Friday, September 20, 2013


Right, this is gunna be quick for now.

It's a miserable day... wet and cold.
So, even though a lot of Botany Town Centre is out in the open so to speak, we shall go there anyway.
We are meeting up with Lacy and Keera for a girly morning.

I've got a couple of things I need to do/get... chemist, new bra, bla bla bla.

The 'boobage' is shrinking... so after 3 years of wearing the same bras, I need new ones!  Awesome eh?

I just hope I don't end up all hot and crabby... trying clothes/bras on in a shop is so stressful!

I had another lovely phone call the other night... the above reflects how I felt about it.
KARMA... good karma for a change.  I'm still smiling. 

Right, off to do all the usual morning stuff... and dress warmly!


CHANGE OF PLANS:  neither girl wants to go out in today's shitty weather, so I'm going out on me own.  That's a novel idea!  lol

I watched race 12 of the America's Cup just now... instead of winning and ending up with the cup today... Oracle won.  So it's on to the next race.  I'm not a huge fan of America's Cup, but it does get interesting when it's almost in our hands!

2 hours later... and I'm home with 4 new bras!  It took me an hour to find 'my size'... I've gone up a size in cup!  I lose 23 kilos and I go UP a size?  WTF.  *sigh*
It IS 4 years since I bought a bra though, so ...

I also bought a very lightweight white summer cardigan, it can be worn over ALL my summer tops.  Emma Rose, such a good shop!

ABOVE:  our wee man can now say 'Mum mum'... so lovely to hear.  For ages all he's said is Dad and Bub.
Doesn't Coco look lovely after her groom?
Teddy goes again in two weeks.


Today is a first.  NO COMMENTS!  Fook, must be just too boring today!  Oh well.  At least there's no drama.

I've just spent half an hour 'doctoring' my new bras.  I cut off the piddly arse hooks and eyes they come with and sew on 'heavy duty' ones that I get from David's Emporium.  That way they don't pull out of shape in the washing machine.  That just drives me nuts!
So.. I've got two that I really hesitated to buy as they were kinda padded a bit ... and like... fook I don't need NO padding!  But... they are sports bras, really heavy duty... but OH SO COMFY.  

I tried to show Steve, but he was not gunna look!  Hell, he would see more of me boobage if I had me togs on!  (swimming suit).  He's a PUSSY.

I  WOULD show ya all...but maybe I should draw the line at family eh?  ☺☻☺


  1. Ha well you know I would comment eventually... in the day I have just got home from work now, They say to be fitted when trying on bras all the time you can go up and down a cup size easy and given they can be made in china, india, Vietnam and god knows where else who knows what size you will get!

  2. Hello xxxx

    I went up cup size too when I lost my wight crazy hey

  3. Maybe we're leaving them but they are getting lost in cyberspace??

  4. Are the new bras the same brand as the old ones ? I know I have been caught out before.

    I don't want to see a photo either.......

  5. Love your new truism!

  6. Wow ... $80 on pizza toppings!! That is impressive ... I hope they tasted awesome!! Nothing like homemade pizzas though :)

  7. I agree..making your own pizzas can cost a bomb!!!

  8. Wow I hope you had some leftovers at least that's crazy!

    I hate bra shopping. Although I went to Victoria Secret and got measured so now I can just go in and pull one out of the drawer.

  9. Bras are expensive! And hey! If ya share Steve's bum, no harm in letting us girls see your new bras. I will believe the difference with or without pictures, you've been working so hard and so long it is hardly surprising.


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