Tuesday, May 14, 2013

&**^%$ !! @#$%%*!! ^&%$%# !! AND SO ON

* lots of swear words *

My bloody foot is still killing me.
I am so sick of it I have even contemplated having a Cortisone Injection!

I know !!!   Me thinking about having an injection!

Anyone had a cortisone injection?  Do they hurt like buggery?

I'm told it can help with Plantar Fasciitis... (heel spur).

The only other option I have is getting me one of these:

 ABOVE:  seriously? HA HA.... Probably NOT... though I quite like the idea of doing this to one:
ABOVE:  Pretty groovy eh?  lol
Maybe one day....  when I'm 89.

In the meantime, I will continue bitching about the damn foot I suppose.  Or, have the injection.

ABOVE:  I even tried this last night.  It's a frozen roll of sausage meat.  Rolled it under my foot for an hour, made no difference at all... except it froze me foot.  

Today:  ummm... ummm.... umm.... brain fade.
Think this morning will be usual stuff, then this afternoon I will be at the Hospice Shop till 5 pm.

Off to make lunches....  and ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mum.  76 today and living in a beautiful part of Australia, Coffs Harbour.


CRANKY:  let me know how much it hurts!

Was really cold this morning, so once the kids left for school I jumped back into bed!
And ummmm.... woke up at 10.30 !  Whoops.
Better get dressed so I can't do that again.  Yep, still in me jammies!

Just sorted out my wardrobe after just throwing things in willy nilly yesterday.
I found 'THE DRESS' that I am using as a guide to tell me how the weight loss is going.
It was stretched to the MAX across the boobs at the beginning, and now it's loose!
And it's longer now?  lol
That's cos it's covering less of me.  
I'm smiling today.  LOTS.

FELICITY:  You know what you are doing!  STOP right now.  You are looking FREAKIN AMAZING... don't stuff it up like I did.

The smallest boy in the house is just LOVING his Exersaucer!
If he's grizzling on the floor, Bex puts him in it, and immediately ...


Hospice shop today.  Where I am bound to find SOMETHING I just have to buy!  Wish I didn't sometimes... cos now that I'm there twice a week I am spending twice as much on stuff I often don't really need.

Home from Hospice, which was rather quiet this afternoon.
I got a few items of warm clothing that Brylee can use on School Camp next week, a toy for Teddy & Coco ...

 ABOVE:  Teddy took a shine to this toy!  

ABOVE: It would appear I am now 'collecting' jugs!  This one is just lovely.  The little dish ... well I fell in love with it.  I've no use for it at all... but it's cute.  When I get over it, I'll re-home it!  lol

Bex has dinner on... casseroled Pork & Lamb with mashed spuds and veges.  I'm looking forward to the spuds, gravy and peas!

End of Day:  dinner was lovely... and after that Stew and I went and did the grocery shopping.
It's so much easier to do it at night when there's less people around.
Didn't do much else until bedtime except watch some telly.
nite nite


  1. Have you talked to the Dr about it? I'm guessing yes. I've heard those shots hurt like hell but are worth it later. Have you tried compression socks? They might help a bit. Also I've seen some socks that have this strap thing that keep your foot in a position to help it. They look funky but might be worth it if it takes the pain away.

  2. I have the same problem and I have tried all the stretches and show inserts for 6 long months - and now, I am getting the injection. I will get it in the next week or two (have to find the time and the babysitter). I have had ENOUGH. I have had to go to the Osteo as my hips are so out because of the way I've been walking.

  3. Lacy and Keera9:54 AM

    Happy Birthday Granny xoxoxoxo love Lacy and Keera

  4. Way to go in the dress fitting better Chris. But Hun please please don't send me any more of your unwanted weight I'm not needing it here thanks have gained enough

  5. Hi Chris, I'm getting my injection tomorrow, very painful going in knee joint but well worth it. I had one last September and needed one about a month ago but delayed it due to going overseas next month, reason I'm getting injection is to delay operation! My surgeon who also happens to be the all blacks surgeon said ok to get the injection as I had heard it damages the joint, but as he said " we'll your joints are stuffed anyway!" So to cut long story short... Go get one! You'll be amazed at the result.

  6. Cortisone injections hurt but at the end of the day you have to try these things. Funky walker NOT!! good news about the dress long may that continue...

  7. Yes the injections are painful ( been there done that) but like Margaret says - they are so worth it!
    Gotta love the exersaucer! Such great value for such wonderful entertainment :)
    Oh is it your birthday (from Lacy's message above)?? Happy Birthday my friend and I do hope you are having a great day!!

  8. Hope the foot gets better soon, looks very sore

  9. I have heard that those injections are really painful. Have you tried cupping ? Someone recommended it for plantar facsitis as it actually pulls the muscles away rather than pushing the muscles together which is what happens with massaging.
    Hope you can find some relief soon.
    Have the best day that you can !

  10. I had the injection once. It worked for about three days then the pain came back. It kinda hurt getting it but the spur was already so painful it just added to it I guess. Good luck x

  11. Yes I have had the injection in my heel for plantar faciitis. It does hurt a little bit, but more than anything it just felt gross to have a needle going into your heel.

    It took all my pain away and just changed my life. It's definitely worth doing. I need another one because my last one didn't work, so I'll be going back as soon as my doctor returns from holidays.

    Good luck.

  12. Anonymous5:52 PM


    Did you try strapping your foot? I tried it this last time I had it..having had plantar faciitis a few times over the years ...it really works...immediate relief..and then I got some orthotics as well...which I wear on the job only..



  13. Crap! Helps if I read the blog properly (as I was reading it at work) - it's not your birthday - it's your Mum's! Sorry about that!
    Hope Coco and Teddy are enjoying their new toy :)

  14. Love the pimped walker. Showed it to my bosses Mum who is staying at the moment, she loved it, reckons she would love to do it to hers except it is owned by the local DHB :-)

  15. You are an excellent photo shopper!
    Hope you find some relief with the foot.

    the gatioop

  16. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I just love your blog...always so much I could comment on! Just enjoy following along your day!~ My hope is to be such a good blogger~

    Did anyone ever tell you that a couple of your grandchildren really take after you?! :)

    I sure hope you get that foot figured out~ I'd use that walker around the house, and I'd use motor chairs at grocery stores..if you have them in NZ like we do in the USA. Hope you have them. I get gout terrible both my feet and when I have a flair up I have to use them in a store! I've also had to use a cane different times when my knees are giving out. I've got bad knees too~ LOL And I'm only 57 1/2. arghhhh ♥♥♥


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