Saturday, September 21, 2013


First up for today.... another America's Cup race.  Fingers crossed our guys freaking win the first race and end this never ending race!

Next:  it's supposed to be a really ikkk, wet weekend.  Prefect for getting some sewing done.  I keep finding other stuff to do instead of working on Christmas presents.  If I'm not careful I will be working into the wee hours come December trying to get everything finished in time.

I really need to get myself organised!  We have puppies coming end of October and they are going to take up A LOT of my time!
Just thinking about the work ahead makes me tired!

So today:  boring fart day really.  Housework.  Sewing.  And stuff.

Stuff?  Yeah, I'm getting the whelping pen out and hopefully Steve and Stew can erect it and work out how to adapt it so no puppy can become trapped behind Coco.  I still think that's part of the reason wee Sage died from our 2nd litter. 
I DREAD that happening again... I really do.  It broke my heart to lose a puppy.

And I can't forget the look on Coco's face when I took her puppy away... she looked so sad.

So, I can only make sure I've done everything I can to make the whelping pen safe for teeny, tiny puppies.

OK... better lighten this up a bit.... cos I really don't want to dwell on the 'what ifs'.

Today Steve is working at his old job, it will probably become a regular 'on the side' part time job for now.
Steve and Bex want to get ahead in life, and eventually be financially stable enough to MOVE OUT OF HOME!    

Not that we particularly want to see them leave, but in the long term that would be 'nice' I suppose.    I still long for the day it's just me and Stew.  
We have NEVER had that... not ever.  
Can you imagine cooking for just 2?  I sure can't.  I don't even know how to cook for 2!

Right... gotta go.  Stuff to be getting on with...


OMG... BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST IT.  We were going to win the race today, we were in the lead by a HUGE margin... but the race was cancelled because it went too long in time!!!  OMG we are all so pissed off.  That rule is so wrong.  Team USA must be thrilled to bits.  Grrrrrr.

FUMING NOW.  Oracle are going to win the 2nd race of the day.  God I don't even want to watch now... it's just not right.

I've found something to do... putting sewing on the back bench again.... I'm gunna paint the RED wall in the spare bedroom.  Just the primer today...



So now all I have to do is decide what colour to paint it. 
I am leaning towards mid-blue... but I'm not 100% certain  yet.
I will wait until I'm sure before buying the topcoat paint.

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet is visiting us.  And shortly we expect Marty and Jacqui and their two kids for dinner too.
Should be a nice evening.

End of Day:  well... it WAS an interesting evening, spent laughing our heads of primarily.
The best bit... Jacqui and Sofia ended up staying the night and Marty got to take Griffin home with him and Joel.
I expect them back in the morning to take Jacqui and Sofia home again.
nite nite


  1. I am waiting for the boat race too. Never thought I would be interested in watching.

    I need to do some housework today too - I always find something better to do :-). No excuse today because Husband away & Samyson is auditioning for an ad so I don't have to take him to Orewa & hang about for 2 hours.

  2. And we are still waiting ....... Damn races lol..... Have a nice relaxing nothing day chris.

  3. We are re-painting Guy's room this weekend... going from a pastel kind of baby room to more big boy colours of sky blue and a navy feature wall. It's a huge effort to move all his stuff around etc and we are managing to make a huge mess on the floor with paint spills. Sigh. Oh well, I hope it will look alright when I've re-organised and decorated!.... stay tuned for pix on my blog soon. Have a great weekend!!! xxx

  4. I don't even wan't to talk about the blardy boat race robbed I tell ya robbed!!!! oh well there's always tomorrow raining heavy here and miserable painting that's always a calming thing to do at least nice easy project cut in and fill in no mucking around.

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Are people still stealing pics of Keera? What sad lives they must lead. Such a shame you have to hide her darling wee face.
    Love the wall colour idea! Hope you can find just the right shade of blue
    Ashlee x

  6. It's a very wet weekend here in Hamilton, Ontario too! I guess it's just reading and jigsaw puzzles for me!

  7. The wall looks better already! I need to paint my kids rooms so bad but I hate to paint.


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