Monday, May 13, 2013


Today I want to do three things.

1. Tidy the bedrooms/house after the weekend.

2.  Do heaps of washing.

3.  Make some awesome progress on Chris D's bag!

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to get just the front outside panel quilted!  I must admit though, I have done a shit load more on it than my 'usual' wriggly lines up and down!

ABOVE:  I am sure you cannot even tell what I've done... but it's quite a few hours worth of sewing!  NOW I can finally move on to the actual 'construction' phase, which shouldn't take too long... maybe a few days?
I'm only managing to get a couple of hours worth of sewing done every couple of days ... so Chris D... hang in there!  
I will get it done eventually!

Right... off to get started on the housework, washing and getting the kids to school...


Last night when I went to bed... I had all these plans to do this, and that, and even the other thing today.  Even wrote it down this morning.  And NOW?
Really don't feel like doing anything!
And the only thing I can think of that has made me feel like this?

The BLOW OUT yesterday.  Too much crap.  Don't think that will happen again in a hurry.

ABOVE:  Today's work out involves lots of bending... and reaching... and pulling heavy shit around.
Almost finished too... taking time out to catch me breath and cool down.

Bex and I decided to try making apple fritters for lunch.  Someone had said you grate an apple into a beaten egg and fry it.
So we did.
ABOVE:  but... I think we were supposed to drain a lot of the apple juice out before adding it to the egg, cos we ended up with really watery, apple tasting scrambled eggs.  It wasn't that nice.
So we added some flour and baking powder to the 2nd half of the mixture and that came out much, much better.  Oh and I fried them in a pan greased with a little butter.

So... today I moved Griffin into the 'spare' bedroom... now to be called his room. 
His old room is now the 'spare' bedroom.  This will resolve a few issues we were having with him.  Primary one being he no longer has to walk past his sister's room to get to his.
Believe it or not, this has been a problem!

AND now the spare bedroom has room in it for a porta-cot, so when Lacy comes over for the night she's not struggling to move in the room.
Or if Kelly comes over with Rena, they have enough room too.

I am also really happy that I got 80% of the washing out on the line and racks.  AND I got the laundry cleaned up too.  
Bex is now vacuuming the house... we disturbed a bit of dust during the morning.  And the crap that came off the laundry floor! Ikkkk... bits of dog biscuits all over the place.

CHRIS D:  I am loving doing your bag.  It's a bit different to what I've made before, so it's fun.  I am going to work on it again tonight, at least I will be sitting down!  I've not sat down much today at all.

AND I just had my first bath this year!  Well... I think I might have had one last year too!  But only one.  I'm a shower girl, but this afternoon I really felt like a nice hot bath.
It drains you though!  I hardly have any energy to even comb out my hair!

End of Day:  well after being on my feet and doing heaps today... I'm paying for it now with an incredibly sore foot/leg.
Trying to walk without putting too much weight on my heel has just made other parts of my foot/let hurt like mad too.
nite nite

KATE IN WELLY:  Bed, Bath & Beyond about 3 years ago from memory.


  1. Hope you're having a good day - I am wondering what you are up to moving all the stuff around - can't wait to see an update later on.
    Hope you're feeling better now though.

  2. The panels for the bag look so neat lucky recipient! Spring cleaning and moving the pits, AND one of those beds fitted sheet looks like theres something in there/ like pyjamas? Lovely crisp and foggy start here BUT stunning day.

  3. have been busy bees with all that work out lol
    Bet you are happy to have the house sorted so that everyone is happy. I never seem to be home long enough to do anything except the washing lol
    Enjoy your week :)

  4. Yesterday while tidying up after the 21st party on Saturday night I had a couple of cans of coke plus a cup cake left over from the night before (after being sugar free for quite a few weeks) and at about midday I crashed and slept through until about 5pm - my body just can't tolerate sugar/wheat anymore. I am still tired today but that may be due to being up at 4.30 to take A to the airport on his way back to Townsville !!!
    Good luck and have the best day !

  5. Please don't worry about taking time on
    My bag. I'm feeling so lucky to have it made for me in the first place. I dread to think of the hash I would have made of it. xxxx

  6. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Love the bed spread Chris.The nautical one.Where did you get it?

    Kate in Welly

  7. I really like the pictures of the girls on quilts. They look very Caribbean.
    I didn't read your post, just looked at the pictures.

    sdbalc 12.30

  8. You guys change rooms around more than I change my clothes ;) At least your rooms get a good cleaning that way.

  9. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I'm checking this out in Anonymous to see if I can start commenting again....Debbie (former Happy Days)


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