Saturday, September 28, 2013


When I think about just how much time it took to get the spare bedroom wall painted, I wonder why I dragged it out for so long?  Derrrr.  

I keep going in there and smiling, it's so pretty now.   I hope our visitor next week likes it, I've tried to make it nice and comfy.


ABOVE:  I tried to 'match' the wall colour with the blues in the picture.  I love this room now.  
The other thing that tickles me fancy:  MOST of the pictures and bits 'n' bobs, curtains etc in the room I have bought from the Hospice shop or on TradeMe.  So, it just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a room look lovely.  Even that headboard was bought off Trademe.  I paid $50 for it.  SCORE.

Right... what's on the agenda today?  At this stage, we have no plans.  Perhaps if it's fine we can go and visit Lacy and Co.  She has Kelly and Rena staying for the weekend.  

I am sure we can find something to do.  

MUST. BUY. LOTTO.  It has jackpotted to $30 MILLION!... and must be won tonight, by one or more.


Today is our Anniversary.  We met each other 28 years ago TODAY.  I more often than not forget today, but Stew never does.  I sometimes wonder why he remembers?  Maybe he rues that day? ... NAH... I'm sure he doesn't!  lol.

We are going out and about, even though it's blowing a gale and threatening to piss down.
Stew is going to pay off that gorgeous crystal bowl for me ... yaa!  
When we get home I will show it to you.

Just twiddling our thumbs now till Dante wakes up, then we can go.

WORD VERIFICATION had to go back on, sorry.  I'm getting bombarded with spam already.  I think that's one of the drawbacks of having a fairly busy blog I suppose.

Well... we have had a really lovely visit over with Lacy, Keera, Kelly and Rena.  We wandered the shops and market,  then picked up me gorgeous bowl.  Then we had lunch at Lacy's.

After that we went to Botany Town Center and wandered some more.

I had an awful experience in Noel Leemings in Botany... I spat the dummy in front of everyone!

Griffin was playing with an ipad and as I'm thinking of getting a smaller laptop or ipad, I asked to look at it.  So I took it off Griffin.  Griffin was playing some harmless game on it... just to clarify what HE was doing on it.

Anyway, I touched some random icons and the next thing I know I'm looking at FULL ON PORN!  I mean... totally DISGUSTING, in my face pornography!

I kinda yelled at the top of me voice... OH MY GOD, THIS IS SHOWING PORNOGRAPHY!!!  And I yanked it out of the power outlet and held it up.... so of course EVERYONE is looking at the mad woman who is holding up an ipad and yelling!

A salesman rushed over and took it off me... and I'm left there feeling horrified.  
I walked out of that shop rather fast... then thought better of it and marched back in and asked to speak to the Manager.

Which I did. He explained that it can happen when people connect to the wi-fi in the shop!  Well I was not impressed and told him so.

I'm tempted to make a formal complaint to their head office... actually I probably shall.
I was utterly HORRIFIED at what I had seen... and I'm NO PRUDE.  But really, it was disgusting and to think Griffin could have just as easily accessed that filth.  Grrrr.

While at Botany, I tried to find a pretty throw for the spare bedroom bed... but after looking everywhere, gave up.   Then, just as we were leaving I remembered I have a lovely white fluffy throw in the linen cupboard... so it's now on the bed.  Cool, didn't have to spend a cent.

ABOVE:  Perfect.  Just needs a wash by the look of it.  

ABOVE:  my darling bowl.  It's stunning and weighs a ton!  I'm already wondering what I can put in it?

Right, I'm off to find Stew's socks.  He's lost a few pairs.... hmmm....

NATALIE:  hell yes!  I thought of fruit salad too.  It's screaming out for fruit salad... or watermelon chunks!

ANNE:  yes, what other colour could it be?  Really?  lol... you know me too well Chick.

End of Day:  and Stew and I have just spent an enjoyable few hours having dinner with my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank.  Chicken cassorole, rice and steamed veges, followed by home grown blueberry and apple sponge pudding.  Delicious.  I even had a couple of glasses of wine!  A nice way to end a lovely day if ya ask me.
nite nite


  1. Love the wall-looks great! You did a real good job.

  2. Love the wall-looks great! You did a real good job.

  3. The room looks awesome chris have a good day

  4. Pretty blue, just like your eyes. Wanna come to Canada and paint my house. Pretty much every room needs a makeover:)

  5. The room looks so casual and clean, like a day at the beach. It's beautiful. Happy meeting Stew anniversary!

  6. That is a bright blue very nice, hope your visitor appreciates the time and effort. It is windy rainy and miserable here then SUNNY as the next. cold too have a nice weekend Happy Anniversary to you both.

  7. ohhhh I love that blue....and the room looks just so welcoming.

  8. Happy Anniversary. Have an awesome day.

  9. I know what happened with the ipad is very serious and I would for sure be contacting head office....but I did giggle because I can just imagine you in the middle of the store screaming while holding the ipad up for all to see :O)
    Happy Anniversary enjoy the rest of your day xox

  10. The room looks lovely. Somehow I just knew it would be blue!

  11. That is not the first time I have heard of something like that happening re the porn. I suspect either sime sickos getting their thrills but more likely some teens thinking it is hilarious to access the sites & set it up so that anyone can find it - they don't care if it is kids who find it. Complain to Noel Leeming head office, they need to put something in place to prevent it. Locking the wi fi and staff only to have access would be a good start.

  12. That is shocking about the porno! I'm so sorry. This is how young men can get addicted to that stuff even if they didn't go "looking" for it at first. I hope they are able to take steps so that kids don't see that in the showroom at least. :/


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