Tuesday, September 24, 2013


DANTE.... is crawling.

Ok, not very far or fast yet, but last night he took his first proper forward crawling motions.

He's been going backwards for a while now, but not forward.

I got a little video:

Sorry if the video quality is crap... it's me camera... I want to kill it.

As for Dante crawling... it was AWESOME that Steve was home from work and there when his son crawled for the first time.  Bex cried.
So special.

Righty... today I've got Hospice Shop this afternoon.
This morning?  Not sure yet.  Tempting to go out and about, but I can't think of any reason to.  Oh well... there's plenty of time to think of something!

If you haven't seen Miley Cyris's latest song "Wrecking Ball" you have been living under a rock.  Anyway, the radio DJ's here in New Zealand did their own copy of Miley's song: Check this out!!! http://www.theedge.co.nz/Jay-Jay-Mike--Dom-wreck-Mileys-Wrecking-Ball/tabid/106/articleID/28611/Default.aspx
It is really funny!  I PROMISE.


I've had a fun morning, just moving stuff around in the family room AGAIN.
I moved it all yesterday, but it just didn't look 'right' so back it all went.

Dante is crawling more and more... so the stair guard will have to be closed permanently now.

BLONDIE:  Yes, Stew did get to see him crawling for the first time last night.  We are all just tickled pink with his newest development.

I just put my favourite cardigan in the dryer... to deliberately SHRINK it!  Can't say I've done that before... but I want to wear it till the end of Spring, without it falling off me shoulders!
The dryer did the trick... it's a good fit now.

I gave up on my Panasonic camera today.  I got out my VERY OLD Fuji camera, it will be easier to use for now.  The reason I had stopped using it was due to the tiny viewing screen, and because the battery cover has to be taped shut.   

Otherwise, it's actually still a good camera.  I took a few test shots using it:

ABOVE:  it will do for now.    It has a slow shutter speed too... must see if I can sort that out.

I have to bugger off now, I'm due at work soon.

First time ever the shop was almost DEAD all afternoon!  Seriously, only a handful of sales and one of them was me.
I left early, but got caught in traffic and still got home when I would 'normally' have.

Today's treasure:

I had fun.  I was in the spare bedroom this morning and said to myself ... "I need a small chair in here" ... and found JUST THE THING at the shop today!  It had only come into the shop a couple of days ago... so I was very lucky it was still there.
Must have had my name on it eh?

Anyway, it's perfect for that room, it's not going to take up much room and it's nice and sturdy ... I sat on it all afternoon in the shop and it didn't collapse, so must be good!

End of Day:  another wild night ahead of us as another storm travels over the area.  It's particularly noisy down in the garage I might point out... the 'door' up into the attic rattles something shocking in a high wind.... I must get Stew to do something about that.
Off to bed now...
nite nite


  1. Yahoo!!!! Go Dante.......what a cool reaction from Steve and bex. Have a good day

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Way to go Dante! The video is precious. Congratulations Steve and Bex on your beautiful talented boy, what great parents you are. :)

  3. Apparently you can tell serious photographers by the amount of duct tape on their equipment!

  4. Love the video of Dante crawling. I especially love the bit where Steve jumps up & gives Bex a kiss when Dante does his first proper crawl - proud parent moments :-).

    I just watched that video by the Edge team, brilliant :-)

  5. Ohhhhhh nice glass dish, what happened to me comment? oh well will have to comment twice!! lolI figured the "it" was Dante crawling. Is your other camera the bung one under warranty?

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Steve and Bex are so beautiful, I started to cry with Bex. Such precious moments, so glad you get to share them Chris - Bec

  7. BLONDIE: sorry I deleted it by mistake, but can copy and paste it here:

    blondie1 has left a new comment on your post "OH NOOOOO.... WE HAVE ANOTHER CRAWLER":

    That's so cute he will be away like a flash now, I watched the Dom and Jay Jay and Mike video last night friggin hilarious!!! Did Grandad get to see? the crawling Dante.

  8. Ah what a cutie!! I had a Kodak I had to tape up like that. I quit buying that kind because they all had that battery cover problem.

  9. Go Dante, I Hope you got a good nights sleep, its terrible out there still now ;(

  10. Teehee - such squishy cheeks! Miss ya chick!!!


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