Saturday, September 07, 2013


Right, first up for the day... I have a little video of Miss Keera.  She has gotten VERY GOOD at saying NO, without opening her mouth...

In fact, she's been doing that for a few months now, but I never thought to film her doing it!
She is a very emphatic child ... and knows her own mind.
Lacy did trick her by pretending to cry, cos then Keera crawled over and kissed he Mummy.

Today...  Steve is working on Saturdays for a while at his 'old' job at Southern Traders.  I think it's to boost the coffers for Christmas?
Not too sure why.
While he's a work, Bex and Dante are spending the day with Lacy.

Stew and I will probably stay home and get some housework done.  

Then this afternoon, once Steve is home, Stew and Steve are heading off to Hamilton to watch rugby. All Blacks vs. Argentina... it should be a good game.  I hope they have a blast.  It's Steve and Bex's Father's Day gift to Stew.   They couldn't have chosen a better gift.

Stew LOVES rugby more than anything else I reckon.  

Now before I go, here's a dress I picked up for Lacy from the Hospice Shop a week ago... It had to be washed before I could give it to her...:

ABOVE:  I'm 100% positive she will love it.  It's purple.  It's short and it's cute.  Maybe it's a top?  It is rather short.

Right, gotta go... stuff to do.


Clearly it's a quiet day today!
Just Stew, B & G and I home all day.  We caught up on some housework, then watched a couple of taped TV programmes.

Steve and Bex have arrived home from their respective outings.  
Now the guys are getting ready to head off to Hamilton.

I am planning a 'movie' night here at home.  Home made Popcorn and some movies tonight for us.  No idea what movies yet though!  Bex has quite a collection, as do I.

I did a wee bit of 'doctoring' to a maxi dress I've had for a couple of years this morning too.

It was a halter neck dress which I simply could not wear.  Anything pulling on my neck gives me a massive headache, so I turned it into a normal one with the straps going over the shoulder down to the back of the dress.

ABOVE:  some lovely photos of the girls and their baby's at the park... and Lacy in the blue top I got her for $1 from the Hospice Shop.  It is too short to be a dress!

Well... we did indeed watch a movie, called "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  Lighthearted and silly, but still a nice movie.
NO POPCORN!  We simply didn't feel like any.

End of Day:  it's 1/4 to 11 and the guys should be home soon.  The All Blacks won against Argentina... no surprises there.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Keera is absolutely precious!!! She has empathy too~ Sweet~♥♥♥

  2. That was too cute! cheeky as lil monkey.I'm sure Lacy will love the dress, Lucky stew and Steve wish I was going! to the rugby. I'm having smoked chicken pasta and I will watch it in the warmth and comfort of home. (not the same though)

  3. Absolutely Love the Top/Dress Ma XoXo....You Rock

  4. Keera is just too cute! I love Lacy's top - yes Lacy it is a top :-)

    Enjoy movie night.

  5. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Lacy you are looking amazing! So happy and Healthy! I love the relationship between you and Keera, so lovely to see xx

  6. What a fabulous video. You had me smiling from the very beginning.

  7. The top looks so good on Lacy! Can't wait to see your amended dress on YOU!!! :)

  8. That was so cute how she crawled over to her and gave her a kiss!


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