Thursday, May 16, 2013


After grooming both dogs yesterday, Lacy gave Teddy a bath for me, he really needed it.

She paid particular attention to his weepy eyes and ears, and he seems so much happier afterwards.

Lacy trimmed some of the hair from inside his ears too... and put ear drops in them.  I am hoping like hell his ears don't gunk up again.

We left his cone off all afternoon and eveing, and he didn't scratch!  Coco did, so her cone was put back on pretty smartly.  Poor girl.

Teddy had his put back on overnight, as he can do a hell of a lot of damage to himself during the night.

I took a little video of him after his bath:

ABOVE:  he loved having a run around without the cone on!  Coco thought her brother was wanting to play with her.  He wasn't in the least bit interested in her!  He just wanted to rub his face into the carpet.  Idiot dog.

Here's a couple of photos too:

ABOVE:  Teddy really loved his bath!  Coco couldn't understand why he was getting all the attention.  She's such an "It's all about ME" sorta dog.  *smiles*

Steve came home from work last night with this:

ABOVE:  one of the ladies he works with gave it to him.  She knows he has a baby son... so I'm a bit confused!
All I can say is Keera is going to LOVE IT!  lol

Truth be known, Lacy is going to love it more.  She loves purple... it's quite cute eh?

So... today.
I'm going to do some sewing this morning, then after lunch I'm going to work at the Hospice Shop.
I'm loving having something to break up the days, and getting to mix with other people again.
This shop, in the new location, has a more varied clientele, which is neat.  Though we do get quite a few that used to frequent the Manurewa shop coming through too.  So, new faces and old.

Right, I better pull finger, get the lunches made,  dinner in the crock pot (corned beef) and so on...


There are so many really lovely people out there!  I got a parcel in the post this morning ... from MARY H in Palmerston North!
It's a range of products to try on Teddy, to try and help with his skin allergies.

MARY:  Thank You so much!  You rock.

Nearly lunch time and I am on the home straight with the bag for Chris D.   It will be in the post tomorrow for sure.

Really happy about that.

Home from Hospice.  It was fairly quiet today.
The CEO popped in... with this:

ABOVE: it had been sitting in his garage for a couple of years as his grandkids are all grown up.  So... I bought it!  Picking it up tomorrow.
And a couple of items of clothing.

It was lovely walking into the house to the smell of cooking corned beef!  *drooling* at the smell.

Bex and I are going to a Tupperware Party tonight.  We had planned on taking Dante with us, but changed our minds.  Steve can care for him and put him to bed at his 'usual' time, then his routine isn't mucked up. 

I haven't been to a Tupperware Party in years... so am looking forward to it very much.
And... Kate said there would be 'DESSERTS'... so this will have to be my 'naughty' night.
Your desserts better be yum Kate!  *smiles*

End of Day:  well Bex and I had fun on our outing to Kate's house.  More on that tomorrow.
For now ... it's get ready for bedtime.
nite nite


  1. Crazy but adaorable!

  2. Lacy and Keera9:04 AM

    Ooooh I ops I mean Keera wants it lol.....

  3. I love the pics of Coco watching Teddy get all the attention.

  4. don't worry about the colour of the toy. Both kids will love it either way. Colour for kids is way overrated :-) And it's the thought that counts anyway.

    So glad poor Teddy was able to have his collar off for a while. Must have been heaven!

  5. Dogs always look funny after their baths lol, Teddy is quite a bit tinier (sp) than Coco. I love the trike and trailer I think all kids will love it, the trailer me feels wil be a big hit.

  6. You know I have this thing against wheat *laugh* so,...have you tried the dogs on a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet, or perhaps tried grain-free dog biscuits on them? My kitty in the Netherlands always got a recurring bad eye infection, and we changed him to a grain-free kibble...he never had another eye infection again. Just keeping them off of traditional foods/dog biscuits for a month might make them's worth a try?

  7. So sorry you're having trouble with your foot. I've done cortisone in my hands and knees and swear by it. It's not painful (they put numbing stuff on the inject site first) and the inject site is only tender for a short time. The end result, for me, has always been fantastic and a significant reduction in the pain for 2-4 months. Maybe it could help you too???

    I love seeing all the pics of your family and the pups. Thanks,


  8. Oh my god tupperware don't go THE NEW range is fabulous I love the fridgesmart range and the pantry range!!!! Never ever ever have I had to throw out veges or fruit with the fridgesmart range never cauli broccoli cabbage stay fresha nd crisp for AGES. ohhh and the forget me not and the reheat range oh and the ham and meat storers ... I should go to another party or be a seller I LOVE IT!

  9. the video of the dogs just made my crap day wonderful :)
    Enjoy your dessert at the tupperware party.

  10. we always take our dogs to the beach before a bath, it's funny to watch them hide when we get home! They hate the bath but they like being clean!
    ectseev careful

  11. Anonymous1:46 PM

    coco sure was happy! LOL

    The kids will love their vehicles~ They will be fun to play with for a long time!

    Hope you enjoyed your party~ And didn't eat too many desserts! :)



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