sort out dinner for the family.

So... not much really.

The washing... shall have to wait.  Stew and I have decided to go to a movie tonight... a 'Date Night' no less!  Awwww. 
So, the bread for tomorrow is baking, it's a Sundried Tomato and Cheese loaf today.
Dinner... well I might just leave that up to Bex... I better go and tell her!

Stew and I can get something while we are out.

End of Day:  10.56 pm.  Home from the movies.  Cold and tired, time to hit the sack.  nite nite.


  1. Hope you are feeling much better today. I have been reading your blogs daily for so long I couldn't manage without my daily dose of Chris. I love it all the good the bad and the ugly bits.
    Feel motivated again soon

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  3. Have an awesome day chris Glad your here to stay big hugs to ya

  4. Leigh8:13 AM

    It would be OK if you took a break from the blog for a few days. I love reading your blog but if it is causing you too much stress at the moment, put us on hold for a few days and then see how you feel. We will miss you but everyone needs a break.

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Glad your staying...I have to go up the street today and will have a look for that magazine your after :O)

    Michelle x

  6. Sounds like a happy and healthy start! Been doing that myself. Watching what I eat, doing water aerobics every week, spending more quality time with the kiddies, and trying to appreciate the simpler things in life. Will pray you are successful at all you endeavour! I know how precious and important you are to your family. :-)

  7. Glad you are not quitting. Ok so today do that workout and I will too. Your emotional eating is exactly what I do henceforth weight you is up and down. Not good for us. So start again Chris. Refocus

  8. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Wow glad u hSve decided not to pull the plug on dietcoke rocks blog phew I was beginning to have a panic attract when u started talking closing your blog girl


  9. On wards and up wards - good for you Chris! So glad that you are still posting - you will succeed! I love the orange jumper (but orange is one of my favourite colours). Rena looks so cute in it! :)

  10. Found the magazine that you were looking for. I attached a link to where you can order it online.

  11. Good for you for taking control girl! And I'm glad you're not going anywhere. I'd miss you and your family very much. Especially those babies :)

  12. Glad you are sticking around !!!!
    Have the best day !

  13. Good on you for getting back into your plan - like the name says, it is Onward for Life. Sometimes things in life do not go to plan but we keep on going and do what we can to fix it.

    You lucky thing having a bath - ours is buggered and we haven't got the funds just yet to replace it (hopefully in a few weeks) then I am the first one in.

  14. Good on you Chris. Take that control and Onward you go. Glad you are sticking around.

  15. I have been reading you for many many years so you can't leave me like that!! Lol I may not comment much but know I am always lurking about! I usually sneak a look via my phone while at work! Shhhhh very naughty!

  16. I love the sweater! It is just so cute and cuddly. :) I am glad you are doing better. Puppy update soon? I hope?

  17. Yay thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL cards and the amazing padded mat my aunty she was all "ooohhhhh ahhhhhh those are amazing" they are bright and I love them 1 is winging its way to my sister its her 50th birthday soon the love heart one and the other is going to my sister and she is going to hand deliver it too my great niece ( 2yr old ) when she travels to Italy ( the buzzy bee one ) end of this month as part of her 50th birthday present!!! so yay they are sooo going to love them!!!!

  18. Emotional eating is the pits. Good on you for realising what you are doing and moving onwards!

  19. Anonymous11:35 PM

    As you say Chris,"Onward and Upward" - so pleased you are staying on your blog,you are so wise in recognising your emotional eating, I do the same, that is why I like reading your blog. I think we have to have a bad day, so that when we have a great day, we know the difference, and we can appreciate it is a GREAT day. Another saying I like is "If you can't change the situation, change your attitude" it works for me. Your blog reader friend, Sandra

  20. All caught up! I've been thinking of getting a bread maker. The bread I like to get is like $4 a loaf. Crazy. Plus there is so much added crap in bread now.

    I don't hardly ever take baths because of the same reason. I can't relax in there looking around at all the crap that needs to be cleaned haha.

  21. I saw this mug rug and thought of you.

  22. I have some catching up to do. Sorry to hear about your troubles glad to hear that you are going to keep posting. Keep strong.

  23. Do you really mean you would stop blogging and leave us , no Dante , no Keera , no puppies, etc, etc.


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