Wednesday, May 15, 2013


All going well today, I should have a visitor for lunch.
My girlfriend Michelle from Palmerston North is up in Auckland for a week, and she's coming to visit today.
I've only seen her once or twice in the past 4.8 years!

I can't wait to catch up with her.

After her visit I shall sit down and get on with some sewing... I had planned to do some last night, but we went grocery shopping instead.
Needed food in the house!  

The foot.   Hmmm... I saw on the 'net how to strap a troublesome heel... so might give that a try next... before an injection.

ABOVE:  it looks rather complicated... 

 ABOVE:  maybe trying to find something like this would be better?
Either way, I might just give one of these options a try ... and then maybe try an orthotic thingee in me shoe?

Something I should have done weeks ago instead of just accepting that nothing could be done like me Dr said.  *sigh*  Well... OK... she said I should do stretching exercises.  Much good that did me.


I've just spent a good hour tending to the dogs.
They both had allergy flare ups right after visiting the Groomers... and both have been in cones ever since.

Coco had her worst ever go at her rump and tail... to the point where it's going to take months for her hair to grow back.
I just spent ages getting as much of the scabbing off so the hair can grow again.
Teddy was nowhere near as bad as Coco, which is unusual for him.

But... both his ears are rank.  I mean just disgusting.  The cone keeps his ears flat against his head, which causes his ears to ooze and smell.

OMG the smell is really bad.

This afternoon I am going to bath both dogs, then try and keep Teddy's ears dry, even if it means taking the cone off and just holding him so he can't scratch. 

Teddy is this close....

to being taken on a one way trip to the Vets.
Stew and I have discussed this on numerous occassions... because he is so often utterly miserable with his allergies.
It can't be fun for him to constantly be in an allergic phase, having to live in a cone... and not being able to even lick himself without causing massive damage to his skin.

I'm mentioning this NOW, as maybe one day there will be a post which starts with 'BYE BYE TEDDY'.

My friend Michelle arrived just before lunch and we spent a good 3-4 hours yakking and just catching up ... it was lovely.

Lacy and Keera came over to spend the day too... so Michelle got to cluck over two babies.  She just dotes on babies, like me really.

 ABOVE: the obligatory photo before leaving!

ABOVE:  I feel so spoilt!  I've seen several of my dearest friends from Palmerson North lately!  
It might be time for me to go down there soon to catch up with them and Mike and Joyce.

KATE:  too bloody right you will!  Me, Bex and Dante.

MARGARET:  any time chick, just pop on up here!

End of Day:  well I got an hour's work done on the sewing machine tonight, then stopped to watch a new programme on the telly, ARROW.  Kinda enjoying it.  Even though it's a lot like Batman and Robin!  
Modern day twists though.  Entertaining.
Time to hit the sack...
nite nite


  1. I know a few people who have tried acupuncture and it provides relief.

  2. Ohhhh that does look time consuming my friend has had plantar fascitis in BOTH heels and 2 loads of injections end result 2 opoerations she left it WAY to long and still insists on walking BAREFOOT her heels and feet are stuffed and she lives ona cocktail of pain relief DONT be her!!

  3. Physio or osteo. Both helped me. Osteo did some dry needling which was unpleasant at the time (not as bad as an injection) but the results were worth it.

  4. If you email me your address I will send you some stuff It is excellent for conditions like this

  5. I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (that feels weird to type) a long time ago, but my pain was more toward the ball of my foot. It didn't last long but by golly that was bad enough. I feel for ya!

    I treated mine with gentle exercise, nurofen occasionally and the wearing of runners with arch support.

    Love the green walker with the flowers. I think one of those would be dandy! :D

  6. Those poor wee dogs, how awful for them :-(

  7. Anonymous12:06 PM


    I don't do complicated strapping like that I just put a couple of straps around the middle of my foot around the arch close to the heel with the sports tape. I think the tape works better as it is actually attached to your skin, I used something like in the picture more an elastic type and it wasn't much good at all...


  8. Poor Teddy and Coco! Not nice at all! And fingers crossed you can find something that helps Teddy cause it certainly wouldn't be fun living life the way he has to these days!
    I found strapping the foot helped in the interim but it was a pain redoing it every few days...

  9. My husband has plantar fasciitis, and I do strap it for him when it flares up. Wide tape is good, but I've found the best stuff is the same as I use for the horses! I get it at the agricultural it is called vetwrap. Like a thicker wide crepe bandage, but it sticks to itself. It isn't 'sticky' like tape though. Only takes a minute to strap, once you've figured out which of the patterns works for you.

    Poor Coco...and Teddy...and also you. Junior hunting hound has IIMA, which is kind of like j uvenile arthritis in dogs. Sometimes she's fine...and sometimes not. As owners, it is such a hard thing decide to do...that trip. BUT, as responsible owners, we do the best we can, and when it's time, we have to make that decision, too. Hard, but right. When the joys of their canine lives are no longer present...

    Still sucks, though.

    Oh, can you get something called Traumeel in NZ? It's a fabulous homeopathic cream. Works for bruises, strains, healing in general. I swear by it, for me, the children, cats, dogs, horses, cattle.... Not rodents or reptiles, though. I draw the line somewhere!

    Ps. Fabulous job on progressing on your plan!

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM


    I wish I could tape your foot for you, but you have to come to Aussie and it is very cold here today!


  11. Wow you're lookin good! Nice to have a catch up with friends huh.

    Oooh and Dante - even when he drops his lip he's a cutie. Cluck cluck.

    Sooo - see you tomorrow??????


  12. Yay! Dante!!! (Oh and you guys...)



  13. Looking good Chris!

  14. Ah, looks like you give great hugs! Can I have one???


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