Sunday, May 12, 2013


To all the Mums and Mums-to-be out there... I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.

In this house we have one Mum of 34 years (that would be ME), and two Mum's who are having their VERY FIRST Mother's Day... Bex and Lacy.  Lacy and Keera stayed here last night.

And the 'Newest Dad' in the house is making all three of us breakfast in bed!  Wonder what Steve is making us?

I shall lie here in bed and await BREAKFAST!.

While I wait... how about a shit load of photos from yesterday?

Like you have a choice!  lol

 ABOVE: Beautiful Flowers from Amanda and Andrew.  Thanks you two.

Kelly and Gordon gave me a beautiful blue platter last time Kelly was up, as an early Mother's Day gift.

 ABOVE:  This will surprise a few of you!  I only got one metre of fabric yesterday, and Stew bought me the little wall hanging kit for Mother's Day.

ABOVE:  I got myself a swiss ball... the one we already have is far too big for me.  This one is my size.  Shame they didn't have a blue one.  

 ABOVE: This is my gift to Stew... call it an early Father's Day present.  He's wanted a new one for years!  I sold his old one for $10 on Trademe  before we left Palmerston North!  It wasn't as nice as this one, that's for sure.

 ABOVE:  Another cute one of Dante in his exersaucer.  It is exactly the same as Keera's one.

 ABOVE:  Griffin having a cuddle with his baby sister.  I love the look on Keera's face, she is such a character.

ABOVE:  brother and sister, sharing a banana.  Awwwwwww.

ABOVE:  Keera getting in the spa pool for the very first time.  SHE ♥LOVED♥ IT.

ABOVE:  Splashes... lots and lots.

ABOVE:  Yet more splashes.

ABOVE: Lacy didn't have a shit show in hell of keeping her face dry. 

Once Keera had been in there for over half an hour I was freezing, standing out there taking photos.  So I got Keera out and dried her, dressed her, blow dried her hair and tried to put her to bed.
Little tart was having none of it! 
She screamed for ages.

Glad she wasn't my problem.  *smiles*

So... that's 'it' for now.  I await me breakfast!  It will be the first breakfast I've had in months.
I ain't a breakfast type of person.  But... this can be called 'Brunch'.


Yaaa!  Finally out of bed.
Now... I knew Steve was planning on giving me, Bex and Lacy breakfast in bed today.
What I didn't know was ...

ABOVE:  The girls were going to be in MY BED as well as me!   We had a right laugh too.

ABOVE:  The girls, sharing my bed... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

ABOVE:  Lacy gave me a cute little 'Mother' Plaque, and Steve and Bex gave me the fish ornament.  
I have been very spoilt today... oh and excuse the 'bed' hair/face, didn't have time to do me face!  lol

Now that I am up, it's time to get dressed and do something...

Something turned out to be lunch at Sylvia Park.
We all piled into vehicles and met up there.  I think you could say I had a 'bit' of a BLOW OUT on the 'good' eating' today.  Luckily it's only one day out of the next 26 or so!
Yeah, I'm gunna be fine.  
It has been one of the nicest Mother's Days I've had.

NOW we are all home, Lacy and Keera have gone home for a sleep and I'm going to probably do the same.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Don't they all look lovely?  Griffin is wearing jeans and check shirt of Steve's.  He has grown so much... we need to get him more clothes soon, he can't keep wearing Steve's!

ABOVE: Dante trying ice cream for the first time.  His little smile tells the story.  LOVED IT

End of Day:  I did have a nap... it was lovely.
Then Steve cooked dinner too... which was rice/veges and marinated pork strips.  Divine.
nite nite


  1. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. fun pictures! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy mothers day to you, lovely photos of Griffin and keera, Lacy and Keera have a lovely breakfast we are just all out for brekkie

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    lovely gifts have an awesome day

  5. Happy Mothers Day Chris, Lacy and Bex, looked like fun in the spa!

  6. Hi Chris - I've said it before and I'll say it again. Miss Keera should be on tv. She has the most amazingly expressive face. I think she is so gorgeous. Keep posting her pictures as they cheer me up! Love Karen

  7. Keera is a very cute water baby and I love the pics of Griffin and Keera. Happy Mother's Day to you and your breakfast-in-bed companions.

  8. You lucky girls. Happy Mothers Day to all of you.

  9. What a super day you've had... we went to Sylvia Park for lunch too - didn't see your tribe though! Had a lovely lunch with my daughter, niece and sister - was GREAT. Did a spot of shopping then home to a nice quiet house and have been prepping for tupperware! Yeeeha... although have no room for it. Need a bigger kitchen.

    Have emailed you my address.


  10. Happy Mothers Day, you look like you had a great day.Have a good week too!

  11. Happy Mothers Day!

    sckype 18.8

  12. It sounds and looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day Chris. You certainly deserve it! xoxo

  13. Ah I thought you had family drama but now I see the blow out was for eating. I ate a ton of stuff yesterday too. Holidays!


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