Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So... now that I've moved the furniture around in the family room... I felt we needed a new rug for that area.
I have been looking online and think I've found the one:

ABOVE: it's a crap photo taken off me computer... but I think it will blend in really well with the big shell painting on the wall...

ABOVE:  so, do you think that rug will look OK in the room?  I don't want one that screams "Look at me!"

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a big storm come through from about 4 pm till 6.30 pm.  Masses of thunder and lightening!
I got some shortish video's of it... I will share a couple of the best ones:

ABOVE:  I couldn't get over how long the thunder lasted!

ABOVE:  in this one we have some sort of weird sheet lightening and fork lightening... and at the end you get to hear the donkey braying across in the park!

TODAY:  not sure.  I have to get Lacy over here as we have to reply to a lawyer's letter... stuff to do with her wanting to move to Tauranga and how that affects access for Keera's birth father.
*sigh*... this is going to be a never ending pain in the butt.

What else?  Depends on how I'm feeling actually.  Still feeling rather ikkk.  The foot is doing a bit better though!

I've been wearing my winter suede boots and as they have a heel, it has changed how the weight is distributed on my heel... and it seems to be helping with the pain.
Last night I realised I was limping out of habit, and if I actually walked on my foot like 'normal' it didn't hurt as much.

I really hope it resolves itself again.  I'm pretty sure I had this problem a year or so ago and it got better on it's own.


I just went down to Spotlight as I needed more batting for a baby quilt, and then on to a little fabric shop off Cavendish Drive.  I had bought a needle threader there months ago and it simply did not work.

So... the lady is taking it back and will get me a new one that works.  I had a quick look around her shop, and I had no intention of buying any fabric... but... ummm...

ABOVE:  I got the end of the bolt with the fabric with yachts and compass's on... and enough of the contrasting fabric to do 'something' with it.
Now I just have to work out what to do with it?

Dante does not like fabric shops.  Just saying.

Time for lunch... was going to have some sushi, but after spending me lunch money on fabric, I have to make something here at home. Oh well... it's worth it.  *smiles*

MARTINE:  at the moment she is about 10 minutes up the road.  If she moves to Tauranga, she will be about 2.5 hours away.

Whoop whoop!   I got re-aquainted with the Dresden Plate Quilt... laid it all out on me bed so I could see where I was.  And... besided realising that I still have a shit load to do... I have started working on it again.

 ABOVE:  all sorted out.  Various stages of 'done'.  See all me cottons in their boxes?  Cool eh?  I got them from Mitre 10.

ABOVE:  I finally found a use for me Lazy Susan.  I can just spin me block around to put the pins in now.  Awesome.  That Lazy Susan has been hardly used in all the years I've had it.  It was one of those things I just had to buy, then never used it!
Bet I'm not the only person who does stuff like that eh?

ANON:  Lacy is not happy here in Auckland, and she was really happy in Tauranga.  She has friends and a lot of family there.  As for Miss Keera, it will give us a really good excuse to pop over to the Bay on a regular basis, as we love the area too.  
Lacy is perfectly capable of taking care of her daughter without us having to be on her doorstep. 

OOO NATALIE:  that would be totally cool!

Bex was downstairs sewing... when she came upstairs and said there was no way she was staying down there on her own again!
Seems we have livestock in the loft/ceiling space!
And according to Bex, it was to loud to be mice.  So... we have rats.
Freakin' ya.

Stew will have to get rat poison tomorrow.  

And tonight... we sleep under the rat.  As we have been for quite a while already, I'm not too perturbed! 

No really said I ... while eye'ing up the couch!

End of Day:  well I've actually been cold today!  The weather has taken a decidedly cool turn in the past few days.  Brrrrr.  
Off to bed soon, going to have an early night!
nite nite.


  1. Don't you love a good thunder storm? Yesterday was a goodie!! Love the donkey too. Poor thing must have been scared though.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh that thunder gee no wonder the donkey was braying poor thing, Lawyers they are the only ones who make money out of this, I would have thought a plain rug say the seafoam blue colour as it might be too busy? I would have to see rug up close though.

  3. That's annoying for Lacy with having to accommodate to Keera's birth father, something I've had to deal with too... sucks big time!! As I've found with my kid's birth father, he will soon get bored with making the effort to see his child and then life can carry on. Just annoying that in the meantime the mum has to make that effort.

  4. Is lacy moving further away fr you or closer ?

  5. I like the rug! I reckon it will draw the eye downwards, with the pattern, though.

    One of my cats disappeared last night...I'm hoping a fisher didn't get him. They are evil little buggers. We lost livestock to them a few years ago.

    And this afternoon, our second earthquake in five days. Scary.

    Thunderstorms now...all I need is a plague of locusts to finish the week!

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Sorry if am being to nosey, but is there any reason to why she wants to move so far from you's considering all the support and assitance she gets from you being closer. and miss keera will not bea stones throw away.

  7. Thunder storms kind of terrify me.

  8. You can meet me for lunch or a coffee if you pop down to Tauranga regularly :)

  9. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Fair enough, being happy is the most important thing for her a Keera. Best of luck i hope things works out for her and Keera's father legal wise. Good luck

  10. I've just opened my birthday present - the best for a long time. My bag is FANTASTIC. And the added extra will be just perfect for putting my lunch in each day. No excuse now for not getting organised eh. I can't thank you enough. xxxxx

  11. So now do we get to see the "extra" in Chris D's bag. :)

  12. Aww ... the poor donkey. Got to feel sorry for animals having to be out in that type of weather. Good luck with the legal stuff - I hope Lacy doesn't have to go through what a friend of mine did - she had to travel to the ex-partner's city every two weeks for her ex to have custody visits, because the court ruled it was her choice to move away. It's costing her a small fortune in travel and time - and this has been going on for 3 years now! Her son is only 5 years old, so this could be going on for quite a lot longer yet.

  13. Great videos of the lightening. Gotta love a good storm :)
    Hope you are feeling better real quick and these flushes pass soon!

    175 sleeps til we are in

  14. I am sure Lacy will be fine, prayers for your lawyer to get it straight soon!

    The plate quilts are LOVELY and the PERFECT colour.

    Yes, I think the rug and the shells are complimentary colours. They will go perfectly! :)


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