Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday's visit to Plunket went really well.  I even managed to get a car park right outside the front door.

When we left I walked up towards my car, and saw this:

ABOVE:  some bugger had drawn on me car!  I was like ... "What the hell, who drew on my car?"

ABOVE:  I was really cross... then Bex (bless her heart) said "It's NOT your car!"
And I was like... "HUH???"

ABOVE:  I felt like a right dick... it was a Toyota Landcruiser, not my more HUMBLE Toyota Highlander, which was right where I left it... backed into the car park, BESIDE the Landcruiser.

In my defence, that car wasn't there when I parked, and at a glance it looks like mine!  Only my car doesn't have running boards, or a window shade, OR the tow bar on.  OUR tow bar is kept inside the car unless in use.

And MY CAR doesn't have boobies drawn on it either.    

So ... that was kinda funny eh?

ABOVE:  a cute collage of Keera.  She can take a few steps on her own now, but she wouldn't yesterday as she was OVER IT!  I'm sure it won't be too long before she gives up crawling and walks forever more.

Today:  I'm off to Hospice Shop once the kids are on their way to school.
All going well, the dining table I bought for Lacy and Keera should be picked up and delivered today.  
I know Lacy is really excited to see her dining table.

As for me, I hope I don't spy anything else today cos I'm broke again!  


I got a comment this morning from an 'ANONYMOUS' person.  It was posted on my blog post 'RINGS AND THINGS', and it went like this:

Unknown has left a new comment on your post "RINGS AND THINGS": 

Hope you got your mothers permission to do it Chris. Or are you above that. Is it automatic you assume the right to do that.
There are other people in the family is there not. Dont you have a sister who may like one or is she not worth anything to you. I think you are selfish and assume your right to 'claim' the rings is WRONG
I suppose you have a well planned answer for this or just not going to publish it. Oh dear this is your life isnt it YOUR BLOG. Thank god someone pointed this entry to me so I could pass on this comment.
As you say Chris 'Onwards' Blog wins, family out 

First - My MOTHER is due here to stay for a while in just a few weeks.  I will not be doing anything with the rings until I ask her if I can.
As she discarded them I did ASSUME I could have them.  But yes, I will be asking her before I do anything.

Second -  I am pretty sure I know who ANONYMOUS is.   I think it's a shame you didn't ring me and discussed it like FAMILY do.  If you WANT the rings, how about you ask my MOTHER.

Third - as you felt the need to put this on MY BLOG I felt I had the right to reply, ON MY BLOG.  

My blog is like a diary, and it serves it's purpose well.  I use it to record events, my feelings, and to keep in touch with all my friends and most of my family.

My life DOES NOT revolve around my blog.  It is a PART of my life.  I am sorry you seem to think it is the be all and end all of my life.


  1. I bet you wish you had boobies on your car, but before you draw them remember, when you draw in dirt on a car, the dirt can scratch the paint. I recommend an airbrush for painting boobies on cars..


    1. Haha, yup that can happen if a car is dirty lol....and no don't go giving the crazy woman any ideas lol....she may just do it ya Ma...#2 nd mini me xoxo

    2. Haha...god 'Annon' get a bloody
      Would you like a tissue, you are obviously have issues lol

  2. Too funny I actually put my key in a car before before realizing it wasn't mine (and of course because it wouldn't open haha)

    Nice family there. It would be nice if people would just call on the phone instead of being all butt hurt.

  3. "blog wins, family out"???? Someone needs to pull their head in a little bit.
    LOL about the pics on the (someone else's) car.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Dear Anonymous, stop trawling the blog looking for something to complain about. That post was quite old so obviously "anonymous" is just stirring.

  6. My dad once got into 2 white cars not his before actually getting into HIS own car at the local dairy and no NO ones car was locked!! I laughed but then thought SHIT Dad is driving an doesn't know his own car quickly drove him home got a friend to drive me back to my car.... I hope the "Ring" issue gets sorted clearly the rings haven't been missed by your mum and I'm sure the thought of remodelling or tidying up is very nice considering the sentimental value to you.

  7. Lorraine H3:33 PM

    Was on holiday in Kalgoorlie Au had my Husbands car went shopping then came back to put stuff in the boot/trunk couldn't open it either.Then I noticed another vehicle same make,colour etc right beside it ooopppps not mine I'm trying to open.Plus what did they have in the carpark.You guessed CCTV.Had to laugh after though.

    Love your little treasures brought today.

    Southgirl x

  8. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Hey Chris
    Love your blog....don't change a thing :O)
    Michelle x

  9. Anonymous11:02 PM

    HI Chris i read your blog everyday even on my breaks at work i love it i have actually emailed you the last time someone was leaving you nasty coments ..Tonight when i tried to read your blog on my PC it wouldnt allow me my email addy is im in Australia im on my phone sending you this message hope to be able to read your blog on my PC again:-) regards Robyn

  10. He he, I've learnt a new word today. MUNTED. I've looked it up and I now know its New Zealand slang. I can't wait to use it, I like it

  11. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Oh its all good Chris I can now read it not sure why it wouldn't allow me before.
    Regards one happy Chris fan :)


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