Thursday, May 09, 2013


At the Hospice Shop we have quite a lot of soft toys for sale.  There's a lot on a single bed, so yesterday while there, I took a couple of cute photos, sadly now you get to see what a shitty camera my phone has:

ABOVE:  Keera and Dante at Hospice Shop, with the teddy's.

Yesterday I also said I would show you the crystal bowl I was given when Stew's Mum passed away.  One day I will hand it down to one of her Grandson's.

ABOVE:  I know this bowl cost my MIL a bomb, and she loved it... so I cherish it.  And don't use it much as I'm scared it might get damaged.  

It's usually locked away in the credenza, but I've got it out on display for now.  
I actually forget I've got it sometimes, when it would be nice to use it.
If only there weren't so many 'bull's in china shops' in this house!

Not mentioning any names of course...

Today I plan on doing a bit of sewing this morning, then after lunch I am off to Hospice again.  *sigh*... treasure hunting too no doubt!

I can only keep so much treasure, before I start giving it away... just ask Lacy and Bex.  Kelly might just get a few bits 'n' bobs when we see her this weekend too.


Well... I've had a lovely 3 hour stint at the sewing machine... and have done 3/4r's of the quilting for Chris D's bag.  There is still heaps to do... I've not even cut out all the pieces yet.  Hopefully I will get to that tonight or tomorrow.

It's certainly a COLD day today!  And quiet.  So good that school is compulsory!

WOW!  Talk about a quiet day in blogworld.  It's been a very long time since I only had one comment by this time of the day.  *smiles* ... not that I mind, so many of you left me lovely comments yesterdy!

Right.  Hospice today was quiet too.
I did buy a couple of things, one for me, will show ya tomorrow.  And a couple of things for Mother's Day gifts from babies to their Mummy.
So can't show ya those.

Bex offered to cook dinner tonight, so that means I can put me feet up for a little while... or all night if I so wish!  I'm feeling very lucky now days, with everyone taking turns cooking.

While I was out Bex took a phone call from the Sewing Machine shop, my machine is ready for pickup and NO CHARGE... so we will go over there tomorrow and get it.  Fingers crossed all it's little hiccups will have been fixed.

GLENYS:  now that sounds rather yum!  I am loving eating Granny Smith apples right now, so I do believe Bex and I will try that for lunch tomorrow!

End of Day: hugely tired tonight.  Spent most of the evening dozing in my chair!
nite nite


  1. Both those bowls are beautiful I love old crystal bowls I HAD alot of my mothers grans bowls and my nanas bowls. Dante and Keera photos just gorgeous with those teddies.

  2. Adorable pics with the teddies, I also love old china and glassware and tend to use it at Xmas and birthdays. You may like this snack idea, grate an apple with 1 egg and mix together and in a pan with a lick of oil and it makes a pancake. I just had one for lunch and it was a nice change.

  3. Oh the photos of Dante and Keera with the soft toys are gorgeous (and don't think the photos from your phone are that bad).
    Love the crystal bowl from Stew's mum! It is so pretty! Can't wait to see what you bought today :)

  4. Love the pictures of the kids with the soft toys, so cute.

  5. Those babies are soooo adorable! I wish I had somebody around here who would share a little cooking! LOL

  6. First off congratulations on the weigh in, you go girl! Those bowls are lovely. Good luck with your machine, yet again. All the best for continued success.

  7. Good luck with the machine! I need to get everyone to start planning and cooking a meal here that would be nice. Scott has been doing a lot of the cooking lately so that's nice!


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