Wednesday, May 29, 2013


OMG it's freezing!
So cold I am seriously contemplating going out and buying some of those electric throw/cuddle blanket thingee's, so I can be warm in me chair at night!
I simply can't believe how cold it has become.

You have all listened to me bitch and moan about being too hot over our long summer...

Well hold ya breath, I'm gunna bitch and moan about being cold now!

I will try not to though.  I will just make sure I'm warm.  Simple.

Have any of you peeps out there got one of those electric throw thingee's?  What ya got? Is it any good? Recommendations? 

ABOVE:  I saw this one online late last night... it looks OK.  Trying to think where to look for them... maybe Harvey Norman's, or Briscoes?
I'm sure there are several 'versions' of these out there.

And before anyone says turn on the heater... I'd rather have a cuddly blanket!
And the heater in the lounge is on the blink, and I'm waiting to hear back from the manufacturers about getting it fixed.
*sigh*, there is always something to be fixed.

So, today I am going out ... I've got a couple of errands I have to do, then I'm gunna have a look around for some of those thingee's to keep us warm in the evenings.  
And maybe pop into Spotlight too.
Cos I can.


Well.. I went out, did a couple of jobs, looked around for a warm thingee... and found three available.
Briscoes had two, priced $139.99 and $169.99.
Didn't buy them.
Went to KMart and they had cheapie ones for $49, so I got one of those...

ABOVE:  I have tried it... and it works just fine!

ABOVE:  Dante seemed to like it.  

Re any concerns about my electric cuddly blanket.  It will only ever be used on me, while I am sitting in me chair watching the telly.  It will be turned off when no in use.   
I have no qualms about it.

Now... I'm off to prepare dinner... sausage 'n' pasta bake... nice and warming, and filling too.
I will not have any as I had my 'main' meal at lunchtime.

I have enough pasta bake in the oven for everyone tonight, two containers full in the fridge for the men's lunches, two small baking dishes full for me and Bex's lunch tomorrow,  AND a container full in the freezer for Lacy and Keera too.
I don't do things by halves, never have.

The idea of just cooking for Stew and me is ... weird!  *smiles*

End of Day:  Dinner went down well for the family, and I enjoyed my 'dinner' of yogurt and fruit.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Hey Chris - in australia we have a massive spotlight sale at the moment. Do they do the same in NZ? The cheapest heated throws over here are at Kmart or on EBay for about 25.00 Bec

  2. pfffffftttttt freezing up there hahahahahaha NOT as freezing DOWN HERE!!!! lol it is chilly chilly and the WIND, Taihape had 30cm snow overnight Whakapapa 20cm and its still snowing! sun is out I have yet to brave the shower too chicken.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I've got the one you have a picture of it is unreal sunbeam I think it is!! Must get it out ready :)

  4. I haven't seen those heated cuddle thingies but will be keeping an eye out for them especially now that A is going to be in Townsville indefinitely and he is normally my heater !!!
    Have the best day !

  5. Love that pic of Dante :-).

    If I had one of those blankets I would not get up & move all winter.

  6. Dante is looking more like Steve every day Does he have a little chin dimple?
    I wouldn't touch those things or electric blankets Had a fire in a electric blanket at a flat once Holy shit it was scary TG for my good smelling nose as it had been smoldering for ages and was about to burst into flames. Never used an electric blanket since

  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    We had an electric blanket years ago. I know you should never put a blanket on top of one, and you should not wrap it around you where it can have hot spots. That's all I remember right now.

    It is becoming warmer you grip about the cold, and I'll grip about the heat! LOL Balance it out! ♥♥♥

  8. Penny3:28 PM

    I don't know if this helps, but in Dunedin I wore a onesie over my pjs at night, with warm bed socks. My sisters laughed at me and said I looked like I was wearing a baby suit, but it did the job. Apparently they are becoming the new thing, although I don't think I'll be wearing one in public any time soon:

  9. I need to get one of those for when it's cold!

  10. I saw on TV that those blankets are very cheap to run so that's a major bonus.

  11. Oooh you sound like you need more containers... and wouldn't you know it, your husband is on his way home with some new ones for ya!

    Catch ya!


  12. Anonymous7:50 PM

    So how is the blanki working for you, I have just re-done my little ones bed for winter, it is getting so dam cold, from ella*

  13. Hi Chris, I am so sorry I don't know why I said America put it down to age, the injection did not hurt, I was scared that it would and got in a bit of a panic but honestly it was really o.k and the results are amazing after 24hrs the pain had completely gone.

    Jill xx

  14. When I was little I had pajamas with tiger stripes on them. Your hooded thingee reminded me of them.

    10.3 ssessed

  15. I love your blanket. I like to lay mine over the bed before I go to bed at night so it is nice and warm when I get in.


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