Friday, September 27, 2013



Seriously, I've been putting it off again... yet I know it's only going to be an hour or two long job!  And I need to get it done before next week.

Today is the last day of school for the kids for two weeks.

I was wondering how to entertain them so they don't drive me 'n' Bex mental... well the first week is sorted!

We are having a visitor who has promised to  take them shopping!

They have been looking forward to that for weeks.  I am sure whatever they get will keep them amused for the 2nd week.  (one hopes so anyway!)

Having a visitor is why I need to get that wall painted... so the fresh paint smell is gone before said visitor gets here.

I want to pop into the Hospice shop sometime today too.  I shoplifted yesterday!

BY ACCIDENT....of course!

I put a warm scarf on while I was there as it was so bloody cold in the shop! (we have heaps of them in the shop).

And I forgot I hadn't actually BOUGHT it ... and was almost home before I realised I still had it on.  OOPS!

I will take it back today for sure.  I didn't want to actually BUY IT... just wear it for the morning.  lol

Sorry.... I have to share another wee video of Dante crawling!  He's come a long way in just 3 days:

He is just getting faster and faster.  
And baby babble!  He is making all sorts of noises now, he has these long conversations but we can't tell what on earth he's saying of course... but it's delightful to listen to.

Right... time to get a move on.  I don't have to make lunches today though.  It's last day of term, sausage sizzle day and mufti day too.


I ended up going out this morning, and now it's lunchtime and I've not done a thing on me 'To Do' list today.

It was a good morning though:

 ABOVE:  I got scales for the kitchen (new)... then over at the Hospice Shop I snaffled a cute little bedside table for the spare bedroom and a whole bunch of little soft toys for the puppies, and a wardrobe shoe holder.  Should come in handy in my wardrobe.

ABOVE:  we went to David's Emporium, where I got this lot for Brylee's Birthday... which is next Wednesday.  She will be....... OMG....... 13 !!!

ABOVE:  I had planned on getting NEW soft toys for the puppies from the Warehouse ... they were on sale for $5 each.... then I remembered all the soft toys at the Hospice Shop... so... I got all those for $5.  SCORE!

I also returned the scarf I accidentally nicked yesterday too.  ☻☺

Lunchtime, I'm hungry... off to find me some food.

IT'S DONE.   The wall is painted.  And now I wait a while before taking off the masking tape.  I put a really good lashing of paint on the wall... so it shouldn't need a 2nd coat.

Dummm deeee dooo.... waiting for paint to dry....

It really was quite cute.  He's gunna start thinking I'm a mean Grandma soon.  *sniff*

I've had an excellent afternoon.  I got the spare bedroom wall painted at last.
Photos tomorrow.

End of Day:  well... a quiet evening here.  Stew's watching rugby, Steve and Bex are playing on the X Box and computer, the kids?  Dunno.... but they are quiet so I can't complain.
Me?  I'm going to read a book on me Kindle.  And just chill out.
Friday night.  Wind down time.
nite nite


  1. I know what your talking about when it comes to the painting! I'm in the middle of doing my basement now that it's done. Hope your doing well. Great video as well.

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    LOL @ Dante crying on Bex's feet. too funny. what a treasure!!!!!

  3. Oh he's just so sweet!! I could eat him up haha.

    Too funny on the scarf, I bet they knew you'd be good for it ;)

  4. 13!!!! my gosh that has gone so fast, Dante he is so cute and i'm guessing a gate for the dog food? funny. What a score with the toys that's heaps for $5.

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    To funny Dante is gonna find so many things to investigate.


  6. I love these videos

  7. I always love your pictures, it always looks like you're having a lot of fun!

  8. Wow Dante got that crawling down super fast. Good luck with the school break and the company. Hope it's a nice sunny weekend.


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