Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today we are going to SmartBox storage to delve into our storage box again.

We need the dehumidifiers, Sleeping bags, suitcases, all of Bex's winter clothes, the fluffy rug and ... I'm also hoping to find my Dresden Plate Quilt... it's only about a third of the way 'construction' wise.  It's still the one big project I would love to get finished this year.

What else?

Brylee goes to school camp on Monday, so I need to get her gear all sorted out, named and so on.

I bought her some new long pants yesterday at the Pumpkin Patch shop... she loves them... but we probably need two more pairs to cover her requirements at camp.  

I'm also working on a few other little projects in the sewing room... will show you at some point... no doubt.  *smiles*

Today is going to be busy I think!

Here's a few photos taken last night:

ABOVE:  Steve couldn't resist putting Dante on the motorised ride on.  Baby won't be able to ride it himself for at least a year!

 ABOVE:  being silly girls.  She got a smack on her head right after this...  lol.  Not too hard though.

ABOVE: The colouring on this one was a bit off... but it's still a lovely photo of him staring up at me while he's in the bath.  This baby just loves his bath... he coo's.  

Right, I'm off to get a few jobs done around the house.


The entire household has been slow to start today.  Some slept in, some watched SPORT... and I did me sewing.
So... I got the bag FINISHED...

ABOVE:  I really like this bag!  It's bright and vibrant... I am sure Chris D will enjoy using it too.
I've added a little 'something' inside this one... but can't show you today, Chris D can see it first.

Chris D:  it will be in the post this afternoon.

I've got an "ITCH" I really, really want to scratch. But I can't.  So... I must just grin and bear it I suppose.  Time will sort it out, or not.

Don't ya just hate cryptic shit?

LOL.... here's a gorgeous photo of Granddad and his wee man:

ABOVE:  This kid has a special bond with his Granddad.
When Bex and I went to the Hospice shop yesterday, me Boss and her sidekick said Dante was the spitting image of me!  So, I must be bloody gorgeous then!  ha ha ha!

Right... off to do some hand stitching ... I just remembered I have not stitched the 'turning in the right way' gap on both bags.  Derrrr.

Once we are back from the Storage facility, I am going to sit down and read/comment on blogs!
It's something that so far this year I have been dismal at doing!  I think having Bex and Dante in the house all day means I don't find the time to read any!  I'm not going to beat myself up over it though.

I appreciate EVERYONE who takes the time to read and comment on mine very much... THANK YOU!  

 ABOVE:  The Smartbox facility... it's the bomb!
They had our box down and ready for us to sort through... and the forklift guy even offered to help us. 

They are just SO DAMN NICE at this place!
The girl in the Reception/Office saw me and told me she could see I had lost weight since she saw me a month ago.
I walked out floating on air.  It's such a lovely feeling when people notice.

My Aunt up the road has not seen me at all since I started my OFL Plan, so I'm hoping she notices when I see her next.

ABOVE:  Dante got plonked down on the floor, and he was as happy as Larry.  Luckily is wasn't cold.

We only took about an hour and a half to unpack our Smartbox, find what we were looking for and then re-pack it.
Once home I've been putting things away... and now we are going to pick up Keera.  
We are having her for the night.

So, hopefully she is a good wee bubba and goes to sleep after dinner, so I can do me blogging.

CHRISTY: Thanks for the concern.  His eyes had the 'red eye' effect from the flash, so I used the "Red Eye" editing tool to get rid of the red.   I must admit when I saw how his eyes looked after I'd done it I thought of Corby!
But, I'm sure it's just from the editing, but will check his eyes out tomorrow.  

End of Day:  put miss Keera to bed in the porta-cot in our 'room'... then stood over by the sewing area and chatted with Bex and Steve ... made lots of noise ... laughing etc and she went right to sleep.
I fed her masses of food before bedtime, followed by a bottle... I'm hoping she will sleep all night!
nite nite


  1. Try Savemart for Brylees camp stuff. I don't know if there is one down your way but the New Lynn one is good. I got most of the kids camp & ski trip stuff from there. It is good quality cheapis second hand & huge selection.

  2. I use a 20 liter dehumidifier in my scuba room. They last about a year and quit. This time I'm not running it full time. Just part time.

    gpedisp meier

  3. Dante looks like a natural on that bike. He is going to love that when he grows into it.

  4. I agree with Tracy re Savemart - can get some great bargins there and sometimes you can even get brand new things for second hand prices! :)
    Love the photo of Dante lying in the bath looking up at you! He is gorgeous (but we all already know that)!

  5. WOW. My bag looks fantastic. I can't thank you enough for making it for me. xxx

  6. I loved seeing Dante on the floor... I did a double take - like was he stored in the box? So cute.

  7. You are so lucky having your grand babies so close give them a snuggle from me

  8. Love the bag you've done for Chris as well:-)

  9. Chris, that photo of Dante and Stew made me feel a bit worried when I saw that white spot on Dante's eye. It was just how Corby's bad (blind) eye looked in his infant photos. I'm sure everything is fine, but maybe just double-check he can follow toys etc with this other eye covered..... Not to worry you... I'm sure you know best.... Just got a few chills when I saw it xxxx

  10. Always cute cute photos of kids, grandad silly buggers and boy you huys are busy busy Glad you found a lot fo thr things you wanted. nice of others too comment to how neat! for you.

  11. Such an adorable baby! I love this hair! right in style! INteresting storage facility, here they are all outside and you have your own little shed like box. They have sprung up everywhere, it seems.

  12. What a busy day!! Little guy is just so cute!


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