Sunday, September 22, 2013


As I mentioned last night, Jacqui and her wee daughter Sofia ended up staying overnight last night.  
Not very often we have visitors sleeping over! 

So, sometime this morning we expect Marty to arrive back here to collect his wife and daughter, and return our Griffin too!

As per usual, I took a few photos last night, so will share :

ABOVE: our little monkey Keera.  She's such a hard case kid.  Delightful.

ABOVE:  Dante... was still hesitant with Jacqui, but at least he didn't cry at her this time.

Jacqui is a naughty, naughty little girl BY THE WAY.  She introduced me to:

When she first suggested I give it a go... I was like 'Nah'... but she convinced me I would love them.
So I gave it a go... only I was a leettle bit tipsy and couldn't stop laughing... so my first attempt ended up with me spilling milo down me front, and a very soggy, melting Tim Tam in me hand.
2nd attempt... success!  
O..M..G...   evilness in a mouthful!

I think I had 3?  maybe 4?

Today I may just have to fast AND do some serious exercise to work those little buggers off me butt!

Talking of today.... very stormy weather late last night, which is supposed to continue today and tomorrow.
A good day to stay home and get on with some inside jobs I suppose.

So... I might head down to Resene or Mitre 10 to get some more colour charts so I can pick the colour for the spare bedroom wall.  It doesn't look good white, that's for sure.


ABOVE:  everyone is happy this morning.  Delightful little bubs X's 3.  Dante is very quiet, Keera is a box of birds, and little Sofia Grace is being very entertaining.  

Jacqui is hanging out for Marty to arrive with her coffee and breakfast ... she's used to him hand delivering her breakfast on the weekend!

Once our visitors had gone home, we decided on lunch out. So we went over to Albany mall.  Keera absolutely LOVED being out and about, she stayed awake the whole time we were out, until about 5 minutes from home, when her little eyes shut.  
She had been awake from 7 am till 2 pm!  Not bad for a littlie of 14 months old.

ABOVE:  self explanatory really.

ABOVE:  today our 2nd litter of puppies is ONE YEAR OLD.  That is Miss Molly, she lives in Taranaki with her little human, and family.   She is spoilt rotten... just as she should be I believe!
Thank you so much Tracy for keeping in touch with us... we really appreciate it.

We get to see PEPPA tomorrow too!  Whooooo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY:  Diesel (Whangarei), Phantom(Wellington), Poppy (Auckland), Peppa(?), Molly (Taranaki) and Roxy (Auckland) 

I have a few photos from this afternoon, but I'll save them for tomorrow.

I just heard from Poppy's family too...

ABOVE:  THEN... and...


She has lots more colour than a lot of our other puppies.  How cute does she look all curled up on her 'human's' chest!  

End of Day:  a lovely day today.  And an equally lovely evening, just relaxing with the kids and Keera.  Hopefully she sleeps all night, unlike last night.

Did I mention we had a massive storm on Saturday night, with HUGE, HUGE CLAPS of THUNDER and lightening?  Well... we did!

Everyone got woken up at around 3 am due to the loudness of the thunder.  I wanted to get up and watch all the lightening, but ... well... I didn't want to get outta me warm bed did I?

Stew had to get up though... cos our front door got blown open in the middle of the night and rain poured in!  So, he who forgot to lock the door, was mopping up rain water at 3 am.  

I felt sorry for him, but not enough to get outta bed.... see, I'm not that nice!  *smiles*

Alright, enough yabber... I'm off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I can't believe you got the wall done so quick. Then again I read your old posts once and saw that you painted/renovated your other house a lot. You are a woman of many talents Chris. Bec

  2. can't beat a good Tim Tam slam!

  3. Tim tam slam are even better with coffee

  4. I have never heard of a Tim Tam slam - does seem to me to be a waste of a perfectly good Tim Tam :-)

  5. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Wow the puppies are one already, that time flew. So cute seeing Miss Molly. Dante and Keera are funny together, they are going to be great little mates/cousins. How neat having them grow up togehter.

  6. Oh Keera I am really starting to miss you, feels very weird having a whole weekend off...
    Mummy has mowed the lawns, pulled out that yukky bush and got all your washing all washed dryed and put away and your bed all nice and made all ready for you when you come back.
    I hope you are having a neat weekend with your Grandparents and Aunt Bex and Uncle Steve nd Cuzzy Danty, and Brylee and Griffin.
    I am going to sit down and watch a few Dvd'd this arvo or may just go for a walk to the beach....
    Teddy say's hi, he misses you to.
    Love you my Baby Chicken xoxo

    1. Sorry Dante, spelt you'r name wrong...was trying to multi task lol.

  7. Sophia Grace is so cute Dante and Keera a battle of wills! Puppy pics just gorgeous they are ALL spoilt I dare say. Sat rain hail thunder lightning, sunday rain thunder now sun I haven't been anywhere or done anything.... NICE and thank the gods I DIDN'T have to do the Gate at the RUGBY yesterday.

  8. Now, here's the thing. When we were in OZ over 20yrs ago we were shown how to eat a Tim Tam with opposite corners missing. However, we were told the experience would be better than an orgasm!
    I'm saying nothing, only that is was great fun trying!!!!

  9. Isn't that odd because we had a big thunderstorm Saturday night and we are miles and miles apart

  10. Happy birthday, pups! I think the difference with you and the Tim Tam slammers is, you will go back to your regularly scheduled program. You are so awesome.

  11. Oh big thunder and lightening are fun to watch. I'm not looking forward to the rainy season though, makes mud everywhere.


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