Monday, September 23, 2013


I'm really excited .... Peppa is coming to visit today!  Yeah, yeah... AND her humans! ☻
I am not sure how Coco and Teddy will react, so I'm going to put them in the playpen, that way no one gets hurt if they decide to take offence at a 'strange dog' coming into the house.

I know she is Coco's baby, but time passes and who knows how they will react to each other?

So apart from that visit, the day is earmarked for housework!
How wonderful.
Like... NOT.

Oh...  AND I will be taking Miss Muppet home to her Mummy around lunchtime too.  We have loved having her for a bit longer this visit.

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Keera with her brother and sister.

ABOVE: Auckland City skyline on our way home from Albany Mall yesterday ... I never get tired of seeing this sight.

ABOVE: ya ever think to look UP while crossing the harbour bridge?  Well... I did.  Can't say it was 'riveting'... but kinda interesting.

ABOVE:  The Sky Tower... quite an interesting angle.

ABOVE:  Stew last night, with no room left on his lap.  He gave Keera the last of her bottle before she went to bed... and see Coco?  Keera had her legs on top of Coco while she was drinking her bottle, and Coco didn't budge an inch!

Granddad's lap is very popular.  *smiles*

Righty ho... I better get moving, make lunches, feed Keera, get some washing on... bla bla bla...


Do you get a thrill knowing you got ALL THE WASHING up to date, and that was with some really bad weather thrown in for good luck?
Well... I sure do!  I got a massive amount of washing done over the weekend, and it's all sitting in the spare bedroom waiting to be folded and put away.

Great way to start the day's housework.

AMERICA'S CUP:  we lost both races today. I've got a horrible feeling we will lose the cup in the next couple of days.  Talk about a come back from the Americans!  Power to them, they are racing well.

If we lose, I think thousands in our country will go into mourning, me for one.

PEPPA's visit... went so well!   I will talk more about it when I get home... we are just popping out to return Keera.

ABOVE:  Well... the visit was so lovely!  It went a bit different than I had envisioned though.  It wasn't Coco or Teddy that got growly, it was PEPPA!  She didn't really like Coco ... but I think given more time they would have ended up playing together.

Peppa was really good with the babies, even gave Keera a few kisses.

 ABOVE:  the one thing that was sad... Peppa didn't really want to know me at all.  I had to grab her and hold her firmly to get a photo with her.  *sniff sniff*  But the best thing was seeing how happy she was with Jenna and Gayle.
Gayle came over too... but I didn't manage to get a good photo of her.

My camera is playing up something rotten... I'm about ready to throw it on the concrete just to end my misery with it.

 Once our visitors had gone, we took Keera home and then stopped into the supermarket for some essential baby supplies.
Dante got to sit in the trolley like a big boy for the first time, and once he was over the strangeness of it all, he enjoyed himself.

The ladies at the check out thought he was just beautiful... and tried to make him smile.  But, he was having nothing to do with them.  He just gave them his classic "Who the hell are you?" look!

He's very CONSISTENT with THAT look.  If he doesn't know ya... you just get the blank look.


  1. If you want an interesting view of the bridge you can actually get underneath part if it on land at Northcote. There are also plaques telling you a bit about the building of it.

  2. Peppa looks great, Keera, Grandad and the dogs no room at the Inn there!!! Lacy loves purple.. I see. Ohhh can't wait to read what it is.

  3. When I want to take pics of other people and I need to be quick, I always use Auto mode. I can barely use the Manual mode anyway! The canon s100 I bought? It turned out the lens had an issue and it affected many sets, worldwide. I got it replaced for free but it bugged the hell out of me.


  4. Interesting that Peppa didn't want anything to do with Coco. Just like never know what they are going to do.

  5. You certainly have had a very busy weekend with all those visitors. Hope the race goes your way tomorrow.

  6. Ah Peppa is a cutie!! I guess my husband was right about the America's Cup thing haha.

  7. This just means that Peppa is happy and secure in her new home, and didn't know what to think of all you "intruders." I guess it HAS been a while since you saw her. Maybe she doesn't recognize you thinner! :)

  8. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Hey Chris, could you please tell brylee that paige from school said happy birthday. Thanks :)

  9. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Hey Brylee, happy 13th birthday!!!!! I hope you have a great day and you get lots of cool presents, from your friend paige at the gardens school.


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