Friday, September 13, 2013


Let's all have a lovely day!

I know I will.  Bex, Dante and I are off to visit Lacy and Keera.  I'm hoping to get a little video of Keera taking her first steps towards being a 'walker'.

She has been taking a few steps for about a week now, but I've not managed to get her on tape.
Maybe today?

While we are over that way... I'm going to buy a darling scarf I saw in a shop ... cos I want to.
It's not something I NEED, but it's a good day for some retail therapy.  

IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH!  Lucky I'm not superstitious or anything eh?  It's gunna be a lovely day... yes indeedy it is.

I took a little video of Dante and I last night, it took two hours to load onto YouTube, and I can't hear any sound with it.  Can YOU?

I love this photo. That baby can make a bad day better just by smiling at his Grandma.  Excuse poor quality of photo!  Webcam isn't that crash hot.

I am off now to do lunches, and look forward to seeing Miss Muppet (yeah, and you Lacy) later on this morning.


I was browsing through some Patchwork magazines the other day and got an awesome idea!
 ABOVE:  what a neat idea to display your 'special' buttons!  I've got quiet a few buttons I don't want to 'use' and lose, so I'm gunna do that.  I can get really cheap photo frames from the Hospice Shop ... so it won't even cost much.  SCORE!

ABOVE:  it arrived!  Only about a week ago I ordered it from the UK, and look at that... already here!  EXCELLENT.

Really happy now.   ♪La ♪la ♪la ♪la....

The girls, babes and I have had the most LOVELY morning!
We went for a walk about... stopped in several of our favourite shops and yep... I bought that scarf I had me eye on too.

ABOVE:  the pale blue scarf is the one I wanted and in another shop I saw the black one and it was a third the price of the blue one, so I got it too.  And those are wooden buttons.  Couldn't resist them either.  

We all got a Subway sandwich for lunch... I've not had Subway in about a year, I'd forgotten just how nice they are.

ABOVE:  we went back to Lacy's to have our lunch.  Keera had a cracker with Marmite on... clearly she loves it!  

ABOVE: Dante on Keera's ride on bike.  He rather liked it.  Probably almost time he got his own.

I did get a few video's of Keera, but the little Madam didn't want to walk for us.  I shall download one anyway and post it... probably tomorrow. 
It is bound to take hours to load onto YouTube.

Almost home time for the kids.  So I shall chill for a while now and get some housework done once they are home.  They can help me.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Love the photo of you two. Have a super day!!


  2. No no sound but a funny wee video and a smiling Dante cute Happy shopping too, I love the picture btw.

  3. Glad your back chick xxx

  4. FRIDAY!

    682 aonvei

  5. Haha Sunshine...Yup there is, not yet, but when I see one I will be sure to take a pic and not stomp on it lmfao....
    See you guys soon xo

  6. Love this pic of you too. You are so pretty and love the smile on your face!!! Dante is a handsome little man. Hope you enjoyed your day with Lacy, Keera, Dante and Bex. Being with grandchildren is the best thereapy!!! Love the button idea!! Keep the smiles coming and glad your blog is back! I don't know what I'd do without my daily Chris family fix!
    God Bless~

  7. He's such a cutie!! I hope you have a better day today!

  8. No sound but a gawjus video of such a darling boy!!!
    Joy :o)

  9. Love the photo of you and Dante Chris - it's just gorgeous! As for the video clip - no sound here either - it looks like Dante is such a happy little dude! Yeah that your magazine arrived so quickly - can't wait to see what you are planning to make from it :)

  10. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness, laughter and lots of smiles. X

  11. Hi Chris ,
    Long time reader but don't comment just really enjoy reading your blog.Always check it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.Last night when I checked it said you had gone private,felt like I hod been kicked out of the family had trouble sleeping !! Checked this morning and was back on has made my

  12. Week comment thing dropped out.

  13. Oh my God - when I first saw the picture of Keera I thought it was blood all over her face and she had hurt herself. So pleased it was only vegemite:-)

  14. Doing a happy dance for you. You deserve it. xxx

  15. I have some recipe requests. With photos of course..... The sub sandwich in the jello mold. And your homemade dog food. Please Please Please.


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