Friday, May 24, 2013


I took a few photos of Dante last night, in the 'TIN'... with an earlier photo for comparison:

 ABOVE:  Dante as a newborn (12 days old)....

 ABOVE:  last night... 5 months old!  Babies change so much, so fast!  Not only BABIES either:

 ABOVE: Here is Jenna and her puppy Peppa, Peppa was 8 weeks old here.

ABOVE:  And here is Peppa at 8 Months old!  Yep, she has changed too.  Jenna's Mum (Gayle) sent me this photo last night!  Looks like Miss Peppa likes mud!

TODAY:  well.... dunno right now.  Might do some sewing.  Might make some soup.  Or a cake.  Ahhh... no... BEX just said 'NO, we are not allowed cake this week"
Fook. Sob. Whine. Cry. Tears. Kicking and Screaming.  




Damn, sometimes I wish Bex would fOOk off. NOT REALLY ... BUT MAYBE... just sometimes....

She just called me a bitch!!!  Never mind... she can't get away from me.  I. KNOW. WHERE. SHE. LIVES.  HA HA HA.

Going now... cos I have to make freakin' lunches.

Oh yes... Brylee comes home this afternoon!  This week has gone fast.  I hope she comes home happy.

AND... before I forget... Dante cut his first tooth yesterday.  And had no problems with it at all.
He has a bit of a runny nose, but that comes with the territory, along with gallons of slobber and dribble.


I just saved myself $725.00.  HOW?  I ain't buying that rug afterall.
I'm gunna use the fluffy, drives me mental rug we've already got.  It's been in storage for months, but I have it on the floor now, and it looks A..MAZING there! 

 ABOVE:  See?  Perfect.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex doing their exercise routine last night.  Now I just have to join them, or Stew in the morning.  But... the motivation is just not quite there yet. 

Working on the food/portions still... one step at a time.

Though... I am more active that a few months ago, purely because I am feeling so much better.  Having my bedroom downstairs means lots more going up and down the stairs for me... it all counts!

I drove down to the school 45 minutes early... so I would at least be parked close to the school to pick up Brylee and all her gear.
I was just getting out of me car when the buses arrived... perfect timing!

Brylee:  HAD A BLAST.  Loved her camp and said  she wanted to go again!

AND... she got an award for having Great Teamwork Skills

AND: her teacher said she was fantastic at camp, and I needn't have worried!

AND... and this is a BIGGIE:

She left home weighing 34.9 kilos... and came home weighing 35.40 kilos !!!
I am so happy!  Brylee is GROWING!  And she didn't lose weight like the last time she went to camp.

Whoop  Whoop!!!

Now it's time for me to do all the washing she has brought home with her...

End of Day: and there was NO MUD!  Amazing.  Tonight has been lovely and quiet... once everyone was fed that is.
Lacy and Keera were here for the afternoon.  Stew took them home after dinner.
I have spent the evening watching stuff on YouTube.  Very addictive to go from story to story!
Shall stop soon as I'm getting a sore butt!
nite nite


  1. Seeing all these baby photos almost, ALMOST, makes we want another baby! So CUTE!!!!!!

  2. Lacy and Keera10:32 AM

    Haha Bex is a biartch ahahahaha lmfao xoxo just jokes you no you love me hehe and Keera :)

  3. Ahhh all that mud lol! Babies are so cute :)

  4. Hes a bonny boy
    Great to see Coca little ones thriving Peppa so cute

  5. Aww....cute Dante and cuta Peppa. You will have to show us a pic of Dante's tooth if he will let you get one.

  6. Loving Bex's orange trainers!!! xxx

  7. I find walking up and down stairs great exercise too without even trying. If you want to get out for a walk sometime I'm happy to tag along... altho might need to be in a couple more weeks when Craig is a bit more mobile and able to look after himself :) Thanks for the support on my blog, good to know I have all you guys out there for me :)

  8. Stairs yip they are good, Dante looks so cut now and back then too, so glad Brylee enjoyed herself how cool for her andf whata relief for you. BEX you rock well done the pair of you for being strong willed!

  9. Quick, find out what "new" foods Brylee liked at camp. Maybe she might have a few more foods to add to her list of likes :) So good she enjoyed it, and got on well and ate well. I bet she's glad to be home too though.

  10. Awesome news about Brylee, not only loving camp but she obviously coped well & got on well with others.

    I agree with Lynda, find out what was on the camp menu :-).

  11. Lacy and Keera8:15 PM

    Shot Brylee epic that you enjoyed your time at camp and ate heaps lol, hay bex we should get a wee bit of walkies in during the day with our bubs....just a thort lol i need to get rid of my jelly belly lol im getting lazy... xo

  12. Glad Brylee enjoyed camp and came home 500grms heavier! :) Like Lynda and others have said, find out what foods she was eating on camp and stock up on them :)

  13. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Is Bex pregnant again?

  14. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Love the age progression photos! Amazing!

    I can either lose weight or exercise like crazy...but the two never seem to go together for me~ ♥♥♥

  15. Oo, if you had told me the rug cost $725 I'd have said oh! it's ugly! you don't want it!

    Or something like that.

    It's cute but **$725** is a lot to have the baby potty train on later right???


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