Sunday, September 29, 2013


Today's mission is to get the placemats for my Mum finished.

And that is all!

I don't know what the rest of the family have planned for today, though I do know that Stew will be watching rugby at 11 am for sure!  

It's the All Blacks vs. Argentina.  It should be a good game according to Stew.  Argentina are hard to beat on their home ground, so says Stew!

I'm pretty sure Lacy, Kelly and their girls are visiting us today.  I don't know when though.

I have put a new desktop background on me computer too.  It's a photo of me taken in 2008... it's my goal to be that sorta size again ... hopefully by Christmas!  If not, then to at least be close!

I have been 'treading water' the past few months now... going up and down a few kilos, but not losing consistently... I need that to change!

I can still REMEMBER how good it feels to be slimmer and fitter... and I want that feeling again... so much.

This is my motivational photo:

I am sure I can get back to something like that!  Only... 5 years older of course.  

It's supposed to be a windy/rainy day again today... so whatever everyone gets up to... it will be inside.  So far, the nasty weather has held off!  

What are YOU getting up to today?  Something nice I hope.


BLONDIE:  well with all that you have done this morning already, at least you must be keeping warm!  ☺

Today's visitors have left.  And I'm now finally finished with the housework.  

And I've managed to get 4 placemats finished.  Happy about that.

Time to chill out for a little while.  It's been a long day already.

Awww thank you MAGPIE!  I do indeed have that dress, but not the little black bolero.

I have been fluffing around with all me pretties... trying to have more out on display instead of behind cupboard doors.  I love all my pretty glass bowls etc... even  if I never use them!

End of Day:  I'm really happy with what I got done today... 4 placemats done, all the washing out, dried and aired, just have to fold it all now.
Just cut Steve's hair, it only took me about 5 minutes... I've got it down pat now.
I shall do Griffin's tomorrow too.
First time today I've felt good about myself and my lot.
nite nite


  1. I have loaded and shifted a queen size bed, grocery shopped had McDonalds for brekkie, now off to watch AB game and then karate meeting at 2 pm, freezing cold bitter day here!!! that's what I'm up to....

  2. We had a power cut so went to the mall for a couple of things & had something to eat. Then we came home & told the kids that we all had to spend 1 hour doing housework. Put some music on, set the timer & off we went. House now tidy, dishes done, washing folded & put away and everyone relaxing (me reading, Samyson on playstation & Siobhan watching a movie).

  3. I hope you kept that dress and bolero jacket, they look amazing on you, I think you look perfect in that photo, You wouldn't have much more to loose to get to that weight again.

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Lovely photo of you Chris ( I thought it was Kelly before I read it was you). You always achieve so much in your days, you're like Wonder Woman!


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