Tuesday, September 10, 2013


What can I say?

I've got nothing on me agenda today.

Well.. OK.  I've got my Hospice Shop shift after lunch.  But that's about all.

It's so unlike me to have NOTHING to blabber on about.

How about YOU tell  me what fantastic, amazing SOMETHINGS you have got planned for the day?

Inspire me!
Gimme some ideas.
ANYTHING... is better than nothing.

I don't even have a photo for ya!
OMG this is bad, very, very bad.

I am going to bore you all to death with my NOTHING-NESS.

Sorry....   Oh here's something!  I got heartburn REALLY BAD after eating that meatloaf last night!  Not had that happen in a while.  It was NASTY.

I found a photo... OK... it's only ME.  But it's my latest updated 'face shot'.  I tried doing a different one, with me hair down for a change.  I wore it down for half a day before it drove me mental and I had to tie it up again!

Why do I feel the need to keep my hair long, when I almost always tie it up?  Weird.

I'm going to re-colour it soon too.  I'm not ready to be dark with grey streaks!

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and stop boring you now.


Another day with me being on to it... I've already got dinner cooking:

ABOVE:  Bacon Hock, green split peas and lentil soup.  And Garlic/Herb loaf.  Yummy.

ABOVE:  can you see the rash around my neck?  I wore a necklace I bought from the Hospice shop last year, and this is what happened. 
I thought it was a new hair conditioner I'd used, but I'm certain now it was the necklace.
Said necklace is now being cleaned thoroughly before I wear it again, that's for sure!

It's a really lovely day, in between the showers. I'm feeling so good today... my house is spick and span, dinner sorted... what more could I want?
OH yeah... SHOPPING!  I've got $8 in me wallet, lets see what I can find today at Hospice ...  *smiles*


I have had my eye on that dining table in our shop for weeks, it WAS $350.  Today when I walked in, it had been reduced by $200!  So I bought it for Lacy and Keera.
It is getting delivered on Thursday all going well.

And I did find some other treasure too...

ABOVE:  two tie-backs for the curtains in the spare bedroom, two little figurines, 3 check shirts for Dante and a Tupperware Jelly Mould... which I literally SQUEALED at when I saw it!  I use them to make club sandwiches.  
Debs, the boss at the shop, made me explain what the hell I meant by 'Club Sandwiches' in a jelly mould.
So on Thursday I'm making club sandwiches for our lunch at the shop.  So Deb can SEE what I mean.  Can't wait, it's such a nifty idea, and I love sharing it.

ABOVE: Not to be left out, Bex went into our little local Hospice shop while out walking this afternoon... and got this little Teddy for me.  Awwww.  Very cute, even if it's an AUSTRALIAN Teddy!  *smiles*

SPARKLING: I know Chick... I've got heaps of lovely Aussy 'girlfriends'.  

End of Day:  another really lovely evening, spent watching the telly and chillin' out.
nite nite


  1. Today I'm waiting for a new mattress set to be delivered!!!

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I've read the book of Hebrews for the second day in a row....took a 3 hour nap....fixed 2 meals....helping hubby get ready for work....going to my granddaughter's soccer game...just enjoying the peace and quiet today. Yay for peace and quiet!!! ♥♥♥

  3. We have to inspire you! OMG how does washing grocery shopping A HUGE headache (feel sick in tummy headache) still in pj's might even go back to bed.... after hanging out washing.Is sunny and windy but rain and ick is on its way.

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Inspire u I can't even must up inspiration for myself today
    Thought it was pay day so planned to pay bills and get some bread and milk exciting stuff until I realised it's only Tuesday pay day is Wednesday lol

    Have good day


  5. I am not very inspiring today as I ate waaaay tooo much for dinner and am paying for it now. :( Oh well!! I had to learn my lesson I guess.

    As much as you say you don't like your hair down, you look lovely in that picture.

  6. Today is a work day for me....all day :-(
    Enjoy your time at the hospice shop, hope you find a bargain.

  7. HummmmMMMM. I have a nickel allergy. Could YOU have a nickel allergy? Is the necklace made of nickel?

  8. I suspect that for $8 you will come home with a ton of bargains.

    1. Haha you no my Ma to well lol Xo

  9. Nothing wrong with Australians, mate!

  10. Oh, so now we know how you really feel????? LOL !!!

  11. Mine Mine Mine......Hehe Ma We Love It....Xoxo...Your Epic...and to all, I had absolutely No idea about the table until after she had brought it and sent me a pic of it....Naughty Mummy But F#*ken Epic....Oh me and Keera cant wait

  12. Now that Teddy looks lonely if he gets scared you could always send it to this really lovely lady u know who has lots of bears to keep him company :) just sayin cause he looks so lonely there by himself :(

  13. Good to have a day with nothing on the schedule every once in a while.

    69 tifunp

  14. You cleaned out the shop haha.

    That pic with your hand on your face makes me think you have a headache ;)

    I keep ending up with my hair back. I really want to cut it but I like it down when we go out but that's not as offen as going to work lol.

  15. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Bit late in commenting, haven't been on my computer. You're an awesome mum Chris, I love how your love is unconditional. Doesn't matter what the kids do you have a big heart. That table for Lacy is awesome. I loved Lacy's comment, I can hear how excited she is in her words. Enjoy your table Lacy and beautiful Keera.


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