Monday, September 09, 2013


Dante got his first haircut yesterday.
Steve's been dying to do it... Dante's fringe was 'just' in his eyes.

So, he and Bex did it:

ABOVE:  the first cut by Steve.

ABOVE:  Trying to get the little bits over his ears.  It took them AGES, and they had to gather EVERY LITTLE LAST BIT of hair as a memento!

ABOVE: Dante was not impressed.

 ABOVE:  I drive myself crazy.  I just had to move the computer area around again!  Do you have a real problem with constantly moving stuff around in your house like me?

ABOVE:  The loaf I made for lunches today... Garlic and Herb.  I used dry herbs instead of fresh, and I doubled the crushed garlic too.  It's still come out beautiful.  

This morning Bex and I are going for a walk around the 'block'.  It's a 3.89 km walk, with a ruddy steep hill thrown in for luck!  Fingers crossed the weather stays fine.


Walk... DONE!  We did the reverse of my intended walk as 'someone' wasn't that keen on doing the BIG STEEP HILL... so instead we walked down the BIG STEEP HILL and came home up the long, slow incline.  It was still a good walk, same distance, just a different workout.

As it's a rather windy day we kept fairly cool, which was lovely.  

Now... the next thing on me list is to wash the floors... just as soon as I'm totally cooled down.

Would you believe the floors took an hour?  I moved everything in the family room so I could wash under all the furniture.  OMGosh you would not believe the huge pile of dust and fluff that came off that floor.  DIS...GUSTING.

After doing that I had a sandwich for lunch, made with my own homemade garlic/herb loaf.  I can't get over how amazingly SOFT the bread comes out!  Delicious.

Then I had a nap.  I must have been tired cos I napped for around 2 hours!  

Now ... kids are home, washing is in, meatloaf is made and ready for the oven.  I'm doing well today!  Bex helped with the meatloaf, so it only took 15 minutes start to finish!  Usually it takes me ages.

I think it's time I had a cuddle with Dante, I seem to have missed cuddling him much in the past few days?

After dinner, which was lovely, I went downstairs to do some re-jigging in me sewing area.  Upstairs Steve and Bex were playing with Dante on the floor... and I heard Bex say 'Oh, be careful!" to Steve, then next second... I hear Dante screaming!

I ran up our stairs so fast, I was panicking!!! Sure enough, a Mother of 8 knows the cry of a hurt baby. 
Dante had blood pouring out his mouth.
I cried on the spot!

Seems they were pushing him around on his hands and knees on the floor and he face planted and got a fat lip, cut under the top of his lip.  Poor baby.

There I am shaking like a bloody leaf, trying not to cry more... and they mopped up the blood and Dante is now fine!

I'm such a sook.

End of Day: I have been a demon with the housework and cooking!  Feel like a good wife today.
That doesn't mean I'm gunna iron shirts any time soon!  OMGosh I hate ironing shirts.
nite nite


  1. Love your loaf. Enjoy your walk

  2. Dante is so adorable! His facial expressions are really priceless. :)

    That garlic and herb bread looks fantastic. Enjoy your walk!

  3. Thank GOD you didn't choose Rena's hairstylist. She had a bad one for a while there.

    I like how you've moved your desk and your Polish Pottery as well! I cannot do this moving any more as I can no longer lift over 20 pounds... have had three hernia surgeries so I sure won't mess with doctor's orders. :)

  4. Aww he's so cute. I had to do that with Trevor when he was tiny because he had so much hair! I kept trimming his bangs and then my husband started calling him MO like the 3 Stooges so then he ended up with a big boy hair cut.

  5. In Singapore, us Chinese give our baby boys a full shave for the first haircut. The belief is the hair will grow out better, fuller. For girls, we don't shave. Just a regular haircut to get the hair off the eyes.

    Jane (using my other account)

  6. Dante really doesn't look impressed, but a good job done he has such beautiful blue eyes. The bread looks amazing is it easy? to do. I had the tired tuckered out today but soldiered on, lucky I had chilli mince in crockpot!

  7. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Lol dante is fine he was playing with is dad on his bottom sliding round the floor. Just a little bit of blood, hes now fast asleep prob got a little headache. Bex xxoo

  8. Poor Dante! Silly thing is he will get over it before you & his parents.

  9. He is so cute. See he survived the first haircut.

  10. First haircut and first action related injury. Congrats!

    That loaf of bread looks better than the one you posted last week.

    566 andocmo


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